Don’t have all that much time, but I figured I should probably post somethin’.  Here is what is rockin’ my world this week.  What’s not rocking is some extra hours at work (surprise shanghai 10 hour days out of nowhere) but things seem to be simmering down now so I can’t complain too much.  Hell, I make video games – life can’t be too tragic, right? 🙂

Eating Good Stuff:

So I broke down the new diet into things that have been hard for me to give up…

Not so hard: sugar.  If I don’t eat it, I don’t really want it.  I had a desert on Sunday at a dinner party and it was no biggie not to have it before or after.  I don’t think I eat enough sugar regularly to make a difference here (beyond when I notice I’m eating a little every day and have to detox).

Sorta Hard: Meat.  While I’m inherently not a huge meat eater, and could probably be pretty happy eating fish most days, my Zliten isn’t, and I’m not really ready to make the having to eat separate things jump.  I don’t think chicken is an issue, so I’ve expanded my clean eating to include chicken and turkey (not lunchmeat).  Red meat is a sometimes thing (not on totally clean days).

Sorta Hard: Wheat.  I thought it would be harder, but being able to have sprouted grain bread and corn tortillas kinda saves the day.  Again, at home, it’s fine.  Out, of course, too much trouble most of the time.

Sorta Hard: Eggs.  I don’t like eggs, but eggs are in a lot of things.

Kinda Pretty Hard: Cheese/Milk.  I do love cheese.  Don’t really care for milk but it’s in a lot of things.  Mostly, I miss this in the sense of having cheese or dairy sauces.

Kinda Pretty Hard: Artificial Sweetners: Seriously.  I really miss my occasional diet soda and/or sugar free popsicle.

Hardest of ALL: Still salt, and salty sauces.  It’s getting better, but this is REALLY my detox.  I’m coming up with creative ways to put more flavor in food without salt, and I think my tongue is adapting to liking lower sodium things, however… SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A LITTLE SALT!!! ARGH!!

The verdict though – week 1, I started at 174.6, had a low of 168.0, and weighed in a week later at 171.8.  Which means a total net loss last week of 2.8 lbs.  Score!  Week 2, I of course started at 171.8, and am back to 168.2.  We’ll see what the rest of the week brings but I can’t complain.


It’s taper week, since I have the tri this weekend.  So, the workouts have been on the order of shorter and faster.  Monday, I was BEAT so I listened to my body and rested.  Tuesday, I kicked ass on some bike intervals and swim intervals.  Today, I did an outdoor bike and run, short and fast.  Tomorrow, a mellow swim, and Friday running intervals just to keep myself loose.  Saturday rest and then Sunday… it’s rock and roll time.

I’m totally ready for the race, but I’m a little nervous simply because the water is going to be *so cold*.  At least it’s only 300m.  Pie in the sky goals are 10 mins for swim + transition, 40 min for bike + transition, 18 mins for the run.  More likely, add about 5 mins to the swim,  5-10 mins to bike, and 2 mins to run.  Really, I’ll be happy to pace over 15 mph on the bike and under 10 min miles.

It’s on peoples.  I feel good, my body is all clean eating-ified, and I’m tapering well.  Should be a great weekend!

And now, I’m too tired for the good kinda quickie, so I’m just heading to bed for some sleepy sleeps (part of taper week is also seeming to be 9+ hours of sleep per night – but who am I to complain?).  Night all!

p.s.  I know I owe race wrap ups, and perhaps some of you might be interested in more types of cleanse food.  Posts coming.  I promise.  I’m just a flibbertygibbit and posting about whatever flies into my brain.  Deal. 🙂