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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

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Bursting On The Scene

I am sort of a schism of emotions today.  Mostly good ones but I digress.  Let’s get on with it:

Movin’ on down:

This morning I started the week at 154.8.  This is a huge victory.  I haven’t started the week below 155 since – well, I can’t remember.  Since I have been paying attention to Monday weights.  My low weight last week was 152.8, which is also something I haven’t seen in a while.  How did I accomplish this?

Cakehole Shoving:

I actually did a damn good job of this for the entire week – for the most part.  I was below 1400 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  I was around 1500 Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  I went a little nutzo on Sunday, but it couldn’t have been above 2000.   I did learn some good lessons and reinforce some good behaviors (or at least “lesser evil” behaviors).

Friday, I enjoyed a very healthy and low cal dinner and some drinks, but I found the good stopping point where I was enjoying myself but wasn’t wasted.  I wish to remember that point as sometimes on a weekend, I’ll just run up to that cliff and jump right on over.  Fun, yes, but then I pay for it the next day.   Saturday I was pretty responsible as well, we stayed in, ate leftovers, and cleaned like mad people.  The majority of the house is now sparkling clean – or at least for us normally opposite-of-neat-freak peoples.

Sunday, we had planned a little controlled splurge – ordering a medium supreme pizza and that along with salad and veggies being our meal for the day.  We put the pizza order in (and my Zliten, who was in need of meat, made us order the large chicken wings and fries) and then as soon as I hung up we got an invite to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Alamo Drafthouse.  Fun yes – but my day was not working out as planned at all.  This day could have potentially been my ruination.

The pizza was delicious.  Just what I was craving.  We each had 2 slices and put the rest away (and now have a delicious lunch for today).  I had 3 chicken wings, and we split the order of fries.  The nice thing about the place is they have no frier.  Yeah, I know – the wings and fries are SO ungreasy because they’re baked.  It’s awesome.  A hefty meal perhaps, but my dinner later was a greek salad with italian.  Eaten right before we went to the alamo.  Hello, strategy.

The problem was, we got there and they were picking up the tab so they said to order whatever we wanted.  To clarify for any non-Austinites, the Alamo Drafthouse is really the only reasonable place to see a movie.  The ticket prices are cheaper, and they serve food (like real food – you can get pita chips, veggies, and hummus there, or a burger, or pizza if you would like) and beer and wine.  They also do really cool events like 80s sing alongs, screenings of old classics, and sometimes feasts themed to the movie.

I got a glass of wine and then somehow convinced myself it was a good idea to also order a guiness milkshake.  I shared it around with everyone and then drank about half.  While it may have been a not-so-good idea to order it I conquered two things.  First – milkshakes have held this magical power over me.  I have had a craving for one for over two years.  This one was delicious, but honestly, I would have rather had a nice three bite home baked cookie, or a sliver of decadent chocolate cake.  I will no longer be obsessed with them as they are firmly in the category now of “eh, totally not worth the calories”.  Second – I was able to drink half of it, put it down on the table, and leave it alone.  I have a big thing about finishing (which is why I only cook what I’m going to eat or make sure it is tucked away before I can go for it again), so it was nice to not suck the whole thing down.

All in all, a great week.  This week becomes a bit more challenging.  Friday, I have the day off and a friend and I are going to hit happy hour.  The plan is to get a good lunch in me and only allow myself healthy food if I’m going to drink.  Then, Saturday is our Austinite wedding reception.  We had a lot of friends that couldn’t go to Vegas, so we decided to host a reception here.  The win – we’re doing all the cooking.  However, I’m not going to subject my guests to stuff that doesn’t taste good so I have some ’sperimenting to do.  I am excited for a Polynesian feast!

I have been totally lazy about tracking calories over the weekend.  I’d chastise myself for it, but it actually seems to be working.  I know if I fall face down in the bag of chips or if I eat mindfully – and as long as I stick with the latter, I do ok.  If the downward trend comes to a screeching halt… then I’m back on it like bees on honey.  For now, I’ll see if I can get by as it’s something I’d like to move away from eventually.

