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January Goals

Trying to do some more “bite sized” posts, rather than just once a week novels.  So, here we go!

Last year, I was living race to race.  It was all about getting myself to a start line happy and healthy.  There were rarely any valleys, just a lot of peaks.  This year, I don’t have a race on the docket until APRIL 14 (possibly the indoor tri in Feb though I certainly won’t be doing any specific training for it), there is a lot of no-mans-land where I can get lost.  I’ve seen a lot of bloggy folk being accountable monthly, and I actually used to do that myself back in the olden days, so time to get back on it!

Without further guilding the lily, it’s time for my January goals!

-Eat mostly fruits and vegetables.  Eat a few servings of good quality beans and grains and corn and starch per day.  Eat some lean protein with every meal.  One meal of whatever I want one day per week (the sign that I indulged just right over break – I can’t even figure out what that is this week…). Do things to get to the goal of 175 by the end of the month. ~1500 calories of good quality food should do the trick.

-Batch cook each weekend to have most of my meals for the week ready.

-One day of drinking per week max.  Attempt for that to not be a marathon 8 hour session to cram all the fun in.

-Schedule at least one game night at the house with friends.  Do at least one “out of the house” activity that doesn’t involve drinking.

-ZERO cigarettes.  Use my little happy puffer thing.  Try to stick to the 0 nicotine one as much as possible.

-ZERO sweet treats this month.  If I want desert, it can be fruit, yogurt, or arctic zero.  Das it.  I need one of these type of months to get off the “white pony” and back to the point where I can consume it responsibly.

-Train with my heart rate monitor every time.  I need to get in this habit.

-Consistency.  My brain is REALLY raring to get back to those 3-5 hour training days, which is a great sign that offseason did exactly what it was supposed to do, but my body is NOT.  Do the workouts on my schedule as prescribed, and don’t add because it’s scary to only be training 6.5 hours (including 1.5 hours of weights) this month as prep.

-Get my sewing machine set up and at least put some stitches into something

-Clean out our closet and get a bunch of stuff donated.

-Investigate Scuba Certification and set a time to get it done.

-Get my damn eye exam.  It’s been way too long.  Had it scheduled for over the break, but my back being fucked made me have to cancel.

-Cheer for runners at 3M on 1/13.

13 things for the first month of 2013.  Hooray!

Going to print these out and put them on my fridge as well.  It’s a lot, but I’m ready to put in the work this month.  I want to look back at January 2013 and think that I worked hard.  I’m ready.  Let’s do this!

Question of the Day: What’s your biggest goal for January 2013?


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  1. My biggest goal of 1/13 is to not mess up your goals!

    • Quix

      I think by doing that you’ll be closer to your goals! Hop on this train of awesome! Choo choo! 🙂

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