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You May Be A Tri-Nerd If…

Idea from Charlotte.  I was having too much fun with my comments on her blog and decided to make my own.

You may be a triathlon nerd if….

-You make all your other social plans around what race/training you’re doing on the weekend (sorry folks, racing Sunday, can’t go out with you Saturday night, but let’s meet up for Sunday champagne brunch for which I may or may not shower…).
-You have a full laundry basket of workout clothes between you and your spouse every week.
-The impetus for doing laundry is only when you run out of good running socks and bras (or perhaps have worn said items more than once…)
-The stuff in the kitchen and your meals are all healthy, but you have a bunch of pure sugar and junk food reserved for long rides/runs.

-Your bikes are cleaned more often than your kitchen.
-Spandex is your right AND your privilege 🙂
-You have race numbers instead of pictures on your fridge.
-Your alarm is set for earlier on the weekend than the weekdays during the spring and summer.

-Packing for a week vacation takes less time and you take less than packing for a 3 hour out-of-town triathlon overnight trip.
-You burn more calories before work than most people do all week.
-Your rule is at least one shower between sweating and work and/or social events, and sometimes that = 2-3 workouts of sweat before the shower.  And an outdoor rinse off at the lake TOTALLY counts.
-A brick isn’t what you build your house out of, it’s a workout, DUH.

-Two a days?  Isn’t that cute.  Let’s talk when your sport gets you to do 4 different workouts in 24 hours.  On weekdays.
-At least every other week or so, you don’t have to decide what to wear to work on Monday.  This weekend’s race shirt, of course…
-The idea of doing a run on rested legs mystifies you.  Who does that?
-You indeed have become those freaky looking spandex rat people on the bikes you used to make fun of, and now, you just covet their spandex if it’s an especially interesting color/pattern.

-You drive past a hill and think that you just HAVE to return to run or bike up it over and over for hill repeats.
-Instead of shore excursions for the cruise you’re taking during training season, you look up cycle shops, running routes, and snorkeling trips to get your run/bike/swim on.
-The first tri of the season is more exciting than Christmas.
-Half marathon and marathon training is just “something to keep you occupied in the offseason”.

-You have actually spent some time practicing running in bike cleats.
-You wish EVERY race made you write your age on your calf so you knew who you needed to pass to move up in your age group.
-You actually start thinking about the logistics of doing things on your bike that normal humans wouldn’t.  Eating on it.  Drinking on it.  Peeing on it.  Attaching a tom tom GPS to it.  Doing bike yoga on it during really long rides to stretch out.
-Valid training for your hobby includes practicing putting on and taking off clothing really quick, and you’re not in the adult entertainment industry.

What kind of nerd are you?



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  1. Miz


    and I dont even tri!

    • Quix

      You’re so clever Miz, you crack me up! 🙂

  2. Oooh I love your list! This was my fave: -A brick isn’t what you build your house out of, it’s a workout, DUH. Because of course, DUH!

    • zliten

      Our thursdays have become mini brick days. 15 min bike trainer, 1 mile run, 15 min bike trainer 1 mile run. Not as easy as it sounds. Next week I think we are stepping it up to 3 rounds.

  3. I’m a run nerd, but much of the same things apply. I also cycle, but I don’t swim very well, thus I am not a tri nerd.

    I would like to add:
    – Interesting tan lines, i.e. bike short lines, watch line, sock lines.
    -What I call “hood burn”, sunburn on the inside of your elbows from riding on the “hoods” of your handlebars, after all the sunscreen has sweated off on a 100km ride.

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