My Ass, and Moving It:

During the week, I am a workout saint.  Shredded without complaint Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I did my DDR, my yoga, and my running.  I think I might have even beat a record running but sadly I wasn’t really timing.  The watch is coming with on tomorrow’s run though fo sho.  If there is any chance I ran a sub 25 minute 5k I want proof!  My 5 mile time is improving as well.  I’m under 50, now I want to work towards under 45.  I know I can do it!

The weekdays jam packed are killing me by the weekend.  I am so over it and sore and tired (thx u Jillian), I don’t want to do a fucking thing.  On Saturday, I woke up feeling like my pec was slightly pulled.  I had planned on shredding that morning and decided against it.  It takes me a full weekend before my feet and legs feel good again.  Level 3 is brutal.  Doing 5 days of intense strength back to back is brutal.

So this week I’m changing it up.  Just a little.  I said I was going to shred for 4 weeks.  I’m not going to wuss out this last week, but I am going to alternate levels.  M, W, F – Level 3.  Tu/Th – Level 1 or 2.  Going forward, I’m going to try to keep it on the schedule 2-3 times per week until half training gets too intense.  I don’t want to knock it too much.  I am seeing results.  I wore jeans yesterday that I haven’t even had the guts to put on in months.  It is working.  However, I just can’t risk rolling into training time injured and tired, and I think that alternating the days will work my muscles differently enough that it will be good for me and I won’t feel on the brink of injury.


The story is developing nicely.  Writing about characters inspired by and very similar to us ten years ago (extended and stereotyped and much more extreme) has made it easier to keep going – I just have to dig in my “memories” section of the brain for the next plot twist.  Perhaps the next one will be a story created solely by my warped little mind, but this is something safe for the first and very time-crunched attempt and I’m appreciating it.

I have no idea if it will be interesting.  If it was a screenplay, it would be one of those Napolean Dynamite type movies – slow paced, with some humor, but you almost feel like you are laughing at the poor sobs because their situation is so ridiculous, not because it’s terribly funny.  Nothing terribly extraordinary happens to them – they don’t get sucked into a black hole and end up in Bizarro World and become royalty – they just live their lives.  The end is anticlimactic.  But it’s kind of what I’m going for.

I’m also a little behind.  I should be at about 12500 words as of yesterday, and I’m only at about 11000.  It doesn’t sound like that much, but tonight I’m aiming to do about 3k words to get caught up, which is about 2 hours of full concentration, and I am usually at about 50% with the TV on and my Zliten home.  Hopefully I can have some kick ass sessions this week and get back ahead as this weekend isn’t looking promising for writing time.  For those of you who haven’t checked out NaNoWriMo, the goal is 50k words by Nov 30th.

Initial prediction – I’m going to finish the story.  I’m up in the air whether I can continue to dedicate the hours each day to finish up the words in the time allotted (though being super competitive me, I bet I’ll do it), but I’m going to do it even if it’s not by the end of the month.   However, I’m also now seeing a novel as a manageable and possible thing to do.  If I did it right and came up with a story outline, laid out the chapters in an outline, and then went to town, I think I could have something polished in perhaps 6 months time.   I’m not going to get books published by wishing for it.  It something I can EASILY do while just relaxing at home on the couch with the lappy.  This is a HUGE revelation for me!

It’s the same thing as a marathon.  It looks like a huge, unwieldy task.  Highly intimidating.  There is no better way to get there than picking a deadline and putting together a plan to get there.  Looking forward to cracking both of those nuts in the next year.

