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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Monday, Monday

Lot of stuff going on, not really enough on any of it to put together a comprehensive post, so here is a random brain splattering.  “What is up in the world of Quix” indeed.  A numbered list, because I like numbers and lists and it’s Monday and I’m doing what I like.  Dig?

1.  I went to a Zumba toning class Saturday.  It was half limited Zumba moves with 3 lb weights, half regular Zumba.  It didn’t seem like much at the time but the next day my quads were killing me!  I guess I should probably work squats and lunges back into my leg exercises now that I’m not running anymore.  However, this is a problem because I HATE squats and lunges.  Maybe I’ll just keep going to Zumba toning so I don’t have to do them without someone prodding me.

2.  After Zumba and on the way to my parents house to take over their pool (hello, 100+ degree weather, how are you?), I went ahead and kicked the bag of charcoal, not only stubbing my toe, but piercing a hole through the bag, so when I went to take another step, I pulled my toe a weird way.  Yeah, I screamed obscenities.  It hurt like a mother bitch.  I was worried my toe was super bruised/sprained/gonna fall off, and then later I sort of forgot to baby it when we played a nice long round of water volleyball in 2 foot water – I was too busy diving for the save – so I was limping by the end of the day.  Luckily it was mostly better yesterday and better today.  I did spend yesterday on my ass instead of Zumba-ing or Salsa-ing just to make sure though.  Why do I keep hurting myself?  And on Saturdays…

3.  Last night I finally started playing an MMO again.  EverQuest has a new server, the 51/50 server.  Basically, it lets you start halfway through the game with a bunch of advantages (for those in the know, level 51, 50 AA points, and super awesome gear).  It was a blast to make a new character and just spend half the day mindlessly playing.

4.  Last night I also could not fall asleep for the life of me.  Maybe it was the fact that I slept in until 10:30, maybe it was that I sat on my ass all day, maybe it was that I played a video game (for some reason, that tends to rile me up for hours lately, I don’t sleep well after gaming).  I tried at first to sleep around 12:30 and was up until after 4am.  I saw a rule a while ago on a runner’s forum that says to not run on less than 5 hours sleep.  I took that as sage advice this morning and skipped my DDR session.  I’ll either make it up after work since I’m feeling better after sleeping in a bit or put in some extra time this weekend.

5.  I finally got a weekend of good (mostly) eating.  Sure, there was a good dose of absinthe on Friday.  There were 5 fried shrimp on Saturday.  However, my calorie counts were very sane peaking out at 1700-something on Saturday, and that was after a long active day.  I started the week this week at 153.8, which is nice, because each week since I’ve been keeping tabs again, it’s been 155+ because of crazy weekends.  I’m starting the report tracking today and I’m excited.  My “pie in the sky” goal is 15 lbs by 10/1 (so about 139), but I’ll be happy as long as I’m heading in the right direction.  Hell, anything that starts with 14- will make me happy dance like a moron.  I think I’ll talk more about this tomorrow, but see above – sleep deprivation and Monday a coherent post does not make.

6a.  This week is crazy sauce until Friday.  Tonight, we salsa since we are going to miss Thursday.  My super secret plan (which I am announcing to all the internet – so it’s super and secret) is to try and stay for the West Coast Swing 2 class and see if we can hack it, but we’ll see if I’m even up for that after an hour of salsa, let alone Zliten agreeing to it.

6b.  Tomorrow was going to be relaxing and trying out a new healthy pad thai recipe, but now we are meeting at 7pm after work at David’s Bridal to make the final choices on the bridesmaid/my dress first.  Expect a post about it this week as well because apparently I have become the kind of person that can’t shut up about my wedding lately.  Good thing it’s less than 3 months away, or I might start annoying myself.

6c.  Wednesday is West Coast Swing 1 at 7pm.  Oh yeah, in all that, I also need to find time to workout.  I’m not sure when that will be, but I might have to make do with some weekend marathon sessions of – something.   There was also this really freaking cool Dos Equis event that I really really wanted to go to, but we already had dance that night and 2 weekday days out in a row (see below) usually makes me a very tired puppy.

6d.  Thursday is the Yelp Elite Event down at the Mowhawk for Austin’s Fashion Week.  Free goody bags, free booze, fashion show, a rock opera, live music, trapeze acts, burlesque dancers…oh my.  I’m looking forward to get dolled up and go take it all in.  What I’m not looking forward to is getting off work early (so I can’t work out in the morning), sitting in traffic to get downtown, and not getting home until late on a weekday.  Sigh…the sacrifices I must make… (sarcasm indeed, I’m actually really jazzed to go)

6e.  This weekend will be catchup for all the workouting I can’t fit in during the week, and have to make some progress on more wedding stuff and other stuff on my huge to-do last week list.  Honestly, EVERYONE knows when it is and what’s going on, why am I sending out invites again?  Sighweddingettiquitesigh…

7.  Since the race I have run 1 – 2.5 mile run and 1 – 2 mile run.  After 3 weeks (and not sure when I am going to get a run in this week) I am not sure I remember how.  I think this is the longest stretch of not running since I hurt myself and bruised my heel and had to take 2 weeks off.  The problem is running on the treadmill bores me now since I spoiled myself running outside, running outside is too hot unless I’m specifically heat training like I was for the half (not sure why anyone would choose to run in 85-90 degree mornings otherwise), and there is just all this dance/bike/swim/DDR/zumba/funactive stuff going on.  I should probably just not question and do what feels good until I get closer to the relay and need to really start working my times.

Ok, that’s enough rambling.  What does your week look like?  What are you looking forward to?  What’s on your to-do list?


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  1. I ADORE the silverware in conjunction.

    we have a crazy canine (all 150 pounds of him) that we call spork.


    Miz who TOTALLY did the justice of the peace all at the last minute and is still married 12 years later. Imjustsayin 🙂

  2. cat

    Your days are always so filled up!

    I always hear after long races it’s hard to get back into running. B’s roommate ran a marathon and since then has had a hard time even getting 5 miles in she said. But yeah, your weather is crazy hot there too. I had to wait until 7pm last night for it to cool down and it was only like 83!

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