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Another One Bites The Dust…

Weeks that is.  Time is flying so freaking fast.  I’m surprised it’s not Christmas already.  What’s been going on in my world?

Sweat rings R hawt.

Sweat rings R hawt.

5k race:

I was up at the butt crack of dawn (6 am) before it was light and got ready for the race.  We didn’t get out of the house until 7 and were on our way!  At about 7:30 we realized that the website gave the wrong directions – luckily, we found other people that were lost and they had found a couple going for a walk in the area, who pointed them in the right direction.  We followed them and got to the race around 7:45, and got registered and a number and headed to the start line just in time.  I made my way up close to the front of the line so I didn’t have to wade through the walkers/easy joggers and Zliten stayed at the back.

The course was awesome and rough at the same time.  Awesome – because there was nothing but one slight uphill (which we hit twice because it was a two lap course), and it was in this beautiful park/nature preserve area which always makes for a nice experience.  The rough was that although 1/3 of the course was on sidewalk, 1/3 was in grass/slightly muddy dirt, and 1/3 was on a trail with HUGE STICKS.  That surprised the hell out of me and I probably lost some time the first lap, but the second time around I just ran to the side of it, and it didn’t bother me much.  Also – they had mile 1 marked, but not mile 2 (or mile 3, but that was pretty obvious).  I was wondering why the second mile seemed so long when I got to the finish, tee hee.

I finished with an official time of 26:31, which included the few seconds to get to the start line (since it was not chip timed).  Zliten finished in 35:54 and it’s one of his best 5k times yet!  I got through the finish line and walked back, grabbed him water, found him on the course and then ran with him the rest of the way almost to the finish.  I placed 11th out of 76 females and 72nd out of 177 people overall.  Although I didn’t get my goal time, I did set an official race PR by 48 seconds and am pretty happy with my performance.  The race happens each month on the 3rd Saturday, so we’re going to go back next month and try again!

One thing I noticed – does anyone else that races notice this – around mile 1.5-2 I start getting REALLY over it.  There is enough of the race left that I’m not getting the “I’m almost there” boost, and you’re far enough in to have the tireds set in.  I ran at an 8:33/mile pace.  My first mile was 8:18 (that’s the only one I know because of the mile marker issue), and I’m pretty the last mile was pretty close to that.  My second mile had to have been over 9 minutes because I just felt so bleh and tired.  I hope to figure that one out by next month.  If I could stop losing my ooomph in the middle of 5ks, I’d run much better times.

Tee hee, couldnt resist this picture...

Tee hee, couldn't resist this picture...

Project: Unfluffy Bride:

This is starting officially today and ends October 1st.  I’m attempting to eat as close to 1200 calories as I can per day, and modifying my cardio a bit so my appetite doesn’t incapacitate me.  The plan is to do 30 mins cardio 4 days this week (running or DDR), 2 weights sessions, and a bike adventure sometime this weekend.  I’m allowing myself to do less if I need, or a *little*more if I feel like, but that’s the plan.

The last few days weren’t terribly successful, and they averaged out to about 1700 calories per day instead of the 1500 I’d like, but I am starting off at 155.4 today instead of in 157 silly town, so I must have done SOMETHING somewhat right.  Wish me luck with the rest of this week.  My first challenge: lunch with the girls today at Tex Mex…

Wedding stuff:

One week four days until I’m hopping on a jetplane to Vegas to get hitched.   Most of the details are dealt with, but there is still a lot to do.  Right now, the item of the day to figure out is centerpieces – the hotel said decorations were included (which we thought meant centerpieces), but after we pressed them for details, the only thing they actually provide is a black candle holder with a lit candle in it.  Not exactly tropical themed.

Now, we have two options.  The first is to get centerpieces done to match my bouquet (orange, purple, and white).  I am finding out today how expensive this is. The other option is to bring my own centerpieces, and my parents had a great idea of a small circular mirror, some tea lights, and flower petals.  Since we have a bunch of other stuff to decorate the tables with (leis, flower hair clips, tropical confetti, those silly little drink umbrellas, etc), we don’t need something HUGE, but just something at the center would be cool.   Any suggestions/ideas?

The makeup is going well.  I went on a little spree this weekend and am now much better prepared.  I went with the bare minerals starter kit for fair skin, and am incredibly happy with it.  At first I was a little nervous that it was going to be too light – but it looked amazing after it was done.   The rest of the routine involves the pinks look that I did last week, but my awesome maid of honor V gave me some blush and is letting me borrow some bronzer.  Hooray!

The hair progress is going a little slower, but ok.  Got2Be hair luster lotion is amazing.  I hope to never live without this product ever, ever again.  I, right now, am on 3 day hair I’ve slept on twice and have not brushed, and there is nothing sticking up as long as I apply a little of this at my roots every morning.  I went for a curly look (hence, why I haven’t brushed it) and used Fructis Wonder Waves spray.  It makes the hair a little crunchy, which I don’t really want for the wedding, but for daily use, it’s awesome!  Like I said, it’s 3 days from being washed, and I still have nice, defined curls as long as I spray it on every morning.  None of these products take very long to use, so I can see keeping up with it at least some of the time.  I didn’t get a really good picture of this, but I’ll try to take one tonight.  I plan to wash my hair then and try something different.

So… yeah.  Any advice for the centerpieces?  Run any races this weekend?  Wanna tell me what your favorite low calorie super healthy go to meal is?  Hit me up.


Thingity Things of This Week


Day 2, or 9 Days Until Vegas…


  1. Div

    For centerpieces, perhaps you could do something with fish bowls or pretty vases or glass containers with some of those translucent (but colored) glass stones at the bottom, put in water, and put in floating candles. Or get the candles in various colors. You could even sprinkle flower petals around that. So, get your wedding colors (or complimentary colors or whatever) of stones, candles and petals. Get multiple colors of each. Then do each centerpiece with a varying color scheme.

    Sounds like a lot of work, but I don’t think it will be. You can probably pick up vase like things at a dollar store, or definitely Michaels. Same with the stones. Not sure on the candles.

    It works for tropical (water, fishbowl, etc) and it’s easy and pretty. Also possibly safer than tea lights surrounded by flammable things. You should probaly have someone on occassional candle duty, though. Go through, make sure there’s still a lit candle or two, etc.

  2. Hey! Congrats on the 5k! that is awesome — you made great time! I haven’t ran a race myself, but I can imagine that the pre-mid point is the hardest. With regards to the centerpieces, I’m with Div above! vases at craft stores are super cheap and you can fill them with whatever you want — flowers, marbles, floating votives, etc. When it comes to hair product, I’d suggest anything for curls by garnier fructis!
    And the countdown to your wedding begins — it’s so close!!!

  3. nice job on the race! both of you!!! must have been the weekend for 5Ks 🙂 i would LOVE to run it in the time you did, so i guess i’d better keep practicing for another race!

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