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Must Be Misnumbered

My scale, that is.  So, sometimes life gets in the way.  Yes, it’s an excuse.  No, I didn’t have to have all those margaritas yesterday… or that tex-mex… but it was finally the first day of shorts weather and honestly?  So worth it.  It was also proceeded by a 6 mile walk, but I have to remember that only makes up for so much.  That, on top of the end of TOM, packed on the water weight this morning to bring me back to 161.2.  If you remember correctly, that’s what I weighed 2 weeks ago.  Grrr!

However, I know my body.  As long as I am a good girl, I should drop weight pretty quickly this week as the water weight goes away.  I can feel the *mood* though.  The utter despair of being reasonably within calorie range minus ONE stinkin’ day that wasn’t even that bad and seeing a 1.8 lb JUMP.  That mindset of “well, if that’s all it takes to ruin my week, fuck it, why try?”.  Good thing this isn’t my first rodeo, cuz I know that this is that special week where my body works against me.  I just have to wait it out.

Day by day:

Monday: 1524 calories in, 550 calories out = 974 (oops)

Tuesday: 1784 calories in, 604 calories out = 1180

Wednesday: 1550 calories in, 536 calories out = 1014

Thursday: 1550 calories in, 0 calories out = 1550

Friday: 1791 calories in, 550 calories out = 1241

Saturday: 2030 calories in, 891 calories out = 1139

Sunday: 2219 calories in, 415 calories out = 1804 (ugh)

Totals for the week…

Average calories per day intake: 1778

Average calories per day burnt: 506

Average calories per day total: 1271

Average deficit per day: 541

Weight: 161.2 (+1.8)

So even with a few oopses, not so bad number-wise.  The problems (besides epic water weight)?  I burned it early in the week too hard and then ate late in the week too much on the wrong days.  If I would have done the margarita drinking on Saturday, I would have totally accounted for those calories with the 4.5 hours of yardwork.  Monday was UNDER 1000 CALORIES – I remember the day, I just was not stinkin’ hungry and I’m sure in the back of my mind figured I’d save the calories.  If week 1 and 2’s success proved anything, it’s that I just can’t do that.  To keep the equation going, I need to be as close to 1200 per day + exercise as possible.

I also know that eating 1200 calories on my day off is nigh impossible.  That is just too little food for a healthy and normally active human being to be anything but a ball of whine on.  I’m giving myself a pass on that day and letting myself eat what dailyburn suggests that day – 1300-1500.  As long as I do 6 days a week of something, that seems to work out well.

So, the plan for this week…

Monday: 30 mins DDR + full body weights (500) (1700 calories in)

Tuesday: 5 mile run (625) (1825 calories in)

Wednesday: off  (1300-1500 calories)

Thursday: run weight intervals (650) (1850 calories in)

Friday: 45 mins arc trainer (550) (1750 calories in)

Saturday: 45 mins DDR (450) (1650 calories in)

Sunday: Warrior Dash (400) (vacation)

That’s right – this Sunday is the Warrior Dash, so I’ll be heading up to a little place outside Dallas, and running through 3.5 of mud and sand and obstacles (as long as it doesn’t get canceled – eek).  After that – we’re heading to a nice hotel in the city for some swimming, soaking up sun, a nice dinner, and some drinks.  I’m going to gather that my calories will probably be above the 1600 I’m supposed to for that day, but I’m not going to stress.  I’ll try to not be a complete oinker, but I’m also not going chicken salad no dressing and sipping water at the bar.

So all in all, not a bad week last week even with the dastardly scale numbers, and looking forward to a good week this week.  As always, things might get switched around a bit (it’s looking like it MIGHT be a double-weekday-wine-sipping-occasion on Wed and Thurs with events so I may move the runs and day off around) but I’m feeling good about being able to keep my burning and earning in line pretty well this week before Sunday.

How’s your week looking?  Stay tuned in the next day or 2 for some big changes (well, for me) on the goals front.

Pics today from since I had the opportunity to play with a bunch of cute goggies this weekend and it was happy. 🙂


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  1. Sometimes the margaritas are seriously worth a little weight gain. You’ll drop it.

  2. Yeah, if you had Tex-Mex the day before your weigh-in, you’re definitely looking at water weight; personally, I’ve seen my weight jump by as much as three pounds if eat a salty meal the day before, and I’ve lost as much as seven pounds during the week of my … *ahem*, lady times. Bodies are weird.

  3. Zliten

    What happened to doing less not more why are you up to 6 days a week.
    Do you really need 6 days a week of exersize?

  4. I always see the scale move up a bit during that TOM. And you are right – don’t let it get you down and the scale will go right back! I hope you have a great week!

  5. MizFit


    and the fact Z reads your blog!!
    my sigother? not so much….

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