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Going Gaga, Conscience, and Training Schedules

Yelp Goes Gaga:

Before drinking, waiting for the bus.

Ready for my closeup!

After all you can drink 3 Olives vodka for 2 hours:

Rooftop view…

There were fabulous costumes, drag queens, witty discourse and banter with folks we haven’t seen in a while.  I was hoping we could get dancy but there was just none of that going on.  Oh well.  I WILL drag Zliten out one of these days and have a good dancy night.  It’s been a while.  I’m not disappointed, I mean, I rarely have an excuse to wear a tiara and boa out of the house and that counts for a lot.  I <3 Yelp for giving me a reason to dress up silly at least once every few months and take over a bar.  On them.  Can’t complain!

The next ones are a “faire” themed event at a gourmet hot dog bar/restaurant, and a red white and blue themed party at a bourbon bar.  Totally looking forward to the summer of Yelp fun.

Training plan for Pflugerville Triathlon:

I haven’t had a cohesive training plan for a while and I wanted to lay one out for the next month.   With work and my injury I’ve been holding back a bit, but by next week, I should be all rested and things should be back on track to go at it 100%.

Translations –

Pflake bricks – a group of the folks that put on the duloop also do a swim/run brick group training sesh every other Monday and, oh, it happens to be at the lake where the tri is at.  We’re going to try to hit both instances before the tri.

Veloway – a free bike and rollerblade only 3 mile loop w/no traffic.  All the bennies of biking outside, none of the hassles of dealing with traffic.

Shoal creek lap = 10 miles

I’m going to be getting in 2 bike/run bricks.  While I used to do them every week last year, I feel like I *know* now mentally how it feels to transition from bike to run and that all it takes is the mental fortitude to run through it until it gets better.  I plan to do both outside to maximize the awesome.

It seems as if 7 cardio segments is all I can get in without a) upping the days to 6 and b) ditching weights

May 23 – 29
M Pflake brick – 1 mile swim, 20 mile bike
T 5k tempo, weights
W 30 min hard ride, 30 min easy swim
Th off
F 4 miles hills, weights
S veloway long ride
Su off

May 30 – June 5

M 10k run outside, crunchtime (or weights)
T shoal creek lap, 30 min swim easy
W 4 mile outside run, weights
Th 30 mins ride easy, 30 mins swim hard
F off
S shoal creek lap, 5k run (brick)
Su off

June 6 – 12
M Pflake brick – 1 mile swim, 20 mile ride
T 5k tempo, weights
W 30 mins ride hard, 30 mins swim easy
Th off
F 4 miles hill run, weights
S 60 min swim
Su off

June 13 – 19
M 6 mile ride, 2 mile run (outside if possible, easy with pickups) (brick)
T 30 min easy swim
W off
Th 40 mins bike w/pickups
F 2 mile run (outside if possible)
S  off
Su race!

And, that’s about that.  There’s another event going on right now (Game Dev Beer Night), but I’m at home catching up on Glee because a) I already did the whole “go-crazy-on-a-weekday” thing once this week b) I have a race in two days that I really would like to rock and c) I am old.

Sometimes it’s a shame that I have a conscience and a training schedule.  But it’s really probably a good thing, because there is generally something going on most days of the week and I am not getting any younger – weekday partying has to be kept within reason or I just can’t function.

Life has a way of steering you in the right direction sometimes, yah?


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  1. “The short game”, is a great way to look at it. When you constantly alter your goals, you never get that satisfied feeling of accomplishing what you’ve set out to do.

    That isn’t to say that re-evaluating your goals ins’t important however. Obviously sometimes they need tweaking… just don’t deny yourself the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something.

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