Back to my Monday.  What mountains are you going to climb this week?  Inspiration wanted. :)

In like a lion…

…and hopefully out like one too!  I’m feeling more optimistic, more hopeful, and more… ready to take on the week than I have in a while.  I’m sure it certainly helped that I got in a FULL workout this morning.  I set some other things in motion this weekend that made me feel like less of a waste of space.  I exercised a little bit more control than usual.  And this morning, I am rewarded.  Let’s break it down…

Doctor doctor:

I went in and got the blood work done – and pretty much everything showed up in the normal range!  My overall cholesterol is 142, my fasting sugars are in the 90s, everything seems to be rockin’.  The only two things that showed up ever so slightly outside were my white blood cell count (slightly low) and the size of my red blood cells (slightly larger).  Apparently it was not anything to worry about, as they didn’t call me in to have a follow up, so I can rest assured that I am in good condition and rock and roll with my life.

When We Pretend That We’re Shred(ed):

Currently listening to L7 right now, so I had to go there (if you get it, YAY!).  Ok, soooo… I shredded 5 times again last week.  And life went on.  I did level 1 on Monday and did level 2 the rest of the week.  I’m not sure if it was that level 2 is actually EASIER or that going from just regular weight training to level 1 was just so much more of a system shock than level 1 to level 2 (I’m guessing that’s it), but I was just fine this week.  The two days of rest started me out fresh, and while I definitely felt it working, I was not cripplingly sore.  The lunge/squat and hold seems to not affect my legs as much as the in and out of it motion.  The cardio I can tell is a little harder (though honestly – it’s still tame compared to speedwork/sprints/just about anything else I do).  The abs – I’m torn.  I’m again less sore than I was last week but I feel like it’s being worked pretty well so I’ll call it a tie.

I am still going to call it a great little workout if all I had was a half hour from start to finish, and much better “bang for the buck” strength training than my home strength workout that I’ve been doing for over a year now, but it will not be replacing my cardio any time soon.

Week In Review:

It was an interesting week.

Monday I just shredded and curled up on the couch and died (<3 u TOM).  I also ate only about 1250 calories.

Tuesday I shredded and ran a fairly fast paced 5k, and ate around 1450.

Wednesday, I shredded, did a few DDR songs, and then went on a 30 minute walk with Zliten, and ate about 1600 calories (there may have been a margarita, oopsie).

Thursday, I shredded WAY early before the vampires got my blood to test, and then ATTEMPTED a 5 mile run and my shoes died on me 3.5 miles in.  I walked about 1 mile between my warmup and getting home (of course they died on the FURTHEST point of my running course away from my house), so I think it was 4.6 in all.  I ate about 1500 calories.

Friday, I got revenge by buying new shoes, shredding, and then rocking the 5 miles (5.3, actually).  I ate a very healthy and lo cal breakfast and lunch (and then oops, forgot to track the rest of the weekend), and then snacked and indulged in some rum at night.  I had INTENDED to actually order a garden burger and/or a salad at least at the bar, but I just ended up not being hungry enough to order my own food.  Until about 3am, when I put the kiebash on food and resolved to just eat an early breakfast/lunch.

Saturday, I rested.  Rum + no real dinner = headache.  I snacked on very healthy stuff for breakfast/lunch (gardenburger, fruit, pistachios, popcorn) and then went with the parents out to dinner.  I had a filet mignon, broccoli, and a salad with just a little bit of dressing.  HOWEVER, I also had a roll or two.  Then – we went out for Halloween and there was beer and snackies and I partook.  But a lot less stupidly than last weekend.

Sunday, I erranded.  We had mexican (which was not SUPER healthy but I did ok) for lunch and then got shopping and other randomness done, so while I didn’t get a workout, I definitely didn’t sit on my ass until after dinner, which was a healthy whole wheat spaghetti, super lean ground beef and meat sauce, with green pepper, onion, and broccoli.  I had some frozy pineapple for desert along with 2 pumpkin spice kisses (um, yeah…can you say LOVE)

So the verdict?   I slacked over the weekend a bit sure, but I didn’t go as nuts.  I got more rest than normal.  I didn’t track or weigh this weekend.  My high weight last week?  Let’s not even go there.  My second highest weight? 158.8.  Yeah.  My low weight of the week?  155.2.  Where am I starting this week? 156.2.  For that, I say yippee, as it’s the lowest Monday weight since before the wedding.

