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Little Miracles

This post was supposed to be a weigh in, a plan, and perhaps some bitching about various things workout and weight loss.  Today is something different.  If you follow me on twitter you probably got some emotionally charged mood swingy slightly cryptic messages, so here is the whole story.

Friday morning, I woke up, grabbed the leezard out of her cage and attempted to put her into her uber special carrying case (which also happens to be the rock band drums box).  She DID_NOT_WANT_TO_GET_IN.  After a few minutes of struggling, we get her in the box, I drove her up to the vet, and after waiting a bit, they decided just to take her back in the box, so I told her to be a good girl and then left for work.

The vet was supposed to call about when to pick her up and then it was lunchtime, and the 3… I ended up in a meeting around 4, and I grabbed my phone.  Zliten called me halfway into it, basically letting me know our options: emergency surgery or euthenasia.  I COULD NOT deal with that right then, so I told him I”d call him back.  I tried to get back into the meeting but my head wasn’t in it.  I excused myself, ran outside, and called Zliten back.  We talked for a while and after he filled me in on what the vet said was wrong (they thought she had a rupture in her stomach) and the chances of recovery (about 20% and about 6 months of pain and suffering even best case) we decided on the unthinkable.

I went back into work, let everyone know what was going on, I tried to finish up what I was doing, but ended up just taking off.  I’m not a crier but I was barely holding myself together.  I came home, poured myself a drink, opened up a new pack of smokes, sat down outside, and started bawling.  Zliten was on his way up to the vet to pick up our leezard, and we were going to bury her in the backyard.  He came home empty handed, as the vet had asked us to come back the next day, as she wanted to do an autopsy to find out exactly what was wrong to help for next time (to which we agreed).

We talked, drank, and said “this sucks” a lot.  A few hours later, the vet called again.  I had almost gotten myself out of being in a completely miserable mood, and I was just like – what now?  Zliten talked to her for an awfully long while and said some very cryptic things, and then hung up.  He let me know that vet had given her the first injection (the one that makes her sleep – just anesthesia), and she just wouldn’t fall asleep.  They gave her another and still she didn’t fall asleep very quick.  They took one last set of x-rays and finally figured it out – she was gravid (full of eggs)!

They put her on a ventilator, and stayed with her.  A few hours later – the vet called back and she was breathing on her own.  She was going to take her to a clinic in South Austin that could monitor her all night, and would call us in the morning.  We proceed to get incredibly drunk, but it didn’t really help.  I didn’t really sleep much.  Around 8:30, we got a call from the vet saying she was up and running around and climbing on things!  We got up and got to the vet, and went and found us a seriously fiesty, awake, and PISSED OFF lizard. The doctor showed us all the x-rays and walked us through what happened, and it all made sense – however, we do think that the x-ray tech might need a little more school, as our doctor took MUCH clearer x-rays.

So, long story short, we have set her up with a nest to lay her eggs, calcium supplements to help her (as laying eggs takes a LOT out of them), and are supposed to give her two baths daily (which I think she is actually starting to like).  We bring her back at lunch for another checkup, but she seems to be doing pretty well.  Hopefully she passes her eggs soon, and she’ll be back to her feisty self.

What a crazy, emotionally draining few days.  I’m so glad it worked out how it worked out, but sheesh – what a scare.  I just wanted to share the story about our crazy leezard just not giving up.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


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  1. MizFit

    thank you for this deviation from regularly scheduled programming.

    We can all use the lesson in tenacity from the leezard huh?

    here’s hoping your week is filled with routine and dullness.

    hell, I shall take that kind of week as well 🙂

  2. What an awful thing for you all to go through. I hope the leezard is back to normal soon.

  3. WOW! A preggie lizard! That is so crazy. I am really glad that all is well- I can’t imagine that added stress didn’t show up with the shortened shirts?

    I love that your pants fit the same but your shirts seem shorter. LOL.

    Alison 🙂

  4. Crawling out of my sick bed to tell you I am so glad your lizard is ok! And pregnant! How fun:) Are you going to keep the babies?

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