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5 Random Things

Since no one has submitted a question for me to answer – and by the way, if you want me to give my unfair and biased opinion on something, please comment below… or if you’re shy, you can email me at pinksparkly at –  I’m all about the 5 random things today.

1.  I can’t lie.  I’m getting a little bummed.  I still have a cough – it’s actually worse today.  My nose is a little stuffy (though it’s totally tolerable).  My throat is tickly from all the phlegm (I know, TMI and gross, but whatever).  My body is stiff.  I am totally not having the week before the race that I wanted.  I’m going to roll with it though.  In the next two days, as long as I can get rid of the cough, I’ll be happy.  I’ve run through allergies, and the nose dries up after a mile or two.  Sore throat just means that I need to DEFINITELY bring my camelback to stay hydrated.  I’m pretty sure this is the worst of the aches and as long as I yoga, rest, and maybe do a easy, easy run either tomorrow or Saturday.  Send me good, healing vibes please!

2.  That being said – my new main goal is a PR.  Something better than 2:16.  Sure, I’m going to start out at my intended pace, but I will self correct as needed.  While I keep having visions of seeing 1:56 as I come into the finish line (which doesn’t even make sense because it’s a big race and I won’t get across the line for at least a few minutes…) but I can be a realist.  Sub-2 hours was going to be an awesome challenge completely healthy, but it will be like climbing Mount Everest sick.  I’m up for the challenge though if my body can take it.

3.  It has been so crappy weather-wise this week (for Austin at least).  It’s barely made it out of the 40s, and been cloudy and/or rainy most of the time.  The one day it was sunny it was soooo damn cold it didn’t really help.  We’re still rolling without central heat until the tax credit thing kicks in, so it’s always fun to get home from work and have the house be in the upper 50s.  I am STOKED that this weekend it looks like it’s going to give the rain a rest and the race should at least be in the 40s, and be up into the 60s.

4.  Work is still going good, I am happily challenged and busy!  I haven’t really done a video game or industry post – because, well frankly, I’ve been very occupied (happily) with things at work, and my head has been all running all the time outside of it (I mean, I do have a little race I kinda have been training for, and my body has kinda decided to go poop on me).  I have a few posts on the horizon, but they require brain power.  Not fueled-by-NyQuil power.  So next week, hopefully!

5.  Valentine’s Day is Sunday.  We are totally not v-day people, and considering it’s my race day, it’s a good thing.  We usually have a tradition where the night before, one of us cooks for each other, and the day of, the other one cooks for…uh…the other one (the NyQuil is beginning to kick in)?  This year, due to it being the craziest weekend evar, we are putting it off until next week.  Trying to decide what to request.  Last year, I got a delicious crab boil.  In the next few days we have plans to eat steak, lobster, and crab, so I need to get creative.

So, wish me luck and send healing thoughts my way.  I’ll post as soon as I have my wits about me after the race, but if you want to follow me on twitter (quixotique), I’ll definitely let you know sooner.  So – do you have any random questions you want me to answer?  What would you request if you could have someone cook you dinner and you could have anything you wanted?


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  1. MizFit

    GOOOOOOD LUCK and happy healing thoughts.

    and a perfectly grilled petite filet 🙂

  2. Manu

    I’m sure you’ll be ready to kick booty at the race!

  3. You will do fabulous! I just got back from NY this morning and am glad to be catching up with everyone!

  4. I am sending you TONS of healing vibes!!! Have a great race!

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