The plan going forward = lots of morning workouting due to the time change.  Trying to have a pretty lean and mean calorie week.  Otherwise, it should look berry, berry familiar.

Monday: shred level 2 and 30 mins DDR in the morning, 1400 or less calories.

Tuesday: 5 mile run in the morning, shred level 2 at night, 1400 or less calories.

Wednesday: shred level 3 and yoga in the morning, 1400 or less calories.

Thursday: shred and 5k in the morning, 1400 or less calories.

Friday: shred level 3 and 30 mins DDR in the morning, 1500 or less calories.

Saturday: CLEANING. 1500 or less calories.

Sunday: rest or bike adventure.   1500 or 2000 calories or less depending.

We have planned a MELLOW week after the last few of crazy parties and general revelry.  I am looking forward to it.  I know by Friday/Saturday I might start feeling a little lame/cabin fever-y, but I think it’s for my own good.


Well, this sure snuck up on me.  I had decided to participate and was going to write out an outline and then life got hectic and holy geez, yesterday was November 1st!  I had 1667 words to write!

So I’ve determined that this month, my house is either going to get super clean and everything on my to do list is going to get done due to procrastination, or I’m going to write an effing novel.  Blogging, I can bust out 1600 words in an hour while twirling a plate with one hand and directing an orchestra with the other while the house crashes to the ground around me.  Fiction writing, I need a bit more order.  We had to lunch.  Then errands.  Then groceries.  Then laundry.  Then other stuff.  Once I got everything else settled and felt ready to write it was almost 9pm!

However, once I was in the zone, I rocked it.  I got 1677 words done, and it’s not horrible.  I am torn between coming up with a plan for the novel and just letting it flow.  It’s sort of a fictional adaptation of earlier parts of my life (write what you know, right?), so it’s already has a shell of a story so it’s not as if I’ve just created some random characters meandering around my head.  I think I will try tonight to just continue the flow tonight and not worry about more structure until I get stuck.

That’s about it for update Monday.  Send me good thoughts this week so I can rock out the rest of the week and maybe start seeing more of those lovely low 150s.  Who out there is doing NaNoWriMo?  Anyone shredding?  What’s new and exciting in November?

Where Everything Falls Apart

So my big thing is no guilt.  No regrets.  But it’s hard not to regret and rib yourself a bit if you treated yourself so poorly over the weekend that you are feeling physically ill about it.  And by “you”, I mean me.  Consider yourselves my proverbial priests, while I give you a full confessional.  I’ll give you a play by play of the carnage.

My first mistake was going out Friday night.  I knew I had a party lined up the next night, yet I couldn’t wait.  I didn’t go too crazy and I ate well (I was a good girl and ordered chipotle tacos with meat, lettuce, salsa, and that’s it, and that was the worst thing food-wise I had all day), but there was definitely whiskey involved.  And I was up until almost 5am.  And I skipped the DDR part of my workout.  Mostly because I was sore and wanted to die, but partly because I didn’t have time – friends were already over and food was sitting on the counter after Jillian kicked my butt.

My second mistake was sleeping in Saturday, lazing around, and then having to run all over town getting things for my costume.  I missed my sixth day of Shred.  Six days is more than I usually do, but considering 2 of those days were only 20 min shred workouts, I still owed myself a workout.  And I didn’t do it.

My third mistake was following my advice for parties – I had a very small and what I thought was filling snack before I headed out, but I guess a gardenburger wasn’t enough.  I was so seriously hungry I downed an OBSCENE amount of junk food there because I was STARVING.  On top of that, I could only obtain a one liter of diet soda and had to move on after that to sugared punch and soda.  Ugh.

My fourth mistake was lunch on Sunday.  It wasn’t that it was so unhealthy – it was just so BAD.  We went to try out what we thought was a new soup and salad bar, but it ended up being more of a straight buffet, and probably the worst one in town we’ve had thus far.  Everything was fatty and greasy and bleh (except that salad, that was alright- but the topping bar was pretty small).

