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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Short Stuff

I think I’m going to try something different – short posts more often.  Instead of 1-2 epic long posts a week, I’m going to pop on and spout off more frequently.  So, consider this your daily dose of Quix.  Hopefully it doesn’t make you do this…

The good:

I got on the scale this morning and saw 169.8.  I have not weighed in under 170 on a Monday in a while.  So, that’s happy!  While it’s definitely not a low weight, it is VERY encouraging to not fluctuate so wildly.  We’ll see where this week takes us (by us, I mean me and uh…my scale?)

I’ve also noticed that I’m no longer paying attention to calories.  I buy things for the sodium content.  I haven’t counted calories in 2 weeks.  That is kind of refreshing.  I did break down and had a coke zero while quite drunk, and it was so good, but in general – I’ve been good.  But things that happen at 4am while drinking totally actually don’t happen (as long as they don’t get you arrested or pregnant) so we’ll just move along, shall we?

Lunch was SO SO good and So SO easy!  I took a bunch of brown rice, topped it with frozen stir fry veggies, added some sesame oil, and topped with liquid aminos and some chili garlic chinese hot sauce.  It wasn’t NO salt, but the aminos (tastes like soy sauce without the crazy salt content) has 6% of DV and the hot sauce has 5%, and I don’t think I used quite a whole serving of both.  There was maybe a little too in the canned baby corn I added (but rinsed).  Maybe 20% overall, and being that it was my whole lunch, I’m totally cool with that.  A little low in protein since I didn’t throw any shrimp or chicken in there, but a big bowl of greek yogurt for breakfast and a mess of tilapia tacos for dinner should make up for that.

I had a nice run Saturday.  I wanted to run outside so I skipped the treadmill hill work, and did an out and back of about 4.2 miles (plus warmup and cooldown, probably close to 5 miles).  The out was an easy downhill run at about a 10:20 pace, and then the back was a harder uphill run – my goal was negative splits.  It was HOOOOOOT by that time (85 and humid) so I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I pulled 9:40s on average.  My legs were definitely letting me know that they were not ready to run harder so I was ok with it.

The Bad:

I worked a lot of hours last week, had to do a lot of work and monitoring over the weekend, and still banging my head against stuff today. Hopefully one more week of this max and things can go back to chill happy fun time.  Love what I do, but it’s not a low stress job at all.  I’m just usually a low stress gal.  I did actually shout out my office today “OMFG” (but the long, sailor-y version) when something went south – loud enough that quite a few of my team heard me and turned their heads.  Good times.  I am a loopy girl.

Due to work, didn’t get to go see my Mom for Mom’s Day.  Oh well, next weekend we have plans for a makeup celebration (playing in the pool, yummy food, and games, ya know, the norm).  And I got her a card, on time even (I usually send cards a few months late, it’s kind of a joke now).

Visited friends that live way South on Saturday.  Then, went to visit friends that live way North.  Had to return to both places on Sunday.  The round trip took 2 hours!  I would like to transplant all my friends to my neighborhood, please and thank you.  Also, I HATE DRIVING.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to drive anywhere unfamiliar, and the mix of tired (read: drinking way late the night before), contacts still in from the night before (read: drinking way late the night before), and it being dark (nothing to do with me drinking late last night) didn’t help but it made me nervous – I can fly on a trapeze just fine but driving makes my heart flutter sometimes.  Someday, I’ll be able to hire a driver.

I was going to attempt a week of food blogging, with pictures even, but my brain leaves my body when food is around and I forget.  I have mad respect for you food blogger people.  You must have a lot of self control and brainpowers that I don’t have.

The Ugly:

Picking up some selzer water from the grocery store, I threw out my back again.  ARGH!  It’s not too bad, but I’m definitely taking today off and I bet tomorrow too.  This is NOT helpful with my 5k in 2 weeks I want to rock.  Send healing thoughts please!  I have been sitting on my ball today rolling it around so I’m staying mobile but I’m looking forward to icing when I get home.

See you soon (er than normal, hopefully) peeps!


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  1. healing thoughts coming your way chicka!! Have you done any functional training to strengthen/stabilize your back? I hate to see you hurting like this! Good luck on your race!

  2. Gah! Will Yoga help your back? Yoga is magical ‘n stuff. Oh, and I had party vomit once, but it didn’t come out looking so pretty like the chick in the pic. Why not?

  3. Glad to see the scale go in your favor – without calorie counting! Impressive. Sodium can be a b*@#h. Good job finding yummy food while avoiding it!

  4. Miz

    oh GIRL I gets the back stuff farfar too well.

    xo xo

  5. Haha – I can’t do the food blogging stuff either! Glad the lower-salt thing is working so well! SO nice to not have to count cals!

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