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What’s Next?

Last year around this time, I started training for my second half marathon.  I had spent the summer doing whatever workouts I fancied (and just had finished the 30 day shred) and got back to seriouspants running training.  After that, I never really quit.  I let up a little during the spring, but as soon as May hit – I was 100% into it and didn’t stop for 6 months.

I started a year ago around 155 lbs.  Let’s just say I’m a little above that.  I’ll be popping champagne when my weight again starts with a 15.  Racing is NOT a great way to lose weight.  Training hard makes you eat hard.  I *know* I could mitigate this by obsessively tracking my food, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.  I feel like I am deserving of being able to eat whatever the heck I want when I run so much.

However, that gets me into the trouble I’m in now.  Needing to lose about 17 lbs.  I don’t necessarily feel fat or like I look bad, but I’d like all the clothes in my closet to fit again and I know I felt both slim and strong right around 150.  I’m good with getting back there and hanging out for a while and seeing if that’s where the Quix-innards are the happiest.

The goal is – 1 lb per week.  There are 12 weeks until my cruise.  I would like to be 12 lbs lighter by then.  I spent 3 months training like a fiend for my olympic tri and half marathon.  I can spend 3 months concentrating on my eating habits, working out like a sane person, counting calories, and getting my arse on the scale again.  It’s just another training regiment.  That’s what I’m telling myself.  It’s hard to get FREAKING PUMPED about meeting my calorie goals or FEELING POWERFUL about keeping my workouts to 30 mins cardio, 30 mins weights most days the way I did completing a training run on pace or doing a new, harder, longer brick workout than the week before.

But… I’ve already lost 1.8 lb from my first weigh in Monday.  I know it will get harder from here, but I’m up for the challenge.

The rules:

-As I said, doing this for 12 weeks.  Goal is 1 lb per week.  I’m starting at 167.4, so I hope to be no more than 155.4 when I have my sail away cocktail.

-I tend to fluctuate like a mofo, so each Wednesday will be my official weekly weigh in.  That weight will be the lowest weight from the previous week.

-Still trying to dial in the exact calorie count.  I seem to be doing well with 1500 on the weekdays when I pay attention to the crap going in my face.  I’ll probably allow 1 or 2 days per week with a little more, try to stay around 1600-1700 on average.  If I stop losing weight I’ll go a little lower.

-Not going to get too hung up on macronutrients or obsessive over the quality of my food.  I generally eat good stuff.  I know that I can eat more and feel better if I eat healthy stuff.  If I choose to eat some crap, I just have to keep it in my calorie range.  And suffer.  and since I don’t like to suffer, I will generally stay away from crap.

-Through December at least, we are going to do at least 2 hours per week of weights.  30 mins x 4 times per week this week.  Alternating body parts.  Next week – probably a class to change stuff up.

-Cutting the cardio in half (or more).  30 minutes x 3 days, and 1 day of long cardio (bike ride, run, etc).  I’m allowing one day of cardio bliss so I can potentially keep up some endurance.  The 30 min sessions will be mostly HIIT.  For example, I did the arc trainer Monday (3o mins of 1 min max speed, 1 mins recovery), and swim sprints Tuesday.  If I’m going to cut my cardio time, it’s going to COUNT.

-Yoga.  Gonna try to make it to the Wednesday class each week or try out a weekend one.  This is not counted in cardio or strength.  If I can’t make it to class, at least do some at home 1 day per week.

I think that’s enough to feel sufficiently crazy challenged in the next coming months.  Instead of some shiny medal or a new PR – I’ll be able to fit in my pants.  And I’m good with that.  Considering the goal has an end date (I’m not going to continue on this forever), that will help me get there.

Any weight loss tips?  Anyone else try to take off weight in off seasons?  Hit me up in the comments.  I’ll be back on Wednesday with my first week’s progress.  Hint – I’ve lost at least 0.2 lbs (167.2 today) so that’s a good sign!


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  1. Great goals. I know how you feel about your weight. I feel best at about 148 to 150, and when it starts to creep up I have to do something about it. I wonder if you look at your weight loss as making your racing easier by weighing a bit less may help you meet your goals? Either way, you are very fit and healthy – that is so important!

  2. MizFit

    LOVE the pants idea and for me it was about FEELING AS THOUGH I COULD RUN.
    light enough to run (if that makes any sense. it did to me) even if I chose not to.

  3. good luck with all your goals! it’s such a tricky time of year but i reckon tackling it head on now is a great idea, would be easy to wave the white flag and wait for january!

  4. Oh girl, you know what I would tell you and from your comment on my post I think you’re already trying it! I’m so excited to see how you’re experiment with this goes – esp. since you are such an extreme test case:) keep me posted!

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