My fifth mistake?  Not making up my skipped workout on Sunday.  I had convinced myself somehow that I should rest today so I didn’t tire myself out, but I think it was more about the hangover.  I usually punish myself by working through hangovers but not so much yesterday.

My sixth and final nail in the coffin was dinner.  Calorie-wise, I was a freaking saint.  We got chinese takeout and I had wonton soup, veggie delight, and one bite of orange chicken.  And about half a cup of rice.  The problem is – I ended up with a gigantic portion of the wonton soup + broth and it was especially salty, so I am Bloaty McBalloonperson today.

I will say some good things about this weekend though:

1.  I didn’t partake of the late night fast food runs either night.  I had a few fries off Zliten’s plate Friday but that’s it.

2.  I did dance my ass of for a while at the party Saturday.  Plus I was shopping for 3 hours – shopping is cardio, right?

3.  I made good food choices with what I had to work with Sunday.  I went for non fried stuff (minus one small taste of fried fish which was honestly the best thing on the buffet :P) and loaded up on veggies and non-sauce covered protein.  Chinese, I ate probably just about the lowest calorie foods on the menu and was actually pretty satisfied with what I got instead of feeling diet-punished.

However, the truth is today the scale is saying unthinkable things that I am going to throw out as a mulligan.  I’ll give myself a day or 2 being healthy to detox and I should be back in business.  The problem: I have just about the same weekend to face next weekend.  I have high hopes going into each weekend and then it all falls apart.  It’s one hundred percent my fault.  While I’d love to get persnickety about people around me not being the best influences and yadda yadda yadda, I am the one making the choices.  I am the one who controls my destiny.

I am the one who had to have her heart jump out of her chest practically today because of what she saw on the scale.  Yeah, it was that ridiculous.  Who gains seven lbs in 2 days?  That would be me, people.  I am really going to have to get it together if I want to accomplish project: the last effing 20 lbs.

But really, all I can do is analyze, figure out how to be better next time, and move on.  So that I will.  This week, I will stop letting those close to me be enablers.  If I choose to go out drinking and find myself hungry because of it, fuck it.  Being hungry is not the worst thing in the world.  If I have the strength to run a half marathon, and the capability to come up with a training plan – I can figure this out.  I’m not a dumb bunny, but I sure played one this weekend.

So, I guess here is last week by the numbers:

Monday: under 1400 1500 calories, Shred Lvl 1, 30 mins DDR 5k run (had an itch to run, so I ran instead)

Tuesday: under 1400 1500 calories, Shred Lvl 1, 5k run 30 mins DDR (switched from Monday, and at lower intensity than normal because – um, sore!)

Wednesday: under 1400 1500 calories, Shred Level 1, 30 mins DDR yoga (was about to die from soreness so I yoga’d out)

Thursday: under 1400 1500 calories, Shred Level 1, 5 mile run 5k run (just didn’t have a 5 miler in me)

Friday: under 1500 1700 calories, Shred Level 1

Saturday: healthy eating until the Halloween party, Shred Level 1

Sunday: under 1500 calories (who knows), rest

So this week is:

Monday: under 1400 calories, Shred Lvl 1, 30 mins DDR

Tuesday: under 1400 calories, Shred Lvl 2, 5 mile run

Wednesday: under 1400 calories, Shred Level 2, yoga

Thursday: under 1400 calories, Shred Level 2, 5k run

Friday: under 1500 calories, Shred Level 2, 30 mins DDR

Saturday: under 2000 calories, Shred Level 2, yoga

Sunday: under 1500 calories, rest

So yes, pretty much a do-over of last week, and moving up to level 2 of the Shred.  Since this post is already looking to be like a novel, I’ll talk more about the shred and other random stuff tomorrow.

How was your weekend?  Anyone else want to pull up a chair to the confessional?  If you had a saintly weekend, wanna give me some tips? 🙂

Monday, Day 8, 3 Days to Vegas

OMG, it’s all happening.  I’m just so ready to be on the plane and have everything, for the most part, out of my hands and done.  Only 3 more days of work left.

