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Vacation Log 2

…while I could chat a lot about this week, I think I’ll let the pictures and video say most of it.

Sunday, December 26:

The hat told us it was rock climbing day.  However, I looked up on the website at Main Event and they had a special for 16 bucks, it was all you can play day with mini golf, laser tag, rock climbing, bowling, pool, and shuffleboard.  Score!  We started the day with glow golf – the course was kinda lame but I did get to golf through the STARGAAAAATE!

Then we played a little pool.  I think one game took 30 mins because Zliten and I both are horribly out of practice.

Then, the main event… har har… rock climbing.  I went up about 25 beginner walls in an hour.  I tried a few more advanced ones but I do not have the grip strength.  I made up for quality with quantity though!

Then after some more pool, bowling!  Woohoo!  My hands were sooooore from climbing, I could barely grip the ball.  I never bowl under 100!

Then, some more pool and shuffleboard, and then we were hungry.  Chicken fajitas and a margarita was on the order, and then a little more boozin’ around the fire pit, and we went to bed awesomely sleepytired.  I don’t have pictures from any of that, so here is another video of me rock climbing.

Monday, December 27th:

We woke up just a little worse for wear, and had a decadent lunch of din ho (family style authentic Chinese food with the best wonton soup around).  We decided to save rollerskating for the next day (which is what the hat said), and instead engineered the hat to give us “watch all 3 lotrs in one day”.  I also devoured the two books I got for xmas (The Great Fitness Experiment and 50 1-hour triathlon workouts).  I highly suggest that everyone out there go out and pick up a copy of both (GFE for everyone, 50 workouts for anyone that wants some nifty, interesting swim/bike/run training)!

Tuesday, December 28 th:

We spent most of the day shopping, returning stuff, and generally being about town, and then later in the evening we made good on our hat pick by going to adult skate night.

Wednesday, December 29th:

The hat told us that our adventure was Cancun mexican restaurant.  It is a sketchy little taco shop in a sketchy part of town we pass occasionally on the freeway, and we figured it would be either the BEST tex mex around or the worst.  Ended up just being sorta “meh”.  After our lunch, we came home and relaxed and then headed down south for our trapeze lessons! It was so so so fun!!!  I want to go back!

I figured it would be a lot of on ground stuff and then a bit of swinging, but we warmed up, they taught us the sequence, we tried it on the low bar once, and then up we went!  We had 3 chances to do the sequence of takeoff, swing, hook your knees on the bar, swing, present to the (invisible) catcher, swing, unhook your knees and go back to your hands, and then do a back flip to the net (essentially a flyaway from the moving bar for my ex-gymnast peeps).  Then, they brought the catcher up, and we had two chances to do the sequence below.  I caught both times!  Wooo!

Zliten did the first sequence, but didn’t do the catching part.  Next time he said!  We came home, made some dinner, and it took Zliten about 4 hours to calm down, his heart was all pitter pattery and he said that whenever he closed his eyes he was falling.

Thursday, December 30th:

This was my Zliten the next day – so we kinda took it easy.  I kept joking that it was time for a run and I kept getting eye rolls.

The hat took pity on us and told us to go get pho – it was delicious and it had been 2 weeks (and normally it’s a weekly thing for us), so it was greatly appreciated.  Our new year’s eve party was imminent, and we didn’t want to have to deal with a mad rush on the day itself, so we shopped, cooked, and prepped.  A pretty chill day after quite a bit of excitement.  I even took the day off the gym.

Friday, December 31st:

The hat told us to make a movie, and it was the perfect night for it.  We both have a bunch of footage, but we haven’t started to edit it.  We spent most of the day chillin’ and getting ready for the party, but I did get to the gym.  It happened to be 30 mins before closing, which meant 20 mins to swim, so I did a 15 min time trial.  Swimming all out for 15 mins is kinda hard!  However, I was pretty impressed – I got through 1000 yards (or about 914 meters).  That’s over half a mile!  Our friends came over and cooked us dinner and helped us get ready, and then a party ensued.

This was the bottle of “that’s what she said” shots.  Anytime anyone said that, they had to take one (unless they were driving and opted out, of course).  We toasted the new year with a lot of good friends, had an awesome time, and this year did not have to walk 3-4 miles in the cold in platforms trying to get a cab!  Score!

Saturday, January 1st:

Happy hangover day!  It wasn’t too brutal to me, so we headed to our fave chinese buffet, got my fill of chicken and veggies and eggdrop soup, and commenced with the laying around all day.  No pics, of course.

Sunday, January 2nd:

It was time to prepare for getting back to reality.  Laundry was done, the house was cleaned, we put away xmas and new years decorations, and hit the gym for some bike sprints.

And here I ended it, snugged up on the couch, all sleepytired and ready for normalcy.  All in all, it was a lovely 2 week break, but I was kinda ready to get back to it.  I was a little sad that we didn’t get to more hat picks, but that’s just an excuse to break it out during the year!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday, and may those awesome times hold you over until the next great holiday in March, my birthday.  Oh wait, that’s just me.  So, I wanna know… what’s the coolest thing you did over your holiday?


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  1. Carmen (Karmook)

    Peaceflower! Blitzed!(Kuru, Raldath, Rathdal, whatevah… Joel) 🙂 Was just thinking about you guys and figured I’d drop in to say hello. Its been a long long time lol. —Karmook

  2. Mmmm. chicken fajitas and rock climbing. I WANTS it! Did anyone ever tell you, you have this celebrity glow about you? I could totally see you on the red carpet all sassy ‘n stuff.

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