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Healthy Type Week

Today is day 13 without desert.  The first few days were a little tricky but I got through it, and now I’ve pretty much broken the habit of “eat dinner, have desert”.  I talked myself out of coworker cookies and monthly birthday cake at work.  I’ve realized that when limiting sweets (I’m thinking when I complete my month detox, maybe allow one desert a week), very few things are actually worth it.  My first sweet on August 6th is going to be either some for real frozen yogurt or a milkshake.  These are things that are worth it.

One of our guilty pleasures is buffet food.  I’m not a horrible wild woman, but I enjoy the freedom to have a BIG ASS SALAD and some soup, pick at some entrees I would normally not try, and sample some bites of a bunch of different deserts.  Today, I’d been up since 9 and it was 2:30, and my breakfast consisted of 1 apple, and I had been cleaning all morning.  We decided it was a buffet day.  I got there and had my typical gigantic salad, and picked at some food, and then had some fruit.  It was… lacking.  Without the desert course, it was thoroughly unsatisfying.  It was kind of an eye opener.  I don’t think I’m going to frequent buffets as much anymore.  I’d rather go have a salad and then an entree of my choosing somewhere.

I think I’ve missed my window of having a productive weigh in.  It’s about to be that TOM and I’m feeling it, so I’m just setting myself up for disappointment.  I think that the most reasonable thing to do is to wait until my month of no deserts is up and see what that’s done to my poundage.  However, I think month by month is a good way to pick at my bad food habits (hell, habits in general) and slowly try to figure out how to live in a way that would make my body the most happy.  So I need to figure out what next month will be.  Maybe give up fried stuff for a month?  Maybe make a big official thing about eating most of my calories before dinner?  Any suggestions?

Anyhoo, I didn’t count calories again, so the numbers won’t be terribly productive.  Most of our lunches were bigger and dinners were smaller.  We went out Monday night for the yelp event and Wednesday to support a coworker at a karaoke competition, but stayed in all weekend so it sorta made up for it.

Monday: 4 mile run (500)
Tuesday: weights (150)
Wednesday: 12 mile ride and 2 mile run (700)
Thursday: off
Friday: 50 mins running speedwork, 1.5 mile walk (700)
Saturday: 25 mile bike ride (800)
Sunday: housecleaning (seriously, cleaned for like 6 hours today…it is worthy of being on the list)

Next week:  I have ZERO plans except heading up to la casa de parental units.  I’m sure that will change, and the schedule will roll along with that, but here’s the penciled in version:

Monday: 10k run (700)
Tuesday: weights (200)
Wednesday: 12 mile run, 5k run (800)
Thursday: off
Friday: 30 mins arc trainer (400)
Saturday: 25 mile bike, 5k run (1100)
Sunday: swimming (400)

Also this week: going to track again to see how I’m doing and make sure my intuitions aren’t off.  Along with my no deserts thing and a full workout schedule and fairly empty dance card, hopefully it will be a healthy-type week.

So my question to you: what is the one not-so-healthy habit you’d change?  Feeling a little too sweet?  Fast food junkie?  Stuck on one type of cardio?  Ideas welcome of things to try in the months ahead…


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  1. Susan

    I should give up sweets again also. It seems the more I eat the more I crave. And since we had cake for Father’s Day, and my son’s b-day(7/2) and just for the hell of it this weekend I’m in having major sugar cravings right now.
    However I think the “vice” if you will that I am going to work on the next 8 weeks is alcohol. I have set an 8 week training schedule to be able to run 7 miles by 9/12. Not a long run for a lot of ppl but a personal milestone for me. According to the schedule I have drawn up Sunday is my long run day and also an opportunity to run outside vs treadmill since my hubby is home to supervise the rugrats. However since it is the hottest time of the year I have to be up and out no later than 6:30- 7 a.m. Which means NO sauce for me Saturday night. I was contemplating going all radical and cutting out the alcohol completely but hey that’s just not happening 😉

  2. MizFit

    not so healthy habit I WILL CHANGE starting this week.

    procrastination in one area of my life.

    not healthy 🙂

  3. I rely too much on fast food. I don’t like spending money on groceries and am usually starving by the time I get home from work so in my head it’s just easier to pick something up for dinner. I think eating out is what killed my weigh-in this week. Suck.

    Good luck with the no sweets continuation. You’ll be glad you did it in the end!

  4. Good for you! It’s tough to completely go off something but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do to realize how you don’t need so much of it. I did that with ordering in Mexican before I got married. I was eating it 2-3 times a week. Cutting it out completely made me appreciate it more when I had it.

    Have a good week!

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