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, you can’t eat (or at least I can’t eat) 1200-1300 calories all the time.  That’s ok.  I don’t think that’s really good for one’s well being anyway.  Thursday, the stress of the week got to me and I had some cocktails on the patio.  Friday night, I had this INSATIABLE craving for pizza, and between dinner and breakfast/lunch on Saturday, Zliten and I polished off a medium (which is, IMO, extremely responsible pizza eating).  There may have been some baked chicken wings too, but I’m not telling.

Then Saturday night was our friend’s son’s birthday dinner – and their mom (an awesome gourmet chef) was cooking.  She’s only in town a few times a year, and you just don’t refuse it.  It is buttery, salty love.  We headed over and there was homemade appetizer “pizza”  (dough brushed with olive oil and garlic, cheese, and the most amazing tomatoes and peppers).  Then dinner was roasted pork shoulder, some sort of barley side dish, asparagus, and blt salad (just like it sounds – lettuce with hunks of tomato, bacon, and some sort of homemade thousand-ish dressing).  Then for desert, no churn super chocolate homemade icecream with homemade whipped cream on top.  And to top it off, some more whiskey.

Then, the next day, Zliten was getting angry about his taco craving so we went to mexican and split a plate of fajitas.  By the end of the day, I put my foot down and made a big batch of chicken tortilla soup so I could have a nice, lo cal dinner.  As horrible as it all sounds, I did watch my portions pretty well and didn’t go nuts on anything.  I didn’t mention the fruits and veggies I squeezed in.  Of course I could have done better but I could have done way worse so no guilt here!

I also did not exercise at all.  So for those of you counting last week, it was DDR and weights on Tuesday and Thursday, and recreational dance on Wednesday.  I guess you can count a ridiculous amount of running around stores doing errands Saturday, but I don’t.  Oddly enough, it felt good and natural and neither my mind nor body was screaming for me to get my ass up off the couch and do things.  My weight was also the lowest it’s been in months on average.  Therefore, it was totally deserved and good for me.

Here’s the stats-

Calories in for the week:

1271, 1275, 1278, 1451, 1392, 2208, 1494.  Average = 1481 per day

Calories out for the week:

700, 300, 700  = 1700 Average = 242 per day

Average net calories for the week: 1239.

Weight: low = 152.4, high = 155.2

Hey, hey.  I felt like I did NOTHING for the week.  I knew it was good for me, but I felt like a lump on a log taking 3 WHOLE DAYS OFF IN A ROW.  Getting used to eating so low on weekdays was a little stressful, but the fact that I was able to let loose over the weekend and still pull those numbers – I like it.

I HAVE to do a little more with my workouts this week.  Just a little.  Tonight is a private dance lesson, I am doing weights again on Tuesday and Thursday, and I am going to try to do 30 mins cardio on Tues/Wed/Thurs since I plan to just not even worry about it once I get on the plane.  I’m packing workout clothes and I have shoes that I could hop on the elliptical with, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen.  I had great fantasies of starting my wedding day with a nice early-morning run, but now that my hair has to be at least a day old, I think I’m going to refrain from sweating that day, thxuverymuch…

When I return, I think I’m going to keep on this (1200 during the weekdays when I can stand it, a little more on the weekends, lighter on the exercise) until I start half training again.

Wedding Stuff:

I think I can ease up on the bullet points.  I’m now down to just a few items left on my to-do list.  Here’s the updates:

Hair and makeup are settled.  I was able to find a perfect lipstick (for 7 bucks), and after much ado… I decided I’m going to wear my hair completely down, with a big orange flower poking out the side.  The method to my madness is that I’m going to wash it the day before, apply mousse for volume, dry it straight, and then use the flat iron and some de frizzy stuff to tame it.  Then the morning of, I’m going to flat iron and de friz again, and then use  big curling iron and make some waves, and spray it so it holds.

