But it actually involved me getting pictures off the camera which I am too much of a lazy butt to do, so here is a picture of our iguana eating.  Nom nom nom!  So cute!

And because we spent too much money on all things ‘guana related, here is our Christmas tree.  Just as good, me thinks!  I’ve never been a huge Christmas nut, but I love the lights and sparkles.  So this is the best parts of the tree without the mess or cost!  This is Zliten’s creation he surprised me with when I came home last night…

It’s been a weird week, but not such a weird experience as Wednesday.  I got into the shower after my workout and a spider fell from the ceiling, bit me on the belly button, and then fell into the water and died a quick liquidy death.  Zliten was a little worried about how big it swelled at first, but then it stopped so we were happy and danced.  I am just waiting for my super spidey powers to develop.  Though I did feel like I handled the conference call with our president on sound stuff very well this week.  Maybe…too well.  Though “confidence in dealing with superiors” would be a useful superpower, I still think I’d prefer flying.

Anywho, campers, have a wonderful weekend, mine is looking to be full of relaxing and finishing up Christmas shopping, and hopefully winning at poker on Saturday!