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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

It’s finally here.  I’m starting day 5 of 16 and have been enjoying a lot of relaxation.  Finally!  I feel like I haven’t done all that much yet but again, I know I need the rest.  Even with the resting I have reconnected with my bike and done over 30 miles outside, kept up with my weights, finished my holiday shopping, picked up a bit, and am working on laundry today and hope to get some outside run miles in if the weather improves a bit.  Not to mention… two fun parties so far and a really nice dinner out with friends.

I’ve actually been keeping my calories in check (a few days over 1500 but under 2000), and get to post a loss this week (though it was from last Thursday) even though I’m riding the TOM wave.  It’s a little frustrating that I’m only 1 lb down and I only have one weigh in left this month, but to look at it another way – it’s the holidays and I’ve lost 1 lb.  Not gained.  I’ll take it.

And keeping my calories in check the last few days has been HARD!  For all of you who stay at home (work at home, stay at home parent, unemployed, etc), I don’t know how you do it.  At work I’m so busy that I barely think about eating.  Here at home, I am constantly looking at the kitchen and could easily eat myself back to a size 24!  I mean, nothing I’m eating is junk food, but the temptation to snack is just overwhelming!

That being said, it’s really nice to have guilt free time to just chill.

Here’s last week by the numbers:


Monday: off
Tuesday: swim sprints, arm and back
Wednesday: run sprints, legs and abs
Thursday: arms and back at home
Friday: arc trainer sprints, arms and back
Saturday: off
Sunday: 1.5 hour bike ride

Calories burnt last week: 3054 or 436 per day

Eating: average of about 1666 per day +100 for error = 1766 per day

Average net calories per day: 1329

Average deficit per day (1849 – net calories): 520, or just over 1 lb per week.

We’ll see if my work paid off next week once the bloat goes away.  However, I did post a nice weight of 166.4 last week, so we’re now 1 lb total lost.  I’ve worked my ass off for that 1 lb, and that’s weight during the holiday that I have lost, not gained.  So there.

This week, here is the plan:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 45 mins outside bike, arms and back
Wednesday: 10 mile run, abs and legs
Thursday: swim sprints, arms and back
Friday: track sprints, abs and legs at home
Saturday: off
Sunday: long bike ride

This should keep me active and enjoying my time off, but also keeping myself working towards loss.  The gym is closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so hopefully the weather cooperates.  If not, I’ll be glad that I still retain my other membership at Planet Fitness!

As for food – I plan to eat healthy on Christmas Eve (we’re making a stir fry) even though there will be booze, and splurge on Christmas – family tradition is lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and lots of desert and wine.  However, it’s usually eaten over the course of a day – so while I might have a few servings of lasagna and bread and a piece of pie or 2 – it rarely breaks my calorie bank.  Could I eat healthier food?  Sure.  But it will be aight for one day.  The rest of the week – calorie counting and balancing and good food 80% of the time.  If we go to Lockhart for BBQ for lunch, I’ll have a salad for dinner.  It’s the way I lost 100 lbs, and it’s the way I’ll lose this last 10.

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday so far – 4 days until Christmas!  I’m so excited!  What are you most excited for about Christmas?  Or, if you don’t celebrate, what plans do you have to make the most of your next week?

Photos from the yelp elite snuggie party Sunday…


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  1. Miz

    Ive gotta say we all celebrate christmas right? 🙂
    in that everything is CLOSED so we all create traditions for that day.
    I love christmas and my fams traditions.

    xo xo

    Jew’y McJewishpants

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