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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

No Rest For The Wicked

I feel like a bit of a wuss.

I used to work way more than 50 hours per week.  Regularly.  10 hours per day of being at work was like a vacation to me.  I regularly logged into work from home on a weekend – sometimes from the time I woke up until the time I went home.  Quality time with Zliten was often while making items, writing quests, crafting producer letters, or tweaking raid content.  He watched a whole anime SERIES one week hanging out with me in the office while I was working.  This was JUST the time outside of my 40+ hours I worked from home that week.

Now, I’m just used to having a life.  Those extra two hours per day REALLY cuts into my social life and workout time during the week.  I had to keep an eye on my email Saturday and do a little work from home on Sunday and geez it felt weird, uncomfortable, and today I feel as if I didn’t have a full weekend.  Crazy.  They say that alcoholics are one beer away from a relapse – so perhaps I am one VPN and weekend work session away from not having a thought outside my job, but I don’t think so.  It would take something major – and outside this said something of catastrophic proportions, I think I am cured, y’all.

However, this doesn’t solve the other problem.  We’re heading into Week 3 of project: lose the fluff, Week 4 of project: ship the little deliverable that could, and I’m TIRED.   But as they say, no rest for the wicked.

Last Week:

I won’t get into it like I did last Monday, simply because I didn’t keep a detailed journal of my feelings.  I did track fairly thoroughly each day on Daily Burn, so I’ll just summarize.


Ate: 1653 calories (Goal was 1700).  Pretty much exactly how and as much I’m supposed to eat.  I had a REALLY rough go of it that day and was starving pretty much all day until after dinner.  I think it was because I had spent the weekend trying to cut (food, not alcohol) calories real low.  One day of good nutritious eating fixed it though.  Day 1 of getting up SUPER early (7:30 or before) to be home by 6 to give the leezard pain meds.

Exercise: 464 calories burnt (goal was 500) burnt: DDR for 30 mins and then an ab workout.

Total intake: 1189


Ate: 1610 calories (goal was 1700).  Just didn’t really have the oomph or desire to eat more, even though I didn’t reach my goal and I even burned more calories than I meant to – although my lunch MAY have been 100 calories more (after I tracked I looked around and it said 500 some places and 600 elsewhere, so there).  Day 2 of getting up super early (7:30), more leezard pain meds.

Exercise: 565 calories burnt (goal was 500).  Meant to do a 4.5 mile run, ended up doing 5.25.  Was just too nice and was rolling sans garmin so I didn’t map my run until after.

Total Intake: 1045 (oops – now I *hope* those lettuce wraps were 600 calories)


Ate: 1693 calories (goal was 1600).  Made the mistake of a fairly small lunch, fairly small dinner, and got SUPER snacky late at night.  Considering my burn was a little over though, I’m not complaining, it worked out.  Day 3 of getting up early (7:30), we were SUPPOSED to have a 7pm trivia date but it got canceled.

Exercise: 464 calories burnt.  DDR and an ab and arm workout I found online.

Total Intake: 1229


Ate: 1734 calories (goal was 1600).  A *little* more of the sauce that day than I would have liked.  Like a MORON, stayed up until 4am drinking.  I was SURE we would have to work this weekend and figured I’d have my fun that night – then the next day found out, of course, that it was not to be.  Oh well.

Exercise: 464 calories (goal was 400) burnt.  3.5 mile run, and since I did it on the treadmill, I was able to count my warmup and cooldown in the burn so it’s a little more accurate.  I think the treadmill overestimates about 5 calories per mile, but in the grand scheme of things, who cares?

Total Intake: 1270


Ate: 1443 calories.  I just could NOT keep it to 1200 that day (the goal).  My body just won’t run on that few calories anymore.  I think I’m going to have to modify the goal on non-workout days to be a little more reasonable (1300-1400).

Exercised: NADA.  Nothing.  My only rest day and I sat on the couch.  Bliss!

Total Intake: 1443


Ate: 2123 calories.  Goal: 1800.  Oops.   I made the mistake of doing a kick ass workout and then heading RIGHT to lunch at a mexican restaurant.  My appetite was KILLER right then and I devoured half a basket of chips and a full plate of chicken fajitas – so over 1k calories by 1pm.  I had a fairly lo cal dinner, but then some drinks and was STARVING again later and had some not so healthy munchies.  Meh. I didn’t think I was quite this over.

Exercise: 665 calories burned.  1 mile run to the gym, arms, 1 mile on treadmill, abs, 1 mile on treadmill, legs, 1 mile run home.  Felt like a lot more, honestly, so I might not be so off (50 mins of weights was probably more than 235 calories simply because my heartrate was up from the mile runs each time).  Loved this workout, especially the run home in the sprinkling rain.

Total Intake: 1458


Ate: 1628 calories (goal was 1800).  Made it a goal to be reasonable at the italian buffet, and mostly succeeded.  Loaded up on roasted veggies and while I did consume some gloriously greasy pesto pasta, I did stick to ONE scoop of ice cream and some fruit for desert.  I feel like I done good – both in the preparing for and executing on today.  I did not particularly LIKE snacking all evening instead of eating a small and healthy dinner, but my parents were around til 10pm and it was snack or starve…

Exercise: 600 – 1 hour DDR.  I would have normally taken it easier today, but the whole italian buffet thing… I’m very glad I did what I did.

Total Intake: 1028 (another oops but after the day before… balances out).

So, here we go with the weeklies:

Consumed Avg per day: 1697

Burned Avg per day: 460

Net Intake per day: 1237

Avg Deficit per day: 563 (resulting in just over 1 lb loss, potentially)

Weight this morning: 159.4 (net loss, 1.8 lbs)

Soooo…I’m doing something right.  Haven’t started a week under 160 in quite a while.  Is this process kind of annoying and painful and rigid and I wish I could just *be*?  Sure.  Is it finally working in a way nothing else has?  Hell yes.  So on it I will stay.  1.8 lbs lost BOTH WEEKS and very similar net calories?  Looks like consistency to me, friends.  I do believe I’ve got a little of that so called MOMENTUM and I just need to keep rolling and not put down the brakes.

More later about this week’s plan… today’s pics by Graph Jam.


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  2. Nice. Hang on to that momentum!

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