Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Odds and Ends

First of all, let’s dive in the scary depths of Quix’s kitchen.  I promise it’s clean.

This is what approximately 200$ buys you in Austin, shopping at hippie dippie grocery stores.  I spend between 100-200$ per week on food, plus we usually spend another 200-ish every month or two at costco to pick up organic chicken, fish, jerky, and organic veggies.  I get my beef at the grocery store, I don’t really like Costco’s organic.  Specifically, that is….

Sunflower seeds, beanitos, quinoa noodles, organic re-fried beans x2, organic garbanzos, 4xzevia soda 6-packs, Amy’s soupsx4, sun butter, gravy mix, organic baked beans, organic dark chocolate bar, wasabi and soy almonds, organic black beans, dill relish, organic grape jelly, albacore tuna, organic oranges, organic romaine, green onions, organic dandelion greens, bell pepper, snap peas, serranos, cucumber, organic collard greens, bok choy, tomatoes, red onions, organic salad greens, 2 bottles of champagne, organic low fat sour cream, organic corn, Amy’s stir fry micro meal, organic sprouted corn tortillas, fage 0% (big tub), organic fat free lactose free milk, organic whipped butter, organic lowfat shredded cheese, arctic zero ice cream x2, organic stir fry veggies, organic frozen mango, organic grass fed ground beef x3 lbs, and pre-cooked shredded natural chicken.

What does that equate to in the kitchen?  My meal plan for the week (+reality for the days that have passed):

chicken fajita pita and side salad (yes, I had fast food – not proud of it but it settled my tummy and was at least not totally unhealthy)
tuna sammich on sprouted grain bread (w/fage, hummus, cilantro and onions), split an Amy’s soup w/Zliten
homemade slow cooker chili (organic everything but the last two: beans, beef, corn, chocolate, tomato sauce, peppers, and onions, topped with green onions, cilantro, frank’s red hot, dab of blue cheese dressing, and shredded cheese.  Bowl and a half)
Workout: 30 mins crunchtime circuit class + bike 9 miles

fage 0%, pb, apple, stevia
pre cooked shredded chicken added to an Amy’s Mexican Casserole + dab of light organic sour cream + pinch of extra shredded cheese + added organic salsa
Lemon pepper mahi mahi, stir fry veggies, 1/2 cup quinoa noodles in teriyaki sauce
Workout: AM 5 mile run in 53

organic string cheese, toast w/sun butter, 12 almonds
manwiches (homemade: organic ground beef, tomato sauce, onions, peppers, worstichire sauce, ketchup, mustard, seasonings), one la tortilla lo carb (small), one whitewheat bun
leftover chili as above
Workout: cycling for 40 mins on trainers before work, 30 mins weights after work

fage 0%, pb, apple, stevia
fish tacos – Tilapia cooked with garlic, onions, hot sauce, and spices.  2 organic sprouted corn tortillas and 1 la tortilla flour – topped with light sour cream, cilantro, onion, salsa, hot sauce, organic shredded cheese, and olives. Organic refried canned beans on the side.
Chicken taco salad from Freebirds – Lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapenos, corn salsa, black beans, chicken, 1/2 of the ancho dressing, 1/2 side of sour cream (plan was actually chicken taco salad at home, but had to stay late at work)
Workout: 3 mile run before work in 29 mins

small fage and apple, half a breakfast taco
leftover manwich (there’s no enough left for 2 meals – we’ll probably scrounge and do leftover shuffle)
turkey meatballs, and my homemade pasta “gloop” – an assload of spinach, garlic, some olive oil, green olives, org. tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese)
Workout: weights AM

gigantic salad + soup
Workout: 2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2.5 mile run

No idea…
Workout: assplants on couch

Note that we’re attempting to go home more for lunches.  We noticed this week that we can make fairly easy-but-real meals in the hour allotted to us (since we only live 5 mins away), so stuff that was normally dinners like fish tacos and manwiches are now in for lunch!  Woohoo!

I’ve been trying to eat more at meals and snack less – when I get that FULL feeling I find I feel much better than just grazing and always feeling a little hungry.  However, at night I usually do get a little Arctic Zero action going on.  I always have my skim milk before/after workouts unless I’m eating right away.  I eat almonds when I need a stay-full snack but since I’ve been putting the sunbutter back in my fage, I’ve needed it less.  Another go to is *randomveggie* and hummus or tzatziki.  And always, an orange or apple or other fruit is good for sweets.

I’m not a saint though.  I would say about every other day I’ll have about 50-100 or so calories of chocolate.  After the birthdays I think I’m going to go back to no added sugar again for a month, but it’s nice to indulge every once in a while.

