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Half Marathon Training – The Week After

Tomorrow I will post more in detail about the race, but I figured I might as well continue with this one more week. 🙂

If you’ve been following me here this shouldn’t be any surprise, but for the rest of you and for my posterity, here is how last week went.

Monday: 4 mile run and yoga

Check and check!  Not the greatest run – my headphones died so I had to find backup headphones so I got out late, it was HOT by then, my toe started bleeding for no apparent reason on the run, and I was almost late to work, but ya know, I got it done.  Yoga felt good after work that day!

Tuesday: 30 minute tempo run

Check, sorta.   My toe was hurting still so I wore my older, larger shoes.  They didn’t hurt my toe, but since they were pretty worn out, I definitely felt each step and couldn’t push myself so fast.  It was almost more of a regular run than tempo, but again, I did the miles.  Was gonna yoga after work, but I had to go to the Yelp party, so I never got time.

Wednesday: yoga

Check!  Ah, look, there is my yoga.  Was a nice day off as well.

Thursday: 2 mile run and yoga

Check and check!  After all that training, I finished this and went – uh, ok, my warmup’s done, now how far do I have to go?  Felt weird only doing that short of a distance (but kinda good).  I pushed myself a little harder than normal and felt fast – though I was still wearing the old and crappy shoes because of the hurty toe.

Friday: Rest/Travel

Check!  Packing was the most strenuous thing I did that day.  I pretty much got eaten by the hotel bed around 9pm, which was great, because I had to be up at 6am!

Saturday: HALF MARATHON!!!

Check!  I’ll go into this more tomorrow, but lets just say I know why they tell you to not do 13.1 miles before the race – if my 12 last week had been this brutal, I might have reconsidered!   But – I got through it and though I didn’t beat my goal time, I certainly got close!

Total week 12 mileage 22.1 (running):   (plus 1-2 miles of walking)

Now what happens?  I almost feel lost without a rigorous running schedule, but I’ll keep myself busy and make do.

Week 13 – the week after!

Monday – 30 mins DDR and yoga in the morning, bike ride after work

Tuesday – weights in the morning, roller skating at adult night after work

Wednesday – yoga or off

Thursday – 30 mins arc trainer and weights after work

Friday – 30 mins DDR and yoga in the morning

Weekend: epic bike ride, weights at the gym

This is all subject to change for any reason I damn well please, because this week is about making sure my poor little knotted up muscles get stretched out and used in different ways besides *poundypoundypoundy*.  I hope everyone enjoyed/tolerated these updates, they really helped me out!  For now, I will put away the weekly update until I get closer to something specific I’m training for…




Half Marathon: The Race

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