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July’s Experiment: Just Dance

…gonna be ok, da da do do, just dance…spin that record babe, da da do do, just-

If you don’t recognize, don’t worry.  If you got the song in your head too, then I say *muahahahaha*.

Anyhoo, so the proverbial cat is out of the bag.  The super secret July plan is a dance “cramming session” so we can look swanky at it by wedding time.  By the end of the month, I wish to be able to twirly twirly twirl around the dance floor with my Zliten with ease.  The styles offered are Salsa, Lindy and Swing, Two Step, Jitterbug Swing, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing, Bachata,  Club Style Triple Two Step, East Coast Swing, and Argentine Tango (which is what we most want to learn, but only offered at their studios on the other side of town this month.  Boo!).  They also offer yoga twice a week at noon and zumba toning and fitness classes as well – which I have always wanted to try!  Since we have purchased the all-you-can-eat-buffet of dance classes this month, the goal is to hit up as many as humanly possible and figure out what we like and want to expand upon.

Last night, we jumped right in with West Coast Swing, which the instructor said was one of the hardest dances to start with.  Hooray!  The instructor was great and first got us started with the steps – which honestly tripped me up, since I have a right/left issue (it was my only black mark in kindergarten) but got it down eventually.  Once we put the hands with the feet it started to make more sense and then once the music kicked in – well, we didn’t look like pros or anything, but we weren’t embarassing ourselves.  By the end at least.   We need practice, but that’s what makes perfect, right?

Tonight, we salsa!  We have taken a short little salsa lesson on a cruise before so the basics should be familiar, which is nice because we were so lost at the beginning of swing.  Honestly, I thought I’d be better at it, being in dance all my young life, but I have also not done much partner dance which is so very completely different.  I’m looking forward to learning to work with Zliten as a team, as I learn to let him lead and he learns to lead!  The nice thing is that we both had a blast yesterday, and thought the lesson went suuuuuper fast.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Tomorrow, I have major workout endeavours planned – I am going to run to the gym, do a weights session, run to the dance studio, and then take a zumba class.  The smart thing of course would be to zumba first since I have no idea whether it will kick my ass or not, but I just can’t wait until noon to start this beast of a workout in the hot Austin sun.  We shall see.

I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going, but although it’s fun for us, it’s not exactly easy to describe the intricacies of each class.  Along with the classes, I am attempting to keep up morning workouts – the classes are activity, sure, but I can’t really call them a workout until we’re doing more dancing than stumbling around.  I had also wanted to get into some more heavy lifting, but that’s not going to be feasable with everything else going on since trying to get to the gym in the morning is pretty futile with my affinity with the snooze button.  Oh well, another month perhaps!  Wish us luck, grace, and not too many stepped-on-toes!


Random Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salads


Happy 4th of July!


  1. Id looooove to learn to salsa.
    Im so uncoordinated and lack anykindofrhythm yet I still think it would be fun.

    I need to find a dvd so I can do it in the privacy of my own home.

    first anyway.
    until Im a little less awkward.

  2. cat

    oooh… This sounds fun! I cannot dance to save my life. Dancing always seems like a fun great workout too!

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