Just dropping a note on zee blogity blog to let everyone know that I’m not dead (yet).  I have instead been incredibly busy this week with work and then busy this weekend being out and about and just generally not home or near the internets, but let me summarize the way things are:

Birthday Presents:

Both our parents gave us decent amounts of cash for our birthdays (Zliten’s is next Saturday, the big 3-0 as well), so after contemplation, we decided to spend the dinero on bikes.  Zlitens will mostly be used for errand running and generally getting around town places that are farther than a walk and not so far that he needs a car.  Mine is for varying my workouts, maaaaaybe someday when I’m comfortable with big bad streets with lots of traffic commuting to work, and having at least the rudimentary tools to do a du/triathalon or a bike race someday.

We checked out bikes today, and I was scared – I haven’t ridden in about 16 years.  Believe it or not, it IS actually like riding a bike.  I was a little shakey at first and will DEFINITELY need to spend some time just on neighborhood streets, but I didn’t fall or feel completely ackward!  Now, the dilemma: do I go for the cheapest bike possible and switch out the seat and see if I use it, go for the top of the line big store brand which was totally comfortable and I really really really liked, or go for a used local bike shop bike that felt pretty comfortable (minus the seat), which was rideable and tuned up by pros but looked kinda ragged.  I am contemplating this today/this week and will probably buy next weekend.

Zliten got me some awesome things like a shoe wallet, a blinky running light for when I go at night, silly string, some beads, and apparently he thinks I’m T-riffic, or at least the card said so…


Work has been stressful, hectic, and crazy, but strangely invigorating.  I forgot what it was like to actually be working towards a deadline and not just standing over people going “are you done yet are you done yet are you done yet”.  We pretty much made it with flying colors and now are diving in immediately to the next one.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be sad or happy when things go back to normal.  That being said, expect posts to be a bit scarce next week as well – I’ll be at the studio away from the internet during the day, and session days take a lot out of me.  I usually come home after my workouts and drool and say non-sensical things at inanimate objects and make funny face.  Hey, it’s a living.

First Week:

I’m looking to be coming in around 11000 calories.  More than normal.  Birthday dinner, cheese fries and whiskey, bbq, and margaritas happened.  However, there is no need for me to have any shame, I just need to do approximately 50 more minutes of cardio next week.  I actually did 50 more minutes of cardio THIS week just out of habit of “omg, ate too much, need to workout more”, but I’m gonna do what I said I’d do!  Pretty much, this will involve me adding an extra day that I’d usually take off and a short run and some DDR.  No biggie.

The only problem is – that combined with some morning workouts have made me the hungry monster.  I found things that normally fill me up… this week they are just *not enough*.  Especially the days I worked out before work.  I needed MUCH more food after those workouts.  Oh well, it will sort itself out eventually.  I think I might get death stares from the Zliten if I start doing more hours at the gym than I was previously, but maybe not once we get our super awesome bikes and can bike together!

I did run another 10k this weekend, and this time outside!  I was totally lagging by the end of it so it’s not a comfortable distance yet but I made it!  Debating on a 10k at the end of this month (official race) but still not crazy about the idea until I run a few more.

That’s it, thats all!  Back to margarita drinking in the backyard.  Hey, they’re sugar free! That makes it ok…