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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Mindful, Not Perfect

So after my big wins earlier last week, I’ve been kinda coasting.

I weighed in for the first time in a while under 160 (159.8, but still).  I also ate pretty reprehensibly this weekend and ingested a shit ton of alcohol.  I managed to do two outside hilly rides since we last spoke and hit the pool for some laps yesterday, and did a short bike run brick outside this morning, but I highly doubt it’s mitigated much of the indulgence.  At least I have stuck to my guns and 1) ingested no fried food 2) only had a few bites of desert on Saturday (which I had planned on).  Also, all the sitting outside partying in the 100+ degree heat has honestly done wonders for my heat acclimation.

However, there was probably enough pitas and hummus Saturday nite for an army, washed down with a ridiculous amount of wine, preceeded by a chinese food feast of epic proportions (curry chicken, wonton soup, black bean noodle, oh my).  Friday night was tacos from the grill, vodka, and homemade salsa and guac with chips.  Thursday night was a full plate of chicken yakisoba and some whiskey.  Yesterday, we hit tex mex brunch until we wished for extra stomachs and then had some snax at the movies (more veggies/pita/hummus and split a bowl of chili) and THEN more chinese leftovers.

In a former life this would be a guilt-riddled experience, where I cursed myself for having such low self control and being a failure and yadda yadda yadda…  now, I realize I had a kick ass time all weekend, I didn’t eat anything that was NOT worth it, and the scale said 163.6 this morning, which is not optimal, but it is what it is, and it is a lot of salt, not 3 lbs gained or anything.  I definitely remember why I don’t do this all the time – my body feels much better when it’s not stuffed with indulgent food and booze for 3 days straight… I am so ready for a mellow week it’s not funny.

As of this morning, it’s ON – time to refocus – 6 days from now I’ll be a triathlete.  Last week was another good confidence builder, and I need to do just about the same this week, with a bigger dose of R and R near the end.  One more open water swim.  An outside bike/run brick.  Also, I need to go get some gear and do some prep.  One of my brakes on my bike isn’t working properly.  I need a bike rack for my car so I can transport it.  Debating on what I’m going to have in my transition area (do I need a water bucket for my feet?  a shammy to get feet dry quick? a shirt to throw on over my singlet with my number on it?  something brightly colored so I can see my bike?).

I’m feeling pretty zen about it now (which I’m SURE will change later this week), so that’s good.  I’ve put in the work, so I’ll be fine, right?  Right?  …ok, maybe a little nervous.

Only counted calories for half the week so there is no point in tallying those numbers, but here are the deets I have tracked:

Monday: 30 min swim (350)
Tuesday: 5k run morning, group power (700)
Wednesday: open water swim (600)
Thursday: 9 mile morning ride outside (400)
Saturday: 12 mile ride outside (600)
Sunday: swimming laps (400)

Avg burn per day: 435

Avg calories I would have to have had each day to maintain weight: 2247

Low/High Weight: 159.8/162.0

Next week, the name of the game is good, healthy food that makes my body feel good, rest, continue to heat acclimate and prepare, but also lots of rest.  The only exception is a party on Thursday night – we’re going, but plan to take it mellow.

Food/Exercise/Etc Plan below:

lunch: salad bar
dinner: manwiches (96% fat free grass fed beef – though I do use the canned mix) and veggies

Exercise: short bike/run brick outside in the morning (done, yay!)

lunch: tuna sandwich and salad
dinner: homemade chicken tikki masala with rice, peas, carrots, and a flour tortilla on the side

Exercise: open water swim after work

lunch: chicken pasta veggie salad (fiber pasta, olives, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, green pepper, cilantro, celery, grilled chicken)
dinner: chicken caesar salad and soup

Exercise: yoga class after work

lunch: luncheon roulette (hope the dice are kind)
dinner: hot dogs and/or garden burgers, (maybe one of each, maybe one of the other), coleslaw (something easy and fairly low cal before the party)

Exercise: spin class if I can make it, arc trainer/random cardio if not

lunch: pho
dinner: beef stew and salad

Exercise: short run to keep my legs loose, probably treadmill after work

lunch: out with my parents
dinner: lemon pepper mahi mahi, rice, veggies

Exercise: off

Sunday: Tri day!!!!

After the tri, I require 2 treats – a small frozen yogurt from a for real yogurt shop (not just soft serve vanilla somewhere), and a burger and fries.  There is a new place that just opened that is supposed to be JUST like my favorite burgers in Austin that just closed down.  Yes, I am aware that it’s no fried food month, but I am going to make one exception.  I plan to be in it for the long haul (until Vegas mid-next month).  The goal with these month-long abstainings is to be mindful, not perfect, so I’ll be ok.

So yeah, today’s workout was major, tomorrow is open water #2, and then it’s all downhill from there.  I’m ok with THAT kind of coasting.  So, dudes and dudettes, how is your week shaping up?  Perfect, mindful, or neither?


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  1. I ate a bit of junk while traveling/moving over the weekend and I was amazed how just plain gross I felt about it. I just FEEL better when I eat healthy.

    and I’m SO excited for you about the tri 🙂

  2. Good luck with the tri – sounds like you are doing all the right things! And enjoy that froyo and burger – sounds delish!!

  3. syl

    A tri! that’s intense!
    But I know you are going to do fantastic!! Enjoy your treats you deserve it!

  4. I also ate pretty reprehensibly this weekend and ingested a shit ton of alcohol.

    So is that more or less than a metric ton?

  5. Good for you, you are a total inspiration and I love your pep talk on my blog 🙂

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