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So it was another loooooong day at work, then a 6 mile tempo at the gym (which I ROCKED even though I REALLY DID NOT WANT thank you Felice, THIS post was amazing), I’m beat.  Physically and mentally.  And I have that same deep-y thought post staring at me and I’m just staring back at it blinking with an empty brain.  Oh well, perhaps tomorrow.  I am going to be a cheater cheater bo beater (see, brains-no-worky) and make this a conversation and not me and my soapbox.  So, the dear happy lot of you, these are some things that I wonder about you.  Please feel free to comment answering any, all, or none of them.  I’m pulling this from my brain, so get ready for a technicolor ride.  Or something.

1.  Tell me one time that you were truly and completely happy.  I don’t just mean content, but full of joy.  Almost enraptured.  Like your heart was going to burst if you felt anything else.

2.  If you could eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  For example, I might say “sandwiches”.

3.  How did your significant other propose?  If you’re not married/engaged/etc, what is your dream proposal?

4.  I see you at a bar, and I say next round’s on me, and the bartender has every beverage in the world.  What do you order?

5.  What is the sneakiest thing you’ve ever gotten away with (that you’ll admit to publicly)?

6.  Tell me about the most intense, ballsy, crazy, fear-conquering, superhuman, proud-moment thing you’ve ever done in your life.

7.  If you could erase ONE thing from your history, and make like it never happened, what would it be?

8.  Hey, hot stuff.  What are you wearing?  Like right now.  No cheating.

9.  Lady Gaga, awesome or overrated?

10.  If you could time travel back 10 years, and leave yourself a very short and cryptic note so as not to screw up the time space continuum, what would you say?

And that my friends, is a DIY post if I ever saw one.  But it only works if you comment!  I’ll add mine tomorrow in between the crazy.  But here’s the catch – I’ll answer ONLY the ones that someone else answered first.  So if you have a burning desire to know my opinion of Lady Gaga, you have to offer up yours first.  I dunno – sounded like a fun, fluffy post, so let’s see if this is a fun game or it sucks balls.  However, for now, I’m taking my tired legs to bed.  Deep thought tomorrow?  Looking unlikely.  But we can always hope.


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  1. MizFit

    You know what? I think Im taking a break from the “serious bloggin” next week and assigning myself this!


    linking you.

  2. Glad I could be of help 😉

    1. Fully happy: When my son was born. It was unreal. I really did think I would explode. And I was someone who never thought I would have kids but then I had one and was happy beyond belief.

    Hope your tired legs got a good night’s rest!

  3. cat

    PIZZA!!! I’ll let you guess which question that answer belongs to. 😉

  4. Ok, so I owe two answers. I’ve been stalling on answering the first one because I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to one, so I’ll cheat.

    1. A few instances: watch a sunrise with a good friend after staying up all night talking. I had never felt so…free, like anything was possible, and like the world was beautiful. Quite a few times, just being silly and goofing off with Zliten I’ve felt pure joy. Also, quite a few times after races or really amazing hard runs.

    2. I kinda gave this away, but probably sandwiches. There are so many different things you can make into a sandwich, although I would certainly have to eat a LOT of veggie sandwiches as snacks or I’d miss veggies, and come up with a fruit sandwich as well. I definitely thrive on eating something different every day so I’m glad I don’t have to!

    Keep ’em comin!

  5. Fun!
    8. Hot pink/gray flannel button down shirt with skinny-cut jeans (had to share since you and I discussed the “skinny” cut jean idea!)
    9. Awesome. I saw her in concert and… just awesome.

  6. Alright…game on! Here I am answering ALL the questions.

    1. Signing home loan documents. Some people dream of weddings and babies, but I dream of owning property. It was just sheer bliss.

    2. Cereal and milk. I know…not exciting, but I love cereal and could stick with it for all eternity.

    3. My dream proposal? Good question. Really, I want to be caught off-guard and surprised. Being with the same dude for 10 years, I imagine he knows a thing or two about what I like so whatever he does will be awesome. But surprise me. I love surprises. Oh…and more than rolling over in bed and saying “So uh…wanna get hitched?”

    4. Newcastle Beer, draft. I’m easy.

    5. Stealing a couple of traffic signal lights when I was 16 years old. Seeing them in my friend’s bedroom all lit up was awesome.

    6. Moving to London, England with too little money. I don’t think anything else I will do in my life will ever top the ballsy-ness factor.

