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Oh-oh, Halfway There

So it’s July, and that means the year is half over (huh?  how the heck did that happen?  someone tell me…), so that means it’s time to take stock of how I’m doing on this year’s goals.

1.  This is the most important and different one for me – for one year, I am going to not attempt to lose weight.  As long as I maintain under 155, I’m going to put any pressure on myself to take off weight.  I’m going to focus on my running, and continuing to eat healthy.  This break really put into perspective how healthy I usually eat – I’m not eating horribly at all, but I’ve been feeling blech from eating not homecooked food for most meals and the sweet crap around the house (popcorn, almond roca, truffles, etc etc).  Now, if I *do* take off weight somehow, I’m not going to be opposed to it, but the biggest present I’m giving to myself this year is the gift of stepping on the scale, and not wanting to be less than I am, for once in my life.

I have not had a weigh in under 155.  Hell, I haven’t had a weigh in in almost a month and a half.  However, I am continuing to maintain what feels like a healthy weight that fuels my training and I haven’t had to buy new pants (I’m just having to avoid the smallest ones).  Eventually, I would like to bring my weight back down around 150.  However, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it may not be due to a calories in calories out thing, and I am spending the last half of the year trying to clean up my eating (less sugar, eating more for lunch, etc).

2.  Running – I want to do a half marathon in under 2 hours, and I want to run a full marathon (no pace goal, just run the whole thing… well, who am I kidding, I’ll have a pace goal by the time I finish training, but anyhoo…) this year.  After that, decide what’s next.  Martial arts?  Triathlons?  More marathons?  Ultras?  Also, I want to make sure to not forget stretching and yoga.  That’s when I start getting injured like I am now with hurty butt.

Well, I got super sick and am just glad I finished that half within 3 mins of my PB hacking and coughing.  I decided to go a different way and am NOT pursuing marathons at this time (just think about training in the 98 and humid outside today makes me happy I decided against it…), and instead going after first a sprint and then an olympic triathlon.  I’ve thought about them in the future, and ever since I did the Du in April and loved it, and figure that swimming a mile, biking 25, and running a 10k back to back is about as athletic an endeavor as a marathon.

I’m also thinking another half in November.  The same half I was going to do the marathon since they have one.  I just need a little revenge.  I am planning on trying a completely different approach… for the last one I was SO WELL TRAINED.  I got my 5k PB by barely training and just busting it out on race day.  I’m going to run, sure, but I’m going to do less focused training, just make sure I feel capable of the distance with some long runs and have loose legs with some speedwork, and maybe even work some hills in there so I’m ready for those and see if I can get a PB.  Even if it’s just 2:15:59.

I have been really really bad about stretching/yoga lately.  I’m feelin’ it.  I’ll consider this a reminder to get back to it.

3.  I will dedicate 6 hours per week to writing, revising, reading other books, or outlining.  I want to finish what I started for NaNoWriMo, and then move on to another one.  It would be peachy keen if I could do some necklaces, I would love to start songwriting, but I think this is my year of writing.

Just EPIC FAIL here beyond actually getting into a fantasy novel series I’m slowly working through.  2010 is not the year for this.  I’m totally ok letting it fall off the radar.

4.  I’m not sure exactly what I want to say here, but I want to figure out what’s next career-wise.  I have spent the last few years keeping my head down and trying to stay out of the way so I can support the creatives, get my check, and go on my way.  That is SO not me.  I can’t continue to do that forever.  I might not have the ability to get what I want just yet, but I want to have a direction by the end of the year.

Number 3 really fell off due to a big change here with #4.  I got the opportunity in February, and got the official title last month, and it’s been an entirely awesome but…life .  My brain is a little more wasted and in need of unwinding at the end of the day.  It used to be screaming for a creative outlets.  Now my job is one big creative outlet.  I had figured I had topped out in the games industry and needed to explore other options, now I know I just had to be patient.  In the 5 years I held the same position and felt like my career stagnated, I lost over 100 lbs, ran 2 half marathons, moved halfway across the country, bought a house, got married, and a bunch of other stuff I’m surely forgetting.  So I’ll take it.  But I’m definitely ready to rock.

5.  Some one liners: Travel outside the country.  Be more spontaneous.  Continue to whittle down my smoking.  Try something new with my hair.  Continue to draw things out of the magic hat.  Host some game nights at the house.   Attempt to keep a cleaner house so it’s not embarrassing when someone comes over unannounced.  Do more industry events and get over my boredom with networking for networking sake.  Play more games.  Continue to live a life where I can have at least ONE memorable thing I do each month (2009 has many more than 1 per month, but that’s my absolute minimum requirement).

Mexican/Caribbean cruise in Jan. and then Italian/Grecian Honeymoon next year.  This year, it’s been all lower 48.  The money will be there next year so it’s ok.  I’ve been working on being better with spontaneous eating and plans but it’s still a challenge.  I am smoking much less than I was in January.  Hair has been chopped.  Magic hat has been lonely, but we have been definitely having adventures.  House cleaner = fail… I’m coming to terms with the fact that I need to pay someone.  Been a *little* better about industry events.  Been playing more games than when I wrote this, but still would like to play more.  And…uh… my life rocks.  Most every week there is something memorable.

All in all, the year is definitely not going as planned, but it’s going swimmingly.  So how is your year going?  What is your biggest success this year?  What’s something that you want to focus on in the latter half of 2010?


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  1. I love how you really just listed everything out and made definite decisions. I need to think about what my biggest success has been this year. Honestly, this has been a hard year for me.

  2. MizFit

    I miss you blogging frequently—but Im selfish that way 🙂 as I adore your writing and way of thinking.
    my biggest success?

    I believe 🙂

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