Anyhoo, my averages for the last week are:

2495 calories burned per day
1739 calories consumed per day
756 average deficit

My calories on average come from:
24% protein
36% carbs
31% fat
9% alcohol

105g protein
153g carbs
57g fat
192 mg cholesterol
3287 mg sodium
28g fiber
18g saturated fat
992 mg calcium

Hopefully everyone isn’t asleep, I just thought it might be fun to document a week in the life of Quix eats.  Or at keast useful.  Hopefully not just self-masturbatory… oh well, moving on…


My race planz for the next few months:

Blue Norther Du: 5k run, 14 mile ride, 5k run, March 11, Seguin, TX – reg’d.

Rosedale Ride: 40 mile bike ride, March 24, Austin, TX – not yet reg’d

Austin 10/20: 10 mile run, April 15, Austin, TX – reg’d.

Red Poppy Ride: 62 mile bike ride, April 24, Georgetown, TX – reg’d (sorta – bought the groupon so we’re committed)

Rookie Tri: 300m swim, 11 mile ride, 2 mile run, May 6, Austin, TX – reg’d.

Lake Plugerville Tri: 500m swim, 12 mile ride, 5k run, June 17, Austin, TX – reg’d.

Couples Tri: 800m swim, 11.2 mile ride, 5k run, July 15, Austin, TX – reg’d.

Jack’s Generic Tri: 500m swim, 13.8 mile ride, 5k run, August 5, New Braunfels, TX – reg’d.

America’s Finest City Half Marathon: August 19, San Diego, CA – not yet reg’d (but planning a vacation around it)

Tri Rock Austin: 1500m swim, 26 mile ride, 10k run, Sept 3, Austin, TX – not yet reg’d

Kerrville Triathlon: 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile ride, 13.1 mile run, Sept 30, Kerrville, TX – not yet reg’d.

In Oct, there will likely be See Jane Half since we have a cheap entry this year due to rain last year, and Zliten really wanted to run the Dash for Dads 5k again.  In Nov, I have my eyes (potentially, depending on how I feel after Kerrville) on RnRSA full marathon (if not, I’ll probably do Azle since I have a free entry, and if I decide I want nothing to do with running anything serious, there’s Warrior Dash that weekend too) and of course the Turkey Trot is a given every year.

In December, who knows?  By that time, I have a feeling that I’ll be ready for some silly little Holiday 5ks dressed up like elves and chugging spiked eggnog as race fuel, but there is always Spicewood again which was beautiful, Vegas (although I’m still not sure I could NOT make it to that race drunk and with pockets full of casino chips), or spending NYE in Palm Springs (or if we can’t get that far, I’d love to run this, but only NYE.  New Years day is still made for hangovers, although it might be fun to start the tradition of doing the two back to back races and then getting SMASHED on NYD when everyone ELSE is hungover…).

So, besides an extra race in May, June, July, and planning out December, my dance race card is full.  So weird to have your life planned out so far in advance…


Speaking of a full dance card, I am full up on March things.  And it’s March 1st.  I have my weekends completely booked full of either race goodness, birthday celebrations for me, birthday celebrations for other folks, camping, renassaince fair-ing, or weddings.  Plus I have a major deadline at work mid-month.  Hold on folks, March is going to be cuh-ray-zee.

This weekend will be fun though – my birthday is on Saturday, and I have epic plans.  Run/bike/run training in the morning, a relaxing afternoon, major amounts of CRABBY goodness at Trulucks, and then happy fun bar party time!  I toyed with the idea of no training at all over my birthday weekend but I came to two conclusions – #1 – I have a race next weekend I am ill prepared for and need to connect my ass with evilbike + street, plus the last time I did a for real brick was probably… the tri in October. #2 – I like training!  Spending 2 hours outside in the beautiful sunshiney day before I start my celebrations sounds absolutely wonderful.  Maybe I’ll see if they have some birthday cake flavored GU.

Funny, I usually get all introspective about my birthday, but this year… I dunno.  I have my major goals (24 races, half ironman, lose 30 lbs, other stuff), and I’m plugging away at getting it done.  It’s gonna be an epic 33!

Two posts in one week… please don’t get used to it.  I’ll be back with birthday pictures and stories next week.  Ciao, lovely people!


Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri – You Never Know…


Busy Bee – Blue Norther


  1. Miz


  2. Happy early birthday! You got a lot of groceryies for a decent price! You’d shudder if I told you what we spend. It’s a lot and I cannot afford all organic because there are 9 of us. But I do the best I can!

  3. Boo, I missed your birthday! I hope you had a great one! And I’ve been dying to try Arctic Zero forever – I just can’t find anyone here who sells it:(

  4. Quinoa noodles?? I had no idea that existed. So yeah, we’re totally having chili this week. I pretend like I still don’t how to cook it, so the husband has to do it instead. ((winks))

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