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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Bands and balls and bodyweight, oh my.

Hey, #girlswholift or #boyswholift or #catswholift or whatever – I’m finally changing up my strength training next week and figured I’d share my plan.

Nachocat isn’t really into the heavy lifting.  She’s more into super short plyometric workouts with REALLY long rest intervals.

My goal is to focus on bands and balls this month or so.  I’d love to hit the gym and lift some actual iron, but my schedule right now isn’t making that easy.  So, we grabbed a second set of bands so we can do much more resistance at lower reps (8-12) and start werking that Hypertrophy phase of actually GETTING STRONGER.

Here’s my plan.  These exercises. 2x week.  Either roll through all of them once or twice each session OR pick 8-10 that hit all the spots and do three sets.  Or, I may do them as circuts, pick an leg, core, and arm exercise and repeat three times and then move onto the next.  Or maybe alternate through all of these things.  The first week I’m going to give all of them a try and see how it goes.


  • Band Squats (12)
  • Band Lunges (12)




  • Stir the pots (12)
  • Bicycles (30)
  • Woodchoppers (12)
  • Side plank leg raise (10 sec hold, 10 leg raises)


  • Pushups with band (12)
  • Lateral raise with band (12)
  • Rows (12)
  • Overhead Tricep Extension (12)

Between this article on Greatist and Oiselle dozen, this should cover most of the things I’m doing here (but if not, I put links to youtube videos above).







Second verse, same as the first…


Coming ’round the bend


  1. I’m coming with you!! But maybe not the same exercises you have there. We seem to be doing well having our own plans at strength and sticking to them.
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