I’m finally beginning to take the plunge and tinkering with this little corner of the internet, so expect things to fluctuate wildly around here until I get my bearings.  I’m sure it would be more elegant to do this all at once behind the scenes and then publish, but I don’t roll like that and you’ll see it changing in real time, warts and all!  Won’t that be fun?


#mfw doing web design shit. I don’t know why, but it makes me IRRATIONALLY angry.  Hulk smash!

First, I switched to the default layout for two reasons.  First, being super boring will hopefully motivate me to get this project done sooner than later.  Second, I just wanted to start from zero.  Nuke it from orbit.  Sometimes it’s the only way.

Second, with a lot of Zliten and the Internet’s help, I was able to finally, after 8 years, get rid of my ugly ugly main flash page and load the blog directly from the main adjustedreality.com site.  Effing HALLELUJAH!

I’m happy with my progress for the moment, but it’s definitely not done.  We’re not basic functionality and white and drab green around here, no sireee!  I may not do all these things in order, but it’s good to have goals, so here’s what’s coming up.

Next, I’d like to get all of that good ol’ social media and community stuff going.

  • Actual links to me on twitter, instagram, and dailymile. (DONE)
  • Ways to share my rambles brilliant content on all the said social medias.
  • A way to subscribe to my blog if you can’t get enough of my brilliant content rambles.
  • A site search (happily appeared on the default template, but I didn’t have one before and want to make sure it stays). (DONE)
  • An official “contact me” form that actually goes somewhere I check.  Y’know, in case one of the three people that read this want to say hi. 🙂

After that, I plan to update the template to a more mobile-friendly wordpress format.  I’m going to try WordPress’s 2016 official one, and see if I can do what I want with that, but while *I* am not a huge phone blog reader, I am definitely in the minority.  And I know I hate unfriendly sites when I DO click on a link somewhere on zee mobile. (EDIT: DONE)

Then I want to do some cosmetic shit. This is the stuff I actually have fun with, so I should definitely save it for last so I don’t stop before doing everything else.

  • Pretty up the headers with rotating pictures, or at least some static pictures that represent me better than a grainy vacation picture from 2011. (IN PROGRESS)
  • Figure out a color scheme I like instead of whatever exists. (DONE – I actually like the default.  For reals.)
  • Find a way to sort my archives into years, and only display months for the current year (8 years of blog = lots of archives).
  • Add a related posts section to the bottom of posts.  I really like this on other blogs and I’ll have to look for a plugin to do it for mine.
  • I’ll also probably scrub and polish all the pages to be relevant (Bio, Races, etc).  They are all a year or five out of date.

Finally, I have a little soul searching to do.  Adjusted Reality has been my playspace since I’ve been out of college and wayyyy before I started doing this biking, swimming, or even running thing (hell, before I even started losing weight from stay puff’t marshmallow gal), and I haven’t ever really found my message.  “Becoming more awesome one day at a time” popped into my head so I went with it temporarily, but I’m not quite sure it fits right.  Who am I?  What does my little corner of the internet want to say to the world?

EDIT: Also, once I decide this, also decide if I want to change the title image.

If I can get there, I’ll be happy with my progress and feel *comfortable* in my own skin here for a while!  Stick around to see how it develops.

Questions: anything else you think a good personal website/blog needs?  Also, if you can think of a tagline for me, please submit it below.  If I use it you get… something cool.  I’ll work it out.