    7. My dad not marrying my stepmom. For real.

    8. Black sweater dress with black leggings (with a cool print on leg). Oh…and black flats.

    9. Awesome. Yes, I am a Gaga fan. She reminds me of Madonna when she first started out – an envelope pusher and someone who is truly out there to create art and make you think. I saw the Oprah interview with her and I was converted…true story. Her music is cool too.

    10. “Don’t panic when things seem rough. You are strong enough to plow through any obstacle and it will pass.”

  7. More answers, since I’m just WAITING on stuff right now.

    8. (I was hoping to answer this today). Chartruse, red, and black plad mod dress, black hat, black jacket, black tights, and black pirate boots (been waiting for the right day to wear this for a while). And BTW Charlotte, I STILL have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans I like. I figure I’ll get some just in time for it to be too hot to wear them with boots. 😛

    9. Hated for the longest time, but honestly? Starting to respect her originality, and seems to have some longevity. And her music is FANTASTIC to run to. *whispers* don’t tell anyone, but Zliten likes her too. 😉

  8. Oooh yay! Ok, now I will reveal the rest. Please continue to play along! As a holder of a psych degree, I LOVE digging inside brains. My own or other people’s. No matta.

    3. Zliten tried a few times with onion rings and ring pops but in 2007 we decided it was time to get a real ring. We picked it out in mexico on a cruise with my parents and proceeded to get really drunk on mexican beer and tequila waiting for it to get sized. My dad was with, but not my mom and we didn’t tell her. At dinner that night he had the waiter bring me a pickle for desert (long story, inside joke, unless you are a fan of Slayers) and got down on one knee and said, “wanna be my pickle?” My mom cried, it was really cute. Oh – and he put it on the wrong finger, lol. He did that when we got married too, it’s sort of tradition now.

    4. Jim beam and diet coke, or a house chardonnay. Though if you prodded I might go for some more expensive whiskey.

    5. As a dumb kid – was pulled over under the influence, and talked my way out of it. Also, had friends help me up the stairs because I was too smashed and I told my parents I was just tired.

    6. Again, a tricky one, gotta list a few. Some of the things I did in gymnastics with very little training, just kinda hurling my body into the air and seeing what happened. In the same vein, moving to San Diego with no job, no money, and no idea why besides wanting to GTFO of Reno. Walking into the VP’s office 5 years ago and telling him he should give me control of the game I was working on after only having been on it for less than a year. Deciding to more than double my mileage and run a half marathon in 3 months. All ended up being good decisions!

    7. Maybe some minor things, like not eating SO many pieces of pizza a few weeks ago at dinner, but major things? I’m a firm believer in learning from your past. Would I like to have never gained 150 lbs from my gymnastics weight? Sure thing. Did I learn a lot from the gain and loss? Absolutely. So without knowing the implications, I’m going to say: nothing.

    10. “You know that star you wished on, and the things you most desire? They’ll all come true in some way or another. Maybe not exactly as you imagine it, but they will. And you’ll have to fight for what you want, but what worth having isn’t worth fighting for?”

  9. 1. Totally happy time! When each of my kids was born. I know that’s seven times, but it really is true!

    The proposal? At a picnic where he was so nervous I thought he was going to faint. Fortunately he didn’t!

  10. 1. Childbirth. I had to fight like hell to have a natural birth (see #6), and I did it: no meds, no IV, no nothing but my then-husband, my OB-GYN, and my doula. And I did it. And I loved it. The single most empowering, emotionally fulfilling experience EVER.

    2. Hummus

    3. We went to visit my sister, and the adults all went to a fancy-schmancy restaurant for dinner. He hid my ring (a celtic-design with a huge honking emerald – and HE designed it) in my molten chocolate cake dessert. (I know – totally cliche, right?). He got down on one knee, asked the question, and the rest is history. 🙂 Thank God I didn’t choke on the damn ring.

    4. A margarita (not frozen), no salt, made with Patron Gold.

    5. I got someone fired for being rude to a waitress.

    6. I fired my original OB when I was 39 weeks pregnant because he was trying to scare me into being induced.

    7. I’d still have my mom (she died in 1990).

    8. Slippers, socks, Eeyore pajama pants, pink t-shirt, gray hoodie.

    9. Much like New Shimmer is both a dessert topping and a floor wax, Lady Gaga is both awesome and overrated.

    10. It’s never going to get better, so divorce him now.

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