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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

The Drill Sergeant or The Mommy

I don’t really know if numbers are even really worth it this week.  I’ll attempt, but it all just sorta fell apart.  I hate when that happens – but sometimes you go splat and it’s for a good reason.  Spending time present and attentive in your body makes one very conscious of whether you need the drill sergeant mentality or the mommy mentality.  Sometimes, I just need to tell myself “quit yer bitchin’ and get to work”, but sometimes, I just need to give in.  The end of this week was giving in.  And while I’d certainly like to report better progress, I’ll take it.

Monday: 1403 calories in, 0 out (oops) = 1403 calories

Tuesday: 1709 calories in, 624 out (5 mile run) = 1085 calories

Wednesday: 1558 calories in, 300 out (30 mins DDR) = 1258 calories

Thursday: 1891 calories in, 580 out (45 mins HARD arc trainer) = 1311 calories

Friday: 1647 calories in, 0 out (oops again) = 1647 calories

Saturday: 1559 calories in, 123 out (oops again!) = 1436 calories

Sunday:  approx 3000 calories in, probably about 1000 out = vacation badness (but totally worth it)

Average per day intake: 1823

Average per day output: 375

Average per day net calories: 1449

Weight: 160.2 (-1 from last week, -2.8 for the month)

Not stellar, but it could be worse.  Although it pains me because I’ve been lower this month and I’ve been way lower last year, I have turned the gain train around.  I weigh 2.8 lbs less this month than I did last month at this time.  I can actually feel it too, oddly enough. As much as 3 lbs barely matters when you’re 265 – it’s HUGE when you’re so very close to your maintenance weight.  So if I can take down another 3 lbs this month, I’ll be even that much closer.

I’m hoping to get a good week in this week with the eating, and again with the less crazy workouts.  Although it’s pre-training time for the tri, so it will be a challenge to rein in my crazy – but looking at training programs (you know I have), there isn’t a huge daily commitment.   Most have you doing 20-60 mins 6 days per week, and I think I can roll with that and still keep the calories restricted until I try to push through and do that Olympic.

Plan this week:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 30 mins bike, 5k run

Wednesday: weights, 4 mile walk

Thursday: 30 mins DDR, 30 mins bike

Friday: 4-5 mile run

Saturday: bike ride, weights

Sunday: swimming laps at the ‘rents (yay swimming)

…or something like that.  By next week I should hopefully have a) a better plan for where I’m going to regularly swim (because I love seeing my parents and all, but a 4o minute drive or more in traffic each way is not going to exactly motivate me to swim regularly) and b) a training program.  Considering I already completed 75% of the bike distance and the full run back to back yesterday, I think I’ll be ok, but I am definitely nervous about the swimming.  So, if this week I can concentrate on good nutrition, not pooping out and completing at least A workout each day that’s scheduled (don’t know what was up my behind last week but I sure was pouty) and figuring out the swimmy thing, I think I’ll have a good week/good loss/good mental space heading into training.

The mommy won out last weekend and I pampered myself.  I enjoyed a few extra days off, a really yummy pizza, the best filet mignon and loaded baked potato I’ve ever had, and drank whiskey and watched the sunset.  This week, it’s back to the drill sergeant.  And I’m ready for it.


Bang, Bang, (we are the) Warrior(s)!


An Eater’s Manifesto

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