Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

The Most Expensive Hand Weight Ever

I’m having one of those (TOM induced) thinky evenings.

I could talk here about how I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to figure out how to deal with my ever-expanding waistline.  I’m getting frustrated with it again.  I now can’t seem to figure out how to get under about 162 and I haven’t even had the guts to get on the scale again after Vegas.

I could talk here about how work is definitely taking up much more of my mental space.   I used to walk out the door at night, and not think about it again (rarely) until I walked in the next morning.  Now I think it, dream it (no joke, I go to work at least three times some nights before I even get out of bed), and especially live it.  I’m happy – however, it’s definitely an adjustment.

I could talk about being nervous for the tri in 11 days.  I could talk about many things.

But instead, I’ll just say, “WHEEEEEE NEW BIKE!!!”

It’s this.  I can bicep curl it with one hand.  It cost almost a week of my salary after taxes, but it is my new precious…just riding it around the store (and they even made me wear a helmet, lol) felt awesome.

Tomorrow, I make up the 9 mile run I planned to do today, and this weekend (after it stops incessently raining), I am going to do the 26 miles/6 mile run outside and see how awesome it is.

And then, I will eat birthday cake (not mine).

And I’ll stick to my jeans that actually fit me and worry about the scale later.


I Am My Own Superhero*


I Eat Triathlons For Breakfast*


  1. Tonja

    gratz on the bike chicka! I cringe at spending $200 on one but I am not in triathlons either!

  2. Woohoo! I love new gear:) Happy New Bike Day!

  3. Hey, that is very nice bike. I would like to get something like that. Cool!

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