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Less than four weeks and counting to the Olympic Tri, and it’s time to kick things up a notch…  it is time for some distance shit up in here.  Gone gone gone for a while are the days of an hour being the long workouts.  If I’m going to need to be prepared to be in motion for about 4 hours (I’m predicting 1 hour to swim the mile, 2 hours to bike 25 miles, and 1 hour to run the 10k), I need an hour to feel like a warmup.

Not to say that every workout will be over an hour, but the hour days will be the short ones.  Strange to think that half training will actually decrease the time commitment (but increase the intensity with 3 hard runs per week).  Definitely looking forward to switching things up, though I think I have fallen in love with tri training…

I was able to track my food this week and kept either just a little under or at my calorie range to create a 500 cal deficit.  I have been CRAVEY with the dairy like crazy lately so I’ve been incorporating more cheese and yogurt in my snacks.  Although I slipped up one more time with the fried food (another french fry incident and a bite of funnel cake – hey, I’d never tried it… and I never will again. 😛 Ugh.), I did well with the good healthy foods.  My body unfortunately did not reward me with any weight loss but I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

The MO this week – try to get through the 4 days of stress and long hours while making time for my workouts – and eat like a saint.  Because… Saturday, I take off for Vegas and while I’m actually going to try and not go hog wild with the food, I’m not going to spend the weekend eating spinach and drinking water either.  I’m allotting for 4 days of no training, though I would LOVE if I could get some laps in at the pool and/or maybe a ride at the hotel gym if I’m feeling so motivated, but if I spend Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning drunk (which, face it, is a distinct possibility), I’ll be ok to jump back into it (slowly with yoga) on Wednesday.

There are some key workouts this week though before happy fun party vacation time begins.  Monday was impromptu partner yoga with Zliten and and sprints.  Yesterday was an 8 mile run.  Saturday, before I hop on the plane, I plan to do the next step up in bricks – 20 mile ride, 5 mile run.  It’s definitely been a heck of a week and I’m just looking forward to getting through it alive.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: 30 mins arc trainer, 9 miles bike (600)
Tuesday: 7 mile run (825)
Wednesday: yoga (250)
Thursday: 15 mile bike/4 mile run at gym (1200)
Friday: off (worked late)
Saturday: 32 mile bike outside (1500)
Sunday: off

This week’s workouts:

Monday: partner yoga/thai massage and 5 miles sprints (800)
Tuesday:  off
Wednesday: 8 mile run (950)
Thursday: spin (500)
Friday: arc trainer (500)
Saturday: 20 mile bike/5 mile run outside (1500)
Sunday: off or laps at the Tropicana

Since I don’t anticipate having time to update again before I’m back from vacation, here is my life in bullet points:

-I am in a magazine!  In the interest of being annonymous, I’m not going to say which one, but I got a 4 page interview published on my game.  One of those pages?  A full page picture.  It’s a little much, but it’s flattering that they thought lil’ ol me was worthy of that much paper real estate.

-I have worked 3 days of hours in the last 2 days.  The next few weeks are going to be brutal.  Just in time for tri training to ramp up too!  Wheee!

-We went to a minor league ball game over the weekend.  It was a blast!  Baseball on the TV bores me to tears, but actually being there and hearing the crack of the bat and getting up to cheer for home runs… so much fun.  It was the second to last game of the year, but we plan to go back a few times next year.

-We have gotten some torrential rain!  The creek area where I usually practice open water swimming got totally flooded and is closed for a while.  Which is super convenient ’cause my pool is closed for a while too.  Mother nature and the universe is definitely putting obstacles in my path to keep me from practicing swimming. 😛

-My weight has been bouncing around in the lower 160s.  I’m just not sure what to do to make it go down any more.  I think I’m being fairly honest with my calorie counts and I should be seeing about 5 lbs a month.  Oh well… something to really dig into AFTER all this racing nonsense.  The goal is to at least STAY HERE and not gain before the half in Nov.

I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of it right now, so I’ll leave you until sometime next week when I’ll catch up with you after Vegas.  All photos were from the Yelp Glitterati party in August.  Too fun!  Vinyl shorts!


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  1. Yiippeeeee you’re doing RnRSA! 🙂 shoot me an email-think some people are getting together the night before for carbs if you want to join.

  2. I love these pictures of you! You have the most gorgeous, genuine grin! And CONGRATS on the article! You really can’t post it here? Can you e-mail it to me? I want to see your whole- page spread!

  3. You’re doing another tri!?!?! Good for you. The training must be crazy!!!

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