Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

I Am My Own Superhero*

Title in honor of MizFit 😉  Proof below…

27:51 finish time.  Worst 5k time yet. However, I got to run in costume! I can definitely tell I have endurance legs not speed legs – I finished, ran back a mile, met some friends, and ran them in, and I’m now thinking “what’s next” even though I wasted my legs yesterday. However, I did place 161/762 overall and 11/82 for my age group – and if I would have JUST PR’d (right around 25 mins), I would have won a 3rd place medal. Food for thought for next year when I have no crazy length races planned and can train speed…

Post race sweaty photobooth pics follow.  Excelsior!!!


30 Dollar Burgers, Dick’s Sticks, and Stairmasters, Oh My.


The Most Expensive Hand Weight Ever


  1. Miz

    OMG…as the kids no longer say.

    And I thought I loved you before.

  2. Woohooo! I love costumes. I love running. What is better than running in a costume?! My next race is a halloweeen half and of course I’m dressing up!! Haven’t figured out what though. It has to be non-chafing, non-binding and non-head-covering if I’m going to do 13 miles in it. Love your supergirl!

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