The reason I went with it that way – I kept trying these elaborate styles that looked great from some angles and not from others, or they were REALLY prone to looking good for a little while and then they’d be in danger of falling out.  I didn’t want to spend the day worrying about what my hair was doing.  I did a half up do which I was somewhat happy with and showed Zliten and he liked it well enough, and then I took it all down, stuck a flower in it, and left to go party.  After hitting the bathroom, I realized I really liked what was there.  I asked Zliten what he thought and he said he liked my hair best right then out of anything I showed him.  And really, who do I want to look pretty for on my wedding day?  My groom, of course.  And I can’t say that I’m unhappy that it’s low maintenance – my makeup routine takes about 10-15 minutes, and now my hair the day of should take about 20 max.  I’m still going to leave myself 2 hours, but it’s nice to know that it should take me less than an hour to go from 0 to bride.

The reception timeline and music are pretty much settled.  I’m going to spend the rest of the week paring down the playlists as I have about 5 hours of dinner music and 5 hours of dancing music.  Considering we’ve got a 4 hour reception in total, that’s too much.  Might as well pick the stuff I really like so it has a better chance of being played.  The master of ceremonies has been notified with the timeline and what to do.  I think we’re pretty set here!

Centerpieces have been drama but it’s all better now.  We went and looked at craft stores, and I found the PERFECT 7 dollar candle holder.  Then, I talked to Zliten’s mom and she offered to pick them up and bring them since they are driving.  THEN, she couldn’t find them at their local store and went around looking for other things but to no avail.  I was bummed.  Then, I went online yesterday and found out I could order them from the website for FIVE bucks each and rush shipping was only 10 bucks more.  So for 70 bucks, the centerpieces are dealt with (I even ordered 2 extra in case something broke).

Lets see, what else… The guest book and the parents gifts are taken care of.  I got some REALLY SEXY dancing shoes that cost 60 bucks, but I will SO wear again.  They are silver and sparkly and strappy and hawt and COMFY (ok, so they’re not tennis shoes but I walk and dance my way around the house for 10 minutes and not want to rip them off).  I was going to post pictures but you will just have to wait!  I did my nails and am very happy with the color (sort of an orange-y coral color – not orange enough to scream halloween, but not pink enough to make me vomit).  I did the great eyebrow pluck and since I forced myself to be patient and go slow, I’m VERY happy with the results, just gonna do one more retouch one morning when I see if there are any stray hairs I missed.  Our private dance lesson is today and after that I think we’ll be prepped to dance!

The only thing left really is to pack.  I’ve started a list but didn’t actually get to taking stuff and putting it in bags.  That’s tonight, I believe.  So much stuff, so little bag space. 🙂

It is all happening.  Crazy!  I’m much more excited than stressed/nervous now, so I’m liking that.  See you lovelies tomorrow.

Happy Monday?

Today is a good day.  It’s Zliten’s first day at his new job, things around the office are pretty optimistic for a Monday, the weather is supposed to be under 100 all this week (and it looks like I can try running outside in the mornings again!!!), and I weigh 157.4 lbs.

Taking my cookies? Nooooo....

What?  Yeah, you read that right.  2.4 lbs over the “oh shit” weight again.  It was the best of weekends, it was the worst of weekends.  I didn’t do too bad calorie-wise overall, but I did put down over 50 of the swimmy suckers at Red Lobster’s all you can eat shrimp fest thing.  Mostly grilled, and I balanced it with a salad and steamed broccoli as my side (and only had ONE biscuit), and balanced it out with a super healthy and light dinner, but still.  1300+ calories in one meal is not good for anyone.  Then, I went to go see the movie District 9.  Anyone that’s seen it will realize how awesome that is – and I had no idea – those just ended up being my plans for the day knowing very little about the movie.

