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Rage, Chocolate, and Piles of Cow

It’s weird – ya know – most weeks I am dreading the Monday routine of “gingerly-putting-my toe-on-the-scale” and hoping and praying for a nice number thing.  This week, I kind of miss it.  I mean, it was not going to be good news at all.  A bachelorette party.  Dad’s day Italian food.  Celebrating my promotion unexpectedly on Friday.  These things a good weigh in does not make.  On top of it, yesterday begin that most wonderful time of the month when I want to curl up into a little ball and simultaneously curse mother nature for the inherent womanly design flaws and thank the stars for the fact for once again proving to me that I can go one more month doing nothing more motherly and responsible than trying not to kill our houseplants and hoping our iguana doesn’t get into anything too poisonous on the floor with her adventures.  So even if magic was worked somehow with the weekend crazy, that would have sent me into a fit of rage, chocolate, and piles of cow.

However, I am pretty proud of Saturday.  Between a 25 mile bike ride, a 3.1 mile run, and approximately 2 hours of constant dancing that night (if not more), estimates me at 2150 calories burnt.  In my generous estimation of consumables – I think I was at 2500, tops.  Daily burn wanted me to consume about 3500-3700 calories that day to be in the weight loss range.  Oops.  Makes sense why I was in no mood to swim the next day and have been kind of exhausted since.  Above was the beginning of the night – here’s the end…

Wheeee!  I should be freaking out that I haven’t swam much, but honestly?  Eh.  I can do the sprint bike and run distance in my sleep.  I did twice the bike distance and the full 5k on Saturday hung over and tired.  I’ve done 1.5 times the swim distance in the pool without being worse for wear.  I think the sprint distance shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, we plan to switch gyms sometime next month.  So I’ll be able to swim every day if I please.  I can do some swim training cram sessions.  Considering I’m about 2 months from the sprint tri and 3 from the olympic… I think I should be ok.  Also, is it weird that I’m a little sad to leave my old gym?  I mean, it’s bare bones and smells like sweat and grossness sometimes, and I’m sort of a minority there because I’m white, and machines are out of order sometimes, but it’s MY ghetto gym.  I know it’s because I always do this with places (apartments, jobs, anything that I can call MY place to live, work, be, etc), but you think it would be onward and upward.  Sigh.  Oh well.

This week is looking pretty mellow to last week’s crazy.  At least socially.  Work is ALWAYS crazy.  It’s good, because I am kind of exhausted from 3 days of celebration.  I was dragging ass through yesterday and though my workout went well, I sort of wanted to curl up and die for most of the day.  Today, I’m about at 80% and hoping one more good night of sleep will fix me up proper.   Our ONLY plans this weekend is our work picnic celebrating 10 million registered (yeah – I’m pretty proud of us too), and I think I’m ok with that.  Think I might pull back the crazy workouts too and make this sort of a recovery week.  I need to do at least a 10k sometime since it was a little harder than it should have been, but dial back the bike miles a bit.

Anyhoo, here is last week by the numbers:

Monday: 1604 in – 466 out (DDR and weights) = 1138

Tuesday: 1851 in – 680 out (10k run) = 1171

Wednesday: 1499 in – 546 out (20 mins bike, 20 mins arc trainer) = 953

Thursday: 1496 in – 767 out (1 hour weights, 40 min bike) = 729 (oops)

Friday: 1784 in – 0 out = 1784

Saturday: 2500 in – 2135 out (25mi bike, 5k run, 2 hours dancing) = 350 (super oops)

Sunday: 1525 in – 0 out = 1525

Avg calories in per day: 1751

Avg calories out per day: 656

Avg net calories per day: 1094

Avg deficit per day: 718, or about 1.5 lbs.  We’ll see.  Dailyburn doesn’t even think so because of the crazy deficits some days and overages others.  Good thing I’m not weighing!

So this week, my devious plan:

Monday: cybil for 40 mins (500 cals), ate 1895 calories

Tuesday: bike 12 miles, run 4 miles (800 calories), eat about 1800 calories.

Wednesday: morning bike ride (300), eat about 1500 calories

Thursday: weights (200), eat about 1500 calories

Friday: 10k run (700 calories), eat about 1800 calories

Saturday: 12 mile bike ride and weights (600 calories), eat about 2000.

Sunday: off and eat 1500 or active adventure somewhere and eat more.

That’s about it for this week.  Wishing the weather would have cooperated for more lovely afternoon bike rides and bike commutes but high 90’s with a heat index of every day above 100?  Think I’ll save the heatstroke for others. 😛  How’s your weather this week?  What do you have planned?

…and just for making it to the end, I will reward you (or punish you) with this gem.  Oh oh oh oh!


Black Holes and Celebrations


Sleepy Sleep Bot


  1. MizFit

    you had me at switching gyms 🙂
    might it be to mine?
    Im DEFINITELY more Dave Godin than where Im currently working out—but theres daycare now 🙂

  2. I COVET YOUR DRESS! Seriously – that is adorable. I want one! (And I’m so glad you didn’t weigh yourself! That’s a coup!)

  3. It sounds like you did really well even among all the celebrations! Congrats on your promotion! You look great by the way. The weather here is horrible – heat index of 105 to 110. Seriously hot.

  4. @Miz – It’s between Pure Austin (the whole “triathlete gym” thing is a big draw but it looks like where the “beautiful people” work out which is so not me) and Body Business (which is more likely).

    @Charlotte – Thanks – I covet my dress too and I own it hehe. I wish I could wear that damn thing every day. 5 bucks at the thrift store – can you believe it? It’s forever 21 brand but I have no clue how old it is.

    @Diane – Heat index is right around there for us too. I don’t mind it honestly for just being outside and walking around (my thermostat is totally broken – I run about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the world) but it makes outside workouts after work impossible.

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