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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

You Know You’re An Endurance Athlete When…

1.  You don’t drunk text, you drunk-sign-up-for-marathons.

On Saturday night, I saw a facebook post that after being open only ONE day, the Space Coast Half Marathon was FULL.  We were debating between the half and the full, but DEFINITELY wanted to run it, so that made the decision a bit easier and we signed up that minute without any hesitation.  So, I guess I’m doing another marathon at the end of November!


2. The words come out of your mouth – “it’s like a day off, we’re only running 5 miles!”

Monday was 2 hours, Tuesday was 2 hours, Wednesday and Thursday were over 3 hours, we had a 4+ hour workout on tap for Saturday, and we only had a quick lunch fiver that day.  It’s all about perspective.

3. Your workout laundry load is WAYYYY larger than your normal clothes.

For a triathlete doing two-a-days or even three-a-days sometimes with wardrobe changes, it makes sense.  I only wear ONE thing to work per day and one set of pajamas per week.

4.  You hem and haw over a 100$ shows, but have ZERO problems signing up for a 100$ race.

I spent 100$ to sign up for 3M, and 115$ to sign up for Woodlands Half.  I balked at some Alice and Chains tickets for 60 bucks.  I cringed, but bought tickets for Wicked for 70$.  It’s like, if I’m sitting it a seat, it’s worth WAY less than if I’m moving my seat.


5. You’ve ever thought “I wish there were MORE calories in this food” or “holy crap, fitbit says I can eat THAT MANY calories?”

It was REALLY hard to eat back enough calories on Wednesday and Thursday without beer.  2500-3000 calories is a LOT for a weekday!

6.  You spend your one day off after a huge training block spectating a marathon and think “I kind of want to go for a run”.

This one was Zliten.  We were cheering for the Austin Marathon yesterday, and he turned and said this to me.  We didn’t ACTUALLY go run, but kinda wanted to after seeing all the awesome runners powering through mile 18.

7.  Your favorite winter Olympic sports are skiathlon and the longer speed skating events.

I just can’t identify with those high flying sports anymore.  I can, however, feel for the guys and gals collapsing at the end of the cross country ski course, and maybe feel a little jealous that I don’t get to do that at the end of my races too.


8.  You have the best brick run of your life on your 15th hour of your training week.

I’ve talked a lot about my epic week, but I had some great training capped off with a 40+ mile ride (my first outdoor one of the year) at 16 mph, and a spectacular 5 mile brick run after @ 10:20 pace, with me just totally enjoying the run and all smiles during it.  I was totally stoked about this all day.  Strong work on a beautiful day.

9.  Your recovery week is ONLY 8.5 hours of training.  That’s not much, right? 🙂


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  1. Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard at this. I’ve seen a bunch of “You know you’re a runner when…” lists but this is the first one where I felt like I actually identified with most of it. My laundry is definitely mostly running / cross-training clothes, carb deficit is a real thing, and I magically find all kinds of expendable income when it comes to races. Awesome.

    • Quix

      Some people sort by colors. We sort by “do I sweat in this or not”. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness – this is hilarious! You are awesome.

    See, mine would say, “You know you are a mom of seven when. . .”

    • Quix

      And you are awesome yourself – running a marathon is easy compared to what I imagine being a great mom (especially to that many! :D) would entail.

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