However, I’ll turn this into an opportunity to conquer mental madness about the scale.  I got back on the thing every morning last week.  Much better than gingerly putting one toe on twice a week, worrying about how it affects my mood.  This, in and of itself, is a big victory, my friends.  I haven’t been afraid of my skinny jeans either, and honestly, 5 lbs of fluctuation isn’t really making or breaking how hott I feel unless I let the mental shit get to me.

Another victory – after eating that big ass meal, I spent about an hour on the couch letting it settle.  After that, I started getting antsy, almost like I had a bunch of caffeine.  I just had to get my hiney up and do a nice long workout.  Not because I felt guilty, not because it was a scheduled day to do such a thing, but because I was full of ENERGY.  One super positive thing about going through half marathon training is that my body no longer shuts down after a huge meal.  It goes “WHEEEE, now we have a ton of fuel, let’s go let’s go, let’s gogogogogogo!”  I definitely wasn’t up for a 12 mile run or anything, but a super hard DDR 20 song course and a nice long strength set fit the bill.

So after much ado – here are the numbers.

Calories in: 1868 (1768 + 100 for “inflation”) per day.

Calories out: 483 per day.

Total deficit: 639 per day or 4473 this week.

Weight: 153.8 low weight (Wednesday), 157.4 high weight (Sunday).

So honestly – my body is just rebelling right now because it’s the end of my TOM and I typically gain weight over the course of those 5-ish days anyway, and I had a bunch of crappy food this weekend.  I should normalize pretty quickly this week.  I’d love to see a weight by the end of the week in the 152’s but I won’t hold my breath.  Unless somehow holding my breath will help me lose weight… then I’m game.

So the plan for this week?  I think I might just give the 4 workout week a try again.  Since I did weights yesterday, I can’t go back to my original plan, but here is what I’m gonna try:

Sesame Street is apparently getting edgier these days...

Sesame Street is apparently getting edgier these days...

Today: 6 mile treadmill, yoga

Tuesday: all out 5k in the morning, 15 mins arc trainer and weights at gym after work

Thursday: 15 mins cybil and weights before work, 5k with timed mile in the middle (7:30 mile, perhaps?) after work

Saturday: 60 mins DDR, yoga, home weights (yeah, this is a little ridiculous but…)

Depending on my time and the temperature, the Tu/Th workouts might rearrange but it will all get in there…

The funny thing is that when I started these in December ’08, I remember looking at the sheer amount of workout each day and freaking out.  Now, I’m looking at the sheer amount of days off and freaking out.  Three whole days off?  What on earth to do with them?  Can I resist the urge to squeeze in workouts on my days off?  What if I decide to go on a bike adventure or dancing or roller skating?  Is that ok?  Before, I pretty much worked out and planted my ass on the couch with exhaustion the rest of the time.  Now I’ve gotten used to the 6-7 day a week plan of moving a little/lot each day.  I really like it.  I think this is going to DEFINITELY be part of my regular maintenance plan once I’m done losing during my racing off season time.  However, my body seemed to previously respond better weight loss-wise to big long marathon sessions, so I’m to give it another try this week.

The other thing that makes me curious is I was eating a LOT less back then.  About 1500 average instead of my 1700+ average now.  I wonder if I should cut my calories a little.  I do also run and lift a bit harder now (+ calorie burn), but I’m also thinner (-calorie burn).  DO WANT a pocket trainer/nutritionist that will work for hugs and tell me what to do, plz.  Since I don’t have that, all I can do is give it a try and see what it does to my appetite.  It looks like it will be about the same calorie burn I’m doing now.  I think I’ll monitor how much EXTRA activity I’m getting outside of these 4 days as well as my appetite and let that be my guide.

Can’t think of much else to yak about, so I think I’ll just get down to it.  My goal is to be a very, very good girl until Saturday night, as that is my bachelorette party and I have a feeling that (rightfully so) caution will be thrown to the wind and partying my face off.  I’ve just been told a time and a place to be, and requested that we do some dancing.  Other than that, it’s all a surprise!  Scary fun.  Bachelorette party stories?  Wanna comment on my workout plan?  I love me some comments!

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