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Walrus Bunny Friday and Other Randomness

It’s been a heck of a week.  Seems like that happens often lately, but hey, such is life.  Another list of random stuffs numbered randomly?  Don’t mind if I do.

1.  We finally hit a milestone we were about 3 weeks late on due to various circumstances.  We’re still doing a little tying up loose ends and cleanup, but it feels good to be mostly done.  I definitely missed this – I’ve spent most of my career managing and working with live MMO games so it feels natural to be back to it.

2.  Thursday (yesterday), I worked out in the morning (45 mins on the arc trainer), I went to work, got through the morning, had a long meeting in a dark room, and emerged soooo tired.  I was thinking, “Geez, how am I going to get through a workout tonight” and then realized I had already worked out.  That was a nice realization.  I’m kinda tired today too and my day ends around 6:30 and THEN I have an hour and a half at the gym.  I wish I could have a repeat of yesterday.  Boo.

3.  I seem to be falling into the same rut of eating too little during the day and then being a hunger monster and eating a lot at night.  I’m sure it will work out over time, but when I’m getting on the scale in the morning, it’s not helping my numbers I’m sure.  My problem is I’m just so so so busy during the day I’m not that hungry, and then when I get home it just HITS ME.  I’m thinking bigger breakfasts might be the way to go next week, especially on high octane workout days.

4.  I think we’ve decided to drop the South Padre trip and spend the money instead on camping gear, a bike rack, a fishing license for me, and perhaps some such thing as a wet suit or other improvements to our tri-gear.   I had a lot of fun camping for the Du Loop, and I figure that I can either spend the dough on ONE trip, or get the supplies to be able to go have a fun weekend away any time we want.  I also wish to be a more outdoorsy, less “roughing it = a hotel without a pool and pillowtop mattress” type gal – so I shall do what I aspire to be and see if it works out.  Although…I’m still a big fan of fancy hotels.  That is never gonna go away.

5.  Thursday (yesterday) I took the iguana to the vet for one of her last checkups (hopefully) for a while.  She decided that she wanted to express her distaste by pooping in her carrier, which also happens to be the rock band drum box.  Sigh.  The good news is her belly is healing nicely and so is her paw.  She is able to even get in the bath again after a month and just looked so happy about it all night!

6.  Warrior dash is on and it’s Sunday.  We’re making t-shirts for it but we can’t decide what they should say yet.   Any suggestions?  Bad Ass?  Lily Livered Lizard Lovers? If You Can Read This I Haven’t Found The Mud Pit Yet?  Something witty and warrior-like… we just haven’t figured it out yet.

7.  After it’s over – we’re heading to a nice little hotel in Dallas for some swimming, lounging, nice dinner, and some drinky-poos.  We want to stay fairly near the hotel (which is fairly near downtown, I guess), but is there anything super cool that we should check out if we have a little time in the afternoon?  I have a feeling after the race we’ll be more in the mood for the pool but just in case…

Not really a deep thought-y type of post, but that’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods.  I will do my normal weigh in for the week on Sunday morning (since I’ll be out of town Monday) and probably have the normal weekly recap Tuesday.  More un-fluff posts soon, I hope…. until then, here is my doing my best walrus-bunny impression at our weekly pho-riday meeting.

Happy weekend!  Hope the weather is as beautiful there for you as it is here.


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