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Friday Feel Good Photos

Since I’ve already exceeded my limit for ranting, whining, analyzing, and neuroses this week, I think I’ll send you into the weekend with a bunch of pictures from the seriously AWESOME duathlon two weekends ago.  As nitpicky and crazy as I get, I certainly can step back and bask in the awesomeness.

A year ago, I would not have felt confident in my ability to run and bike back to back to back.  I also would have definitely worried about the heat that day.  Good thing I trained for a half marathon in the hottest spring/summer ever last year! …and honestly, I was worried about the bike/run/bike thing until I was able to complete the distance two days before.  Also, a year ago Zliten would have not joined me.  I’m glad he was able to finish the race!

Two years ago, in addition, I would not have had the endurance yet to run the 1st part of the race (5k), let alone the second and third legs.  I would have felt completely out of place and intimidated among the athletes there.  Good thing that year I worked my ASS off through long hours and particularly hostile-to-weight-loss situations, and worked on building my running base from barely 2 miles to comfortable at a 10k, and went beyond my comfort zone and entered my first race.  And then another.  And I was hooked.

Three years ago, I would have felt self conscious in pants (my uniform was skirts w/elastic waistbands).  I would have been uncomfortable in the heat.  Camping probably would have thrown my back out for weeks.  I would have felt like the fat girl and stuck out like a sore thumb.  I would have nothing to talk about with these people, as I wouldn’t have considered running unless chased and biking was something I hadn’t done since junior high school.  Good thing that year I decided to change my life and lose the weight for good even if it took me a long time – and picked up a penchant for all things sweaty as I took off weight and built endurance.

This year, I went, and felt confident starting, felt comfortable (though awe-inspired) at these crazy distance runner peoples, and finished the race with a respectable time (1:18:45) 3rd to last.

Next year, 4th to last at least.  And at least 1:18:44.

Now, I present to you, pictures.

Have a fantastic and healthy weekend, campers.  I’ll do my best to do the same.

What scary/cool/outside your comfort zone thing have you done lately that’s beyond your previous wildest expectations?


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  1. I don’t mind your ranting, etc! It’s your blog after all. But, I did love the positive writings today about your experience! And what wonderful pictures!

    Congrats all the way around.

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