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Half Marathon Training – Between Week 11 and 12

If you’ve been following me here this shouldn’t be any surprise, but for the rest of you and for my posterity, here is how last week went.  I switched around my training a bit again, so I’m just going to list what I did!

Monday: 5 mile run and weights

Check!  Ran in the morning and felt a little stiff from 3 days off (probably shouldn’t do that again but I think in other ways it was really good for me).  By the end I was feeling great though and while I wasn’t just raring to go early in the morning, I was definitely ready to run that day.  Weights at home after work – did not want to do them, but got through it anyway.

Tuesday: 10×400 track intervals (one lap 2:00 or under pace, one lap jog) and yoga.

Check! I went ahead and actually drove the half mile to the track for this.  I was again slightly short on time and wanted to make sure I could get it all done.  However, I was forgetful and my timing watch stayed at home so I had to fake it and just run fast one lap, slow the next.  Made it through, felt good by the end, and said goodbye to the track for a while, at least until I get a wild hair up my butt and decide to do track intervals outside in the hot sun just for fun.  Yeah, probably not until fall, me thinks.  Did the yoga after work, and it was yoga-riffic (though smelling dinner the whole time made me hungry!!!)

Wednesday: 50 mins DDR

Check!  Supposed to be 60, but again, I was running short on time so I did 50 instead-if it was a normal day I woulda just waited ’til after work, but I knew it wasn’t going to be.  Also was supposed to yoga but I didn’t because I worked super late.  So see, it was a good thing I can get up and workout now, even though it wasn’t as much as planned…

Thursday: 5 mile run, 10 mins DDR, and weights

Check and check and check!  I have been really good about making up pretty much all training I miss, which makes me happy.  The run was freaking miserable because I did it an hour later that usual (had a rare late in day at work and slept late due to working late), and it was like wading through a hot tub.  Hot, muggy, and my legs felt sore and sluggish.  I put in the miles though, and got through it.  I tried to go the gym after work but I forgot everything.  At first I thought I had forgotten a hair tie and I was going to make do with my clips.  Then, I thought I had forgotten my zune, and I decided I would deal without music.  Then, I get to the gym and – oops, no gym bag at all.  I got home and decided that was the fates telling me not to bother, and did the workout at home instead.  All in all, not my best workout day ever.  Was ready for a day off mostly the next day and was actually pretty nervous for my long run.

Friday: Yoga

Check!  This was scheduled as a rest day, but I had a yoga session to make up.  Did it in the morning before work.  It was lovely.  It’s just so odd that I can’t stand yoga in the afternoons/evenings, but I love it in the mornings.

Saturday: 12 mile run

Check!  As I said, I was really nervous about this after almost 2 weeks of not having a long run and how crappy Thursday’s run went.  I got myself up at 7:20 and got out before 8.  This is huge for me on a weekend.  I started really, really slow just to be sure I didn’t use up all my juice too quick.  Zliten caught up with me on the bike after a lap around the south part of the neighborhood (he had just gotten back from taking a friend to the airport) and then decided to go zoom off himself so he could complete his mileage too!  He caught up with me around the start of mile 9 and rode with me the rest of the way, bringing me my second pack of sport beans and a bottle of ice water since I drained my whole camelback by mile 9.5.  All in all, a great run, great confidence builder, and I’m ready for Saturday!

Total week 11 mileage 27 (running):   (plus 1-2 miles of walking)

Week 12 – taper week

Monday – 4 mile run, yoga

Tuesday – 30 minute tempo run, yoga

Wednesday – yoga

Thursday – 2 mile run, yoga

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Half Marathon Woohoo!

Sunday – Rest

So here it is, the week I’ve been waiting for – taper week.  Oddly enough I’m a little sad because it feels like I’m not doing much this week, but I know it’s to get me rested up for Saturday.  And I need it.  My muscles are tight little knots of naughty knotness and are definitely ready for some unwind time.  I’m ready to not need a mile or 2 to feel good running, to be rested enough that starting running doesn’t jar my system and make my go “oof, not again”.  I think I’ve skirted the edge of overtraining a bit here, but haven’t quite gone over.  So taking it easy this week is good.  Does it sound like I’m convincing myself here?

What I know is I am really feeling ready for this race.  While in the back of my head, the goblins are saying “you’ve never run 13.1 miles, what if 12 is all you have, silly girl…”  However, the way I’ve been training, I’m perfectly positioned to run it.  I’ve increased 1 mile a week ever since my 10k at the end of April.  Feasibly, I could just keep adding a mile every week until like August and run a full marathon, but I’m thinking I might die first.  But, since 10 to 11 didn’t kill me, 11 to 12 didn’t kill me, I’m thinking 12 to 13.1 will probably not be my untimely end.

The plan for this week besides the workouts is to get as much rest as possible.  Then, a Yelp Elite event I just couldn’t miss showed up for Tuesday.  Then, a friend is coming into town Wednesday who hasn’t been here and MUST BE SHOWN 6th STREET BARS…apparently.  This is my chance to practice moderation (although, if I overdo it Tuesday I won’t even be tempted on Wednesday, so that is another strategy).  There is also the impending possibility of working late any day.  So I’m going to make the most of tonight and Thursday (which there are no goings ons) and make sure I’m in bed early and don’t do anything more strenuous than lifting the remote.

Friday rest is a given.  I’ve even taken time off work (leaving at lunch) so I can eat my pho, go home and pack, and get down to San Antonio before the traffic starts.  The plan is to have a lovely swim in the pool and make use of the hot tub, have a nice big carby dinner, and then relax in the hotel room and get to sleep early.  If I can sleep.  Hopefully I can sleep!  Argh…

The last thing to note is I am taking the week off weights and doing as much yoga as humanly possible.  I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up 2 weights sessions a week through week 11 even though I gave myself the option to cut back, but this week I need to keep my muscles as fresh as possible.  Hopefully 4 doses of yoga will help stretch out some of those knots.  I’m not 100% sure I’ll do all 4 days but that’s the plan.

Since I’ve already actually completed today’s run, I’ve only 2 more runs until H-day!  The butterflies are already starting, in a good way, of course!


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    So exciting! I cannot wait to read about the race this weekend! You’ve been training so awesome!

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