Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

In like a lion…

…and hopefully out like one too!  I’m feeling more optimistic, more hopeful, and more… ready to take on the week than I have in a while.  I’m sure it certainly helped that I got in a FULL workout this morning.  I set some other things in motion this weekend that made me feel like less of a waste of space.  I exercised a little bit more control than usual.  And this morning, I am rewarded.  Let’s break it down…

Doctor doctor:

I went in and got the blood work done – and pretty much everything showed up in the normal range!  My overall cholesterol is 142, my fasting sugars are in the 90s, everything seems to be rockin’.  The only two things that showed up ever so slightly outside were my white blood cell count (slightly low) and the size of my red blood cells (slightly larger).  Apparently it was not anything to worry about, as they didn’t call me in to have a follow up, so I can rest assured that I am in good condition and rock and roll with my life.

When We Pretend That We’re Shred(ed):

Currently listening to L7 right now, so I had to go there (if you get it, YAY!).  Ok, soooo… I shredded 5 times again last week.  And life went on.  I did level 1 on Monday and did level 2 the rest of the week.  I’m not sure if it was that level 2 is actually EASIER or that going from just regular weight training to level 1 was just so much more of a system shock than level 1 to level 2 (I’m guessing that’s it), but I was just fine this week.  The two days of rest started me out fresh, and while I definitely felt it working, I was not cripplingly sore.  The lunge/squat and hold seems to not affect my legs as much as the in and out of it motion.  The cardio I can tell is a little harder (though honestly – it’s still tame compared to speedwork/sprints/just about anything else I do).  The abs – I’m torn.  I’m again less sore than I was last week but I feel like it’s being worked pretty well so I’ll call it a tie.

I am still going to call it a great little workout if all I had was a half hour from start to finish, and much better “bang for the buck” strength training than my home strength workout that I’ve been doing for over a year now, but it will not be replacing my cardio any time soon.

Week In Review:

It was an interesting week.

Monday I just shredded and curled up on the couch and died (<3 u TOM).  I also ate only about 1250 calories.

Tuesday I shredded and ran a fairly fast paced 5k, and ate around 1450.

Wednesday, I shredded, did a few DDR songs, and then went on a 30 minute walk with Zliten, and ate about 1600 calories (there may have been a margarita, oopsie).

Thursday, I shredded WAY early before the vampires got my blood to test, and then ATTEMPTED a 5 mile run and my shoes died on me 3.5 miles in.  I walked about 1 mile between my warmup and getting home (of course they died on the FURTHEST point of my running course away from my house), so I think it was 4.6 in all.  I ate about 1500 calories.

Friday, I got revenge by buying new shoes, shredding, and then rocking the 5 miles (5.3, actually).  I ate a very healthy and lo cal breakfast and lunch (and then oops, forgot to track the rest of the weekend), and then snacked and indulged in some rum at night.  I had INTENDED to actually order a garden burger and/or a salad at least at the bar, but I just ended up not being hungry enough to order my own food.  Until about 3am, when I put the kiebash on food and resolved to just eat an early breakfast/lunch.

Saturday, I rested.  Rum + no real dinner = headache.  I snacked on very healthy stuff for breakfast/lunch (gardenburger, fruit, pistachios, popcorn) and then went with the parents out to dinner.  I had a filet mignon, broccoli, and a salad with just a little bit of dressing.  HOWEVER, I also had a roll or two.  Then – we went out for Halloween and there was beer and snackies and I partook.  But a lot less stupidly than last weekend.

Sunday, I erranded.  We had mexican (which was not SUPER healthy but I did ok) for lunch and then got shopping and other randomness done, so while I didn’t get a workout, I definitely didn’t sit on my ass until after dinner, which was a healthy whole wheat spaghetti, super lean ground beef and meat sauce, with green pepper, onion, and broccoli.  I had some frozy pineapple for desert along with 2 pumpkin spice kisses (um, yeah…can you say LOVE)

So the verdict?   I slacked over the weekend a bit sure, but I didn’t go as nuts.  I got more rest than normal.  I didn’t track or weigh this weekend.  My high weight last week?  Let’s not even go there.  My second highest weight? 158.8.  Yeah.  My low weight of the week?  155.2.  Where am I starting this week? 156.2.  For that, I say yippee, as it’s the lowest Monday weight since before the wedding.

The plan going forward = lots of morning workouting due to the time change.  Trying to have a pretty lean and mean calorie week.  Otherwise, it should look berry, berry familiar.

Monday: shred level 2 and 30 mins DDR in the morning, 1400 or less calories.

Tuesday: 5 mile run in the morning, shred level 2 at night, 1400 or less calories.

Wednesday: shred level 3 and yoga in the morning, 1400 or less calories.

Thursday: shred and 5k in the morning, 1400 or less calories.

Friday: shred level 3 and 30 mins DDR in the morning, 1500 or less calories.

Saturday: CLEANING. 1500 or less calories.

Sunday: rest or bike adventure.   1500 or 2000 calories or less depending.

We have planned a MELLOW week after the last few of crazy parties and general revelry.  I am looking forward to it.  I know by Friday/Saturday I might start feeling a little lame/cabin fever-y, but I think it’s for my own good.


Well, this sure snuck up on me.  I had decided to participate and was going to write out an outline and then life got hectic and holy geez, yesterday was November 1st!  I had 1667 words to write!

So I’ve determined that this month, my house is either going to get super clean and everything on my to do list is going to get done due to procrastination, or I’m going to write an effing novel.  Blogging, I can bust out 1600 words in an hour while twirling a plate with one hand and directing an orchestra with the other while the house crashes to the ground around me.  Fiction writing, I need a bit more order.  We had to lunch.  Then errands.  Then groceries.  Then laundry.  Then other stuff.  Once I got everything else settled and felt ready to write it was almost 9pm!

However, once I was in the zone, I rocked it.  I got 1677 words done, and it’s not horrible.  I am torn between coming up with a plan for the novel and just letting it flow.  It’s sort of a fictional adaptation of earlier parts of my life (write what you know, right?), so it’s already has a shell of a story so it’s not as if I’ve just created some random characters meandering around my head.  I think I will try tonight to just continue the flow tonight and not worry about more structure until I get stuck.

That’s about it for update Monday.  Send me good thoughts this week so I can rock out the rest of the week and maybe start seeing more of those lovely low 150s.  Who out there is doing NaNoWriMo?  Anyone shredding?  What’s new and exciting in November?


Happy Halloween!


This Is How I Do It…


  1. I am doing NaBloPoMo (post one blog each day for one month), if that counts. We will see how that goes!

    Way to keep yourself in check! Keep rockin’ it!

  2. syl

    isn’t it great to go to the doctor and have everything come back great!

    Good job!

  3. syl

    oh and 150 vibes to you 🙂 I know you will get there, can’t wait for the “I did it” post 🙂

  4. oh wow! had to look up NaNoWriMo. I would love to participate but I really have so much on my plate right now. (with studying for my PTC’s and whatnot) I’ll follow someone else’s lead and write a blog a day all month 😀 that I can make sure I get in!

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