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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Out Living

I remember when I was 16, I spent a large amount of my time sitting in coffee shops, drinking pots full of the stuff, smoking cigarettes, and writing with my friends and musing about life.  I spent many-a-night that way.  Then, I realized – I was so busy writing about life, I wasn’t really out there experiencing it.  And so I went and experienced, and it was good!  I have always written, but it ebbs and flows.  Right now, it’s not flowing, so it’s definitely ebbing.

I guess my point is – things is crazy busy-like this week, and I have a pretty full weekend planned too, so I’m going to be on blog-atus until at least Tuesday.  This week I’ve ran a lot, celebrated birthdays, attended an ambassadorial mission to consume hors derves and makers mark, tried to learn how to be a decent wingman (and failed pretty badly), recorded a lot of peoples making purdy noises into the microphone, and today I just barely have a moment to plant my keister on the couch with my laptop and relax.  And it’s not even the weekend, where I start with my first double digit run (10 miles) before work and then have plans to hit the new bar for happy hour so I can be in their commercial, Saturday is shopping with a girlfriend to save her from other not-so-fun plans, Sunday is an epic trail ride and parental fun time, and Monday is a BBQ and a Yelp elite event at the wine bar with yummy food and wine.  I’m both exhausted and excited just thinking about it!

I don’t normally like to use this blog as a “this is what I did today/this week/etc” type place, but considering I’ve got too much going on to be super introspective, this is what you get this week.  Take it or leave it.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend and get out there and live.  Do something awesome, something you’ve been putting off, or just something fun that you can talk about around the water cooler (does anyone actually do that anymore) on  Tuesday.  The only thing stopping you is you.


Half Marathon Training, Between Week 7 and 8


Half Marathon Training, Between Week 8 and 9


  1. Works for me! I really need to be better about allowing myself to take a blog-cation… Have a great weekend!

  2. cat

    Oh sounds like a fun collection of days!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time!

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