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Pick Myself Up, Dust Myself Off

What is it about weekends?  You are a perfect little saint all week, and then Friday hits and BAM! it’s on like donkey kong.  It was like the sin trifecta – Staying up too late, eating and drinking too much, and not exercising come together to form the voltron of not sticking to my plan of awesome.

Thursday, there were a few drinks (but I totally budgeted for them so it barely counts).  Friday, we stayed up until 5am playing Uncharted 2 and watching How I Met Your Mother season 4 and about 2am started mowing down on pistachios and jerky because I was HUNGRY (to be fair, it HAD been about 6 hours since I ate dinner so it made sense).  Saturday was a WAY OVERBOARD drinking night and I think I might had tripped and fell face first into a handful or 2 of chips.  Sunday, we went out to Italian and let’s just say I didn’t order the pasta with red sauce.

There were some successes this weekend though.  Each choice, I actually evaluated in my head.  Is it worth eating/drinking this if it might possibly negate some of the work I put in this week?  Each instance, it was yes.  Pistachios and jerky might have sent me a little over 1500 calories that day, but they were actually a pretty healthy snack.  Saturday was a freaking blast and we found a great new hangout, and though I may have had a few chips, I turned down the 2am fast food run even though I was in the car and stayed up ’til almost sunrise again.  Sunday, I hadn’t had Italian in a loooooong time and I split the meal between lunch and half of dinner.  Spinach and chicken cannelloni in white sauce may not have been the best choice, but it was actually a pretty small portion.   Also, I may not have formally worked out, but we spent most of the weekend shopping, so I was up and about.

So, nothing to do but move forward.  No guilt, no regret.  I had fun this weekend, and I’m starting the week at 157.4, which is better than last week.  Onward and downward.

Today, I start the Shred.  After thinking about it, I think I’m going to try and do it daily (perhaps give myself one day off per week if I need).   I’m looking forward to it – I desperately need to try something different and ass kicking.  I’m going to take measurements and photos tonight too since a lot of people lose inches doing that and not lbs.  The full week plan is:

Monday: under 1400 calories, Shred Lvl 1, 30 mins DDR

Tuesday: under 1400 calories, Shred Lvl 1, 5k run

Wednesday: under 1400 calories, Shred Level 1, 30 mins DDR

Thursday: under 1400 calories, Shred Level 1, 5 mile run (need to start getting used to medium distances again if I’m going to run it on Thanksgiving)

Friday: under 1500 calories, Shred Level 1

Saturday: healthy eating until the Halloween party, Shred Level 1

Sunday: under 1500 calories, rest

If shredding proves to be enough of an ass-kicking, I may omit some of the DDR, but I need to get at least 2 runs in.   Saturday night is a huge Halloween party which will have lots of yummy food and drink, so I’m going to just try to eat healthy up until then and be reasonable there.  I think as long as I can follow the rest of my plan this week some indulgence there won’t kill me.  I’ll let you know how it’s going next Monday (I think writing the wrap up on Friday made me feel somehow DONE with the week and then the weekend kinda went off into the weeds).


Sooo, I am loveloveloving the boots/tights/skirt or dress look this fall.  Like this.  I would so steal that entire outfit, I’m a sucker for plaid.  So, I went out in search of some new things to apply to the bottom half of my body (I do need to get some new cold weather tops too, but I also need to clean out my closet and see what is too big first).  I picked up two really cute dresses that are office appropriate and a good handful of skirts that are the same.  I’m pretty set on basic tights now and I have some fun patterned ones, but if that’s really going to be my fall/winter “look”, I’m going to need some fun colors – a red and a blue at least would provide me some non-nude/black options if patterned tights aren’t an option.

As for the boots – I have a great pair of brown ones that should last this season, but my three pairs of black boots aren’t really cutting it.  One I just need to throw out as the sole is split (but they are just so damn cute I haven’t yet), one are falling apart and need some shoe glue love (and I’m not sure if that will even save them), and my third pair is totally cute and WAY comfortable, but they are lace ups and take way too long to put on in the morning.  So, to that end, I ended up traipsing through a bunch of different stores and after trying on all sorts, I ended up with something like this, except mine has a fold over at the top and was only 25 bucks *grin*.

After I purge the shoe closet soon, I think I’d like to pick up a more casual black boot (unless these end up being super comfy after breaking in), and a pair of non-boot black semi-dressy shoes.  Something like maybe this or this.  That should probably get me through.  Now on the must have cold weather list is a black super warm jacket and I think I’m pretty set.  I am honestly kind of OVER shopping right now since I spent all weekend doing it and STILL have to pick up a halloween costume.  And eventually pick up some cold weather running gear.  It’s a hard life.

So, what’s up in your world?  Starting anything new and exciting like the shred today?  What is your must have clothing items this fall?  What are you going to be for Halloween?  Anyone want to tell me I *should* feel guilty for this weekend?  Ciao, lovelies, and I’ll see you mon-ya-nah.

Oh, and the pics are some pretty scary looking costumes from Costume Shopper.


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  1. I love that outfit! I’m a boots/skirt/tights girl myself and the residual goth in me loves dramatic plaids with black;) Sounds like a fun shopping trip!

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