Check out my second vlog in honor of me getting older!

In this episode, I talk about:

  • My husband got me very cool birthday presents, including a green screen – check out how #sopro I am in that preview pane!
  • Another cool present, we got accepted to be ambassadors for Wattage Cottage (and I got the news on my actual birthday!).  Check out that sweet hat and I show off some #sockdoping.
  • Then, I reminisce about the five coolest things I did whilst 38 – including becoming an Ironman, obviously.

I’m really enjoying doing these, and I’m going to keep at it.  I’ve already got the next few written out and I want to try doing one every 2 weeks, at least.

My notes to myself for next time:

  • 28 minutes is better than 35+, but let’s really try for 15 minutes or less.  On these one-take type videos, it’s hard to predict, but obviously, I need to narrow the scope of what I’m talking about.  And I think my next subjects do that (but we’ll see).
  • Mic levels – I’m using a new mic (another birthday present), and it’s a little quiet (it seems ok playing back on the PC, but I had to turn it up wayyyyy high on the PS4).  I’ll turn it up next time to be a little louder than I think it should.
  • Lighting – I’m also using a new light (yet another present, my husband wants me to be pro at this!), and it’s GREAT but washing me out a bit.  I think I’ll have to play with the settings.
  • Music in the background?  I’m trying to decide if it would add to the entertainment factor (i.e. not just me talking forever) or would just be annoying.
  • When I do live streaming at work, I practice a little more.  And I know what I’m going to say and ramble a little less.  I’m going to make sure and do at least one dry run without the camera on for each video, I think it will help me.

While these “my life yadda yadda” ones have been good to warm up with, I’m going to try and do a handful of more informational ones next.  So, if you have a preference between tips on your pre-race routine, setting up triathlon transitions, lifting heavy, or healthy breakfasts for people that hate eggs and oatmeal, let me know and I’ll make that one first!

Funny note: I started with a striped shirt on that day, but had to change, because the green screen was going CRAZY!

So, if you’re still reading (HI!), let me know if you have any feedback for me on what you like to see in videos.  Shorter?  Background music?  Hit me up.