Haven’t done one of these for a while, so it’s a random Friday!

1.  Proud of myself: had to stay late at work for babysitting the build (the collection of new stuff that we are adding to the game) duty.  Between stuff I had to do, I made it down to the gym for a 30 minute interval and leg strength session, returned to work for a bit, then when I could, closed my office door and did a ab and arm workout.  I owe myself 10 minutes of DDR but all in all, I think I did good.  Not proud of myself: came home and had  bottle of wine for dinner, which resulted in splitting a can of store brand spaghetti with Zliten at 2am.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.

2.  I decided, fuck the weight requirement (was going to wait until 160), and went clothes shopping anyway on black Friday.  And I’m glad I did, because now, I fit squarely into size 10s, so I have been making progress.  I haven’t seen size 10s since I was in high school.  I know sizes are a little inflated, but I remember 2 years ago walking into the same store (Target) and buying size 24.  Now I have new brown and black pants, a billion new sweaters and long sleeved shirts in lots of colors (though I failed at finding anything in orange, yellow, or purple, which made me sad).  Of all places, we walked into walmart and I went through the clothes just on a lark, and found, on clearance, awesome suit jackets and pants.  I snagged a black jacket, pinstripe jacket and pants (and seriously, these are probably the most comfortable pants I own now), and a red dress shirt for like 40 bucks.  Now, Zliten and I have matching suits (his idea, actually) we can wear.  I think people might vomit with cuteness poisoning though.

3.  All of you people in the northern-lands I’m sure have soooo much sympathy for me, but damn, is it summer yet?  Last night it got down to the 30s and this morning on the drive to work it was in the low 40s.  I miss being able to sit out on my patio at night in a tank top, instead of being bundled up in a coat, scarf, and gloves trying not to freeze to death.  Give me 95 and humid any day instead of this crap.

4.  I spent some time reading gamer news this week, and I realized how bored I am with it all.  All the games I was excited for came out already and without the week of laziness over Christmas to get into a game since Scroogie McBoss man is making us work this year, I just don’t have time to really get into anything anyway.  However, I am really anticipating 2 things – we are getting an xbox 360 for Christmas (ok, so today) from Zliten’s parents, and I’m really excited to finally play Viva Pinata and Fable (yes, I know I’m late to the party, but at least my games are cheap!).  I’m also counting the days until February 19th when The Sims 3 launches, and I am going to potentially become a hermit for a while.  I guess I shouldn’t throw away my geek card just yet.

5.  I am excited about this, a new BattleStar Galactica spinoff.  I’m sure it will be as well written as the series, and hopefully as “edge-of-your-seat” tense…but I’m a little questionable about the premise (being a prequel, and being more of a drama than a sci-fi).  I am excited for this as well, though I’m not sure if Stargate as an IP is being stretched a little thin.  I’m hopeful though – and will gobble up willingly anything stargate.  Except the cartoon.  That shit was wack, yo.  Speaking of all things Stargate, my thoughts go out to the staff at Cheyenne Mountain Studios, who are now still at work on their game on their 22nd unpaid day, just trying to get the game finished because of funding issues.  That’s dedication.  I hope your game is great, and you’re rewarded in the end with big moneyhats. (thx Zliten for the tip on that)

Have a great weekend!