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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Rattle and Clank

Lots of stuff frolicking around in my head lately.  Nothing particularly good or bad, but just there – though with thoughts, if they’re not bad usually that’s good!  I feel like I’m on the verge of some crazy self discovery or change of direction, but it’s not quite formed into a concept yet.  It’s just a feeling.  Or it could just be indigestion, who knows?  Nah, it’s probably just been a lot of excellent blogging going on lately that’s got me in the above-mentioned neutral tizzy.  Since I’m not really ready to produce a coherent tennet on what is ruminating in my brain, let me share some of the awesome I found this week:

“I believe in myself. I’m betting on myself.” PastaQueen finds the courage in this troubled economy to quit her job and pursue her dream to pursue freelance projects.  Her business model and site is great.  I know if I was just starting out and didn’t know a domain name from a hyperlink, 90 bucks is a STEAL to get to the point where I could just start jabbering on a blog.  It’s making me really think about my next move.  Do I want to stay on the path I’m on (which ain’t so bad for my stress level and my pocketbook), or do I have another calling I need to follow?

“You are what you repeatedly do.” MizFit has got the blogosphere all a-twitter about this.  That’s powerful right there.  I don’t ever think I stopped considering myself an athlete all those years or someone who was concerned about eating healthy (ok, maybe the last couple years I did workworkworksleepworkwork, rinse and repeat).  In my head, I was someone who at worst was having a bad day(weekmonthyear) and but was typically a healthy eater.  I might have missed the gym last week (monthyeardecade) but I was a person that worked out.  It was only when I really examined what I was NOT doing regularly anymore was when change began.  I think it’s about time to take inventory again and figure out how to either fix what no longer applies or release the instinct to give a shit.  Two that come to mind is “hardcore gamer” and “young upstart in her position”.  Gotta decide whether it’s time for me to take strides to make that happen again or drop it from my brief self-synopsis.  Note: she is also having a giveaway that I believe you have until tomorrow to get in on…

“You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be good enough.” Wish I could remember where this came from.  I’ve been spouting it all over in comments, and if I had to guess it would be another MizFit-ism.  If you said this on your blog PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit.  This has been HUGE lately for me.  I missed my half race time goal by 1:18.  I could have been torn to pieces if I was no SO ELATED for finishing the damn thing even though they added at least 2 miles to the end on me.

I have had a very sporadic workout schedule the last 3 weeks in which has included incorporating a lot of low impact/low calorie burn activity.  I am learning that it is ok after spending 3 months so focused, it’s no big freaking deal if I decide I can’t be buggered to go to the gym and we take a bike ride instead, or if I only do half my workout one day.  I hit the gym a bit late in the morning the last 2 days and only got some of my workout done.  Instead of being pissed at myself, I just focused on the fact that it felt REALLY FREAKING AWESOME to wake up and enjoy an empty gym at 830am.

I am already good enough.  I can work on striving for perfect because that is who I am, but I am already good enough RIGHT NOW.  I want to scream this from the rooftops today because it feels really good to say.  Try it.

“Prove it with your sweat!” Prior Fat Girl rocks the stairmaster for 45 minutes and sees Jesus.  Now, she’s in a Stairmaster Invitational with the Anti-Jared.  As much as I felt a huge, swelling accomplishment completing the half (and also very importantly sticking with the training program), I am really proud of some of the things I’ve done since.  The one and a half on the diving board.  Roller skating and working up the nerve to show off my (super-rusty-not-so) sweet skillz.  Getting through my first Zumba class Friday – yeah, that wasn’t a little intimidating.  Me, first timer.  Four other attendees that all knew each other and the instructor.  Room about the size of my living room.  Dance classes in general.  I’ve always as an adult REALLY WANTED to learn but I haven’t gone ’til now.  I call it laziness, but I think deep down it’s fear.  I know it’s a different tangent than she’s taking it, but I spent the last 3 months doing workouts where I could ring out my shirts and get a bucket of water.  I’m all about doing things that scare me until it’s time to build the miles up again.

“Life is a process of learning and re-learning and that’s what makes it so compelling to be here — to be challenged, to acknowledge the setbacks and to be honest about where we are and where we’ve been so we may better ensure we move forward.” Feed Me I’m Cranky (lovin’ the blog name – I’m cranky unless I’m fed too…) has a very open and honest discussion with us about body image, control, and honestly, just reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles.  I really needed to see that when I read it.  I was having a brain-splosion over 156.8 on the scale and the fact that I spend the week losing the weight I gain on the weekend and I HAVE NO CONTROL and HOW AM I EVER GOING TO LOSE THE REST OF THE WEIGHT and other assorted DOOM AND GLOOM.  She is also having an awesome giveaway this week too!

“I want to transform this aspect of my life experience into something that can lift up rather than tear down.” Escape from the Fat Cave is the new incantation of Turtle Progress, and a new beginning for Hilary.  That gal has some strength in her!  And y’know, that’s the perfect word for it – the fat cave.  My old apartment was totally the Fat Cave.  I never wanted to leave it unless I went to Fat Cave #2 (my office at work).  It held me in with fear and taunted me that I didn’t want to be social and didn’t want to experience new things because I was so comfortable with being there.  I’m glad I moved out.  If you need a hand moving the couch or some boxes on your way out, just let me know. 😉

Ok, enough thinking.  I’m off to do.  I am much more comfortable with “DO” lately.  I’m not afraid of my thoughts, but I’m alright letting them swirl together up there in zee subconsious and then trickle down the pipe to my mouth and fingers when they’re ready to loop me in on the new ‘haps.  Until then I am off to DO dinner and DO salsa class and DO away my night.


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  1. What an inspirational post! And I do think you’re right about the second mizfit-ism! That woman is a gold mine of great info:) Congrats on the first Zumba class! But you didn’t say if you enjoyed it? And if you are going to try it again?

  2. I totally loved it! I am going back for something called “toning” Zumba with weights on Saturday and doing another straight Zumba on Sunday.

  3. Rock on!

    I love this: “I am already good enough. I can work on striving for perfect because that is who I am, but I am already good enough RIGHT NOW. I want to scream this from the rooftops today because it feels really good to say. Try it.”


    Have a good weekend!

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