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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Day 3, 8 Days to Vegas

Quick update because I don’t have that much to share, but blogging daily is helping me relieve a little stress this week…soooo….

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Yesterday I was so excited about my 3 lb loss.  I felt all spiffy and like I had found the answer.  It motivated me yesterday to stay on track and keep my calories low and I actually wasn’t even grumpy about it.  I don’t know if it was mind games or the fact that I ate really healthy yesterday so I had plenty of low calorie food like spinach and salad and soup and gardenburgers and all such things – but I wasn’t even miserable about it.

I got up this morning and stepped on the scale, happy and ready to face the day.  It spit back at me 155.2.  Yep, that’s all but 0.2 lbs gained back.  Yesterday was a freaky fluke.  Hello, motivation killer.

But I’m going to keep on it.  I am weirdly enjoying this lazy period of very little exercise, my body is probably in need of a break.  Today I was going to run, but I decided a dance class tonight sounded more up my alley.  I figure that it’s only 8 days (and the weekend will probably be a little higher anyway), so I might as well see what happens.  I know I’ll want to return to hard training soon, and I cannot train well without increasing my calories, so this is very temporary.

Some positives though – I also decided to give up coffee (my one cup of decaf) and instantly my stomach hasn’t been feeling as bloated.  Tea isn’t as good in the morning, but I know that’s a conditioned response of having coffee each morning.  And I need to splurge on better tea (I got the cheapest generic stuff and it tastes like cinnamon sticks and water).  All around eating less has made me choose what goes in my mouth very carefully, and I think I’m eating healthier in general.  I feel slimmer, which is really the point, right?  I’m not sure if it’s psychological or what, but the pooch is smaller than normal this week.

Wedding Stuff:

I have secured a ride to the craft store to deal with centerpieces the day before.  She seems excited about it, so that’s good.  I am still going to check on the flowers because they will be easier, but I have a feeling it’s going to be much more cost efficient to do something ourselves.

The next thing on the radar is parents gifts.  We’ve already taken care of the rest of the wedding party – but this is just hard.  My parents don’t go for kitchy things at all, like the sappy poem plaques and the hankies, and crap.  My parents and Zliten’s parents are just about opposite in every way, and we’d like to do the same thing for them so neither feels slighted.  Gift cards feel so impersonal.  I’d love to say we’re all going on a cruise next year, but that’s a LOT of money and I don’t what the time off situation will be like for everyone.  For my parents, they usually give a hint of what they want for Christmas, and for all other holidays we usually get them a card and take them to dinner.  I see a lot of traditional gifts are a frame with a wedding photo – well, that’s nice and all, but we won’t have the photos for a while…. any ideas?

Besides that, we just have the reception timeline and playlist (going to work on that this weekend), tinkering with my hair some more, buying lipstick (but thanks to a magazine ad in fitness I think I’ve found both the brand and the color I need), and purchase some dancing shoes for the reception – sandals might be comfy and all, but they’re hard to dance in… didn’t think I’d need TWO pairs of shoes for my wedding, heh.  The other thing I need to do this weekend is pre-pack everything to make sure it all fits in the suitcases we’re taking.

Too much to do, not enough time to do it.  That is the motto of the day…


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  1. This is why I am giving up my scale! To many times I have worked so hard and then been completly thrown back by what it says! Good for you for pushing harder no matter what!

  2. i’ve been at pretty much 153.something or 154.something for the past month, but i totally think my pooch is smaller, too! it has to be because we’re both workin out and stuff because it sounds like you’ve been eating relatively healthy like i have. yay vegas!!!

  3. i forgot to mention: that pie chart is hilarious! so so true … but then why do i spend the money on the other stuff anyway? 🙂

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