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5 Random Things – Weekend Edition

This week got super crazy!  Weekends are usually bloggy breaks, but I figured I’d give a random thoughts update just for fun, and you don’t all think I’ve abandoned ship.

1.  Cedar sucks!  Anyone that lives in Austin knows well how evil these trees are – their pollen aggrivates the most stalwart of systems (I am not typically affected by allergies…at all).  We have been laid out on the couch doped up on benadryl since last night.  I think I’ve gone through at least a box of kleenex in 24 hours.  Thank goodness we don’t cheap out on kleenex or my face might have rubbed off by now.  For perspective…apparently anything in 4 digits is pretty bad (particles per inch or whatever the measurement is) – we had 28 THOUSAND.  As in, 28 times bad.  I finally am able to breathe again and I might actually get some sleep tonight instead of a series of naps broken up by misery.  Yes, I”m whining.  ‘Dis my blog, I can do it here!

2.  That being said – I missed my outside run I was supposed to do today.  Probably a good thing, because the weather decided it wanted to pretend to be winter and didn’t get above the low 40’s all day, and that alone might have not stopped me.  I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow so I can make up the workout, or at least do some DDR and yoga if the outside world is too pollen-y or freeze-y.

3.  I made yelp elite today!  I’ve plugged the site a few times, but seriously, check it out.  I just love it because it’s real people just spouting off about places they go.  No one is paying anyone for good reviews, and it’s obvious when people are trying to stack the ratings (a whole bunch of reviews from people who have only reviewed that place, giving it really high ratings).  Anyhooo, in recognition of the reviews I write and will continue to write, I get a spiffy tee-shirt and invites to exclusive parties, which are usually free food/booze, which in this economy, I’m all about!

4.  I’ve really been enjoying the work I’m doing this week with sound recording.   It makes me wish I knew more about it.  I’m just producing it which means that I’m a second pair of ears, I make sure it sounds good, deal with contracts and schedules, and basically my ass is the one on the line if things don’t go well.  I’m in for about 2 months of it, and I can already tell that I’m going to miss this particular project when it’s done.

5. We’ve spent most of the day today, when we weren’t watching Hercules, playing Fable (yes, the original x-box one).  We’re trying to be a goody two shoes through the whole thing this time (apparently it’s a pretty short game) and then next time be super evil.  It’s a little clunky to play, but the concept is cool and the story has been pretty amusing.

Bonus:  The pictures in this post are me proudly prancing around in the first miniskirt I’ve worn in about 10 years – 30s be damned.  I’m much happier about how the red-shirt picture looks, I feel like I look super skinnier, and it was only a week after the first one.  Oddly enough, I was going out to the same place, and that’s the only 2 times I’ve been there.  Maybe this is my Copa miniskirt?

Have a great rest of your weekend, campers!


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  1. You look HAWT, girl! I love the black minidress with the gloves & boots! Bummer about your allergies but hey – good news about Yelp elite! Never even heard of it until now.

  2. The cedar has everyone in this town jacked up, it seems like. And now it’s ass-cold. I sulked and spent most of the days indoors.

    The pics = bad-ass. Seriously. (Those boots are awesome, btw.) And I covet that Asian-style shirt you’re wearing in the 2nd pic.

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