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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

It’s Business Time…

Not THAT business time, silly.  The business of getting back to eating like a reasonable human and attempting to lose the half marathon weight, that is.  I’ve been not looking forward to this post for a while.  I like training for races.  I like eating.  I get a kick out of having a crazy appetite (it’s actually refreshing when previously, it was hard for me to get 1500 good healthy calories in).  I don’t like having to have a calorie deficit.  I don’t like feeling weak.  I REALLY don’t like having to turn down yummy treats.

However, it’s time.  On the scale this morning, it smacked me in the face with reality.  162.2.  Um, yeah.  I’m pretty sure SOME of that is bloat as I am right in the throes of TOM, but still.  That is now 7.2 lbs above acceptable, and it’s time to do something about it.  And I’m pretty sure it’s all in my stomach – my jeans don’t fit any different, but my shirts all inexplicably seem shorter.  Ah well, no worries.  It is not long for this world.

The plan is as such.


-Taking it one week at a time.

-Average of 1500 calories per day.  Exception, Saturday.  See below.

-No sweets this week besides sugar free popsicles and fruit.  Not that I expect to be giving up my 1-2 hershey kisses every few days forever, I just need to detox.

-Sticking to the food plan I made, and stick to healthy snacks of veggies, fruit, pistachios, and beef jerky.

Today’s eats: protein bar for breakfast, peanut butter/strawberry/honey on sprouted grain bread for lunch, half a bag of baby carrots and pistachios for a snack, a peach right before my workout, 4 fat free hot dogs + 2 buns and homemade coleslaw for dinner, and a cup of tea for desert.  B+.  Dinner could have been a *little* healthier, but I wasn’t home and eating until 9 – didn’t want to make anything *too* elaborate.  Coming in at around 1400 calories = it works.


-Taking it in two week chunks.

-Trying to NOT get lazy like last time and decrease my mileage to just about 0.

-Continuing with 3 runs per week.  One short speed run, one medium non-lazy run, and either a loooong run or another medium, slower paced run.  This week, I started with a 6 mile run around 9:40 minute miles, Wednesday I plan on making a stab at a 6:50-ish minute mile sandwiched between warmup and cooldown miles, and Saturday, I want to get out and attempt 14 miles (no matter the speed).  I am considering this pre-training for the marathon by getting used to being on my feet for a long time.

-I plan on alternating high mileage weeks (like this week) with extra strengthy weeks (next week).  On a super strengthy week, I plan to try to do 3 full body strength sessions, whereas on super mile-y weeks I’ll do 2.  I will figure out the particulars of this next week.

-Two cross training cardio sessions of at least 30 mins.  DDR, arc trainer, etc.  If it’s super mellow like biking or walking – at least 60 mins.

The plan for this week is Monday – 6 mile run + legs (done!), Tuesday – 30 mins arc trainer + abs/arms, Wednesday – 3 miles with timed mile in the middle + legs, Thursday – DDR + abs/arm at home, Saturday – 14 mile run.


I just have to remind myself that I have to approach this differently than I have the last 3 months.  I am NOT always allowed to eat when I’m hungry.  I need to retrain my appetite to a smaller quantity of food.  I also need to remember that I don’t constantly have to restrict my food, count my calories, and say no to delicious yummies – it’s just for now.  As much as I’ll be regretting saying this in a few days, it feels good to be back to eating like a normal healthy human and not a calorie compactor.

Wish me luck with the new plan!  I’m seeing a lot of people around the bloggy-sphere rededicating themselves to healthy pursuits – it’s about that time, it seems.  What are YOU starting this week?  What bad habits do you want to break?  What good habits do you want to encourage?

EDIT: Snow day today (2/23) and I’ve been a lazy monster.  No post today.  Just an update.  Still doing good, did a crossfit workout that kicked my butt today instead of the gym, and even with being home most of the day, I have not yet eaten my entire fridge.  Oh yeah, and down 1.4 lbs (160.8).  Took good care of the iguana and tried to stay warm (adventures in snow not having central heat = not fun today).  More tomorrow!


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  1. MizFit

    ahhh the bad habits.
    methinks its too late to address those as my race is in less than 2 weeks.
    pray for me.

    and the good habits? BEING PRESENT IN ALL THAT I DO.
    more than even health and fitness Im striving this week to be fully engaged with people or NOT ENGAGING THEM AT ALL.

  2. Love the Business Time reference. I happen to be wearing my business socks right this minute.

    Anyway, we know what I’m starting this week. And this being the morning after Day One I’m feeling pretty okay about it. There is nothing about running that is easy for me – and the whole mental part is the worst – but it feels kind of good to be coming face to face with a nemesis.

    We’ll see how that changes tomorrow, when it’s time to do Day 2.

  3. Good luck! You know you can do it so you will!!

  4. Good luck getting back to it! I think you’ll be fine ;o) I recently took on eliminating sugar and it’s been surprising freeing. I work well with restrictions!

    Good luck – can’t wait to see how it goes.

  5. This week I’m working on incorporating coconut oil and Sunbutter into my diet, and sticking to my no-soda and health breakfast rules. I think you’ve got a good plan of attack set up, and I *know* you have the mental toughness to get where you want to be!

  6. syl

    I just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for your comment regarding my half marathon training. I needed to gain some confidence and your words made me feel like I was doing the right things, thank you so much!

  7. I think you have a sound plan, and I really like the way you are attacking all of this. Good luck – I have confidence in you!

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