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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Guess Who’s Back….

Geez what a crazy crazy CUH-RAY-ZEEE week.  At least Zliten sent me random flowers for no real good reason.

Work-wise, my assistant person is out so I’m doing two people’s jobs at a crucial part of the milestone so that’s always fun.  Tally of how many weeks I kept my mellow from my extended break…5.  This week I got my frantic back on.  Oh well, time to plan a vacation, right?

So, this is where I was supposed to be tapering for my OMG FIRST MARATHON and now, not so much.  Now, the focus is:

a) calorie deficit.

b) lifting heavy things

c) short and intense cardio

d) preparing for being an adult

So what have I done?

2364 burned

1389 eaten

975 deficit

(30 min eliptical + 30 mins crunchtime)


2894 burned

1403 eaten

1491 deficit

(5.4 mile run – 55 mins)


2627 burned

1777 eaten

850 deficit

(30 mins – 9 mile bike hills + 50 mins pilates)


2865 burned

1999 eaten

866 deficit

(4 mile run 43 mins)


2460 burned

1414 eaten

1046 deficit

(30 mins weights)


3903 burned

2702 eaten

1201 deficit

(10 mile run, 2 hours)


2322 burned

1841 eaten

481 deficit

(rest day)

So, for all intents and purposes, I should be well on my way to losin’ it.  Not so much. I’m a lb up.  Sticking with it for a while but really, we’re stumped.  Even if the ratios are a bit off, I should be down a bit. /sigh.  My miraculous wondrous body.

My huge non scale victory is that I will do 4 strength sessions this week without dying.  2 mostly-core classes, and 2 arms-and-legs heavy lifting.  I’m sore in an awesome way.  I look forward to my guns and leg definition resurfacing.  Perhaps this is the missing link.  Really, fitness gods, I’ll do whatever you want… just direct me there, kthx.

Other than finding that my capacity for recovery is better than I though, it seems to be making me faster even on sore muscles.  Bonus.  I logged my best hills bike session in a long ass time and a really great couple of sub-10 min mile runs.  They are taking more effort than they should but I’ll work on that.

For now though, I’m going to spend the rest of the dwindling evening watching the Space Station 3D DVD with my Zliten for the third time this week.  He’s a huge space nut and continues to get worked up over it and it’s really cute.   Not in the “awwww” condescending way, but like seriously, I hope I’m this passionate about something in my life.
Zliten’s quote for folks reading this blog is: “If your dream is not to go to space, you need to dream harder.”  Check out his awesome new haircut!!  He says it makes him faster so we’re leaving it until after the Austin Half in a week and change.

And y’know, if your dreams don’t include getting to the moon, how on earth are you going to end up among the stars?
Brevity, I know.  Don’t worry.  I’m sure I’m blather on more next time. 🙂


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  1. Miz

    and how did he KNOW sunflowers are my fave?

  2. Awww, flowers for NO reason?! What a doll! And I’m sorry your weight loss has been so frustrating (and confusing). Seriously if there is anyone who does everything “right” it’s you!

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