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Take Your Iguana to Work Day

Errr, crap.  Been a busy week, haven’t had much time to yakity yak.  Have a few posts started but not the brainpower to finish, s0 here is one of those generic bullet points this and that type posts.  Hopefully something cooler soon!

Things of note:

-Last weekend was gorgeous and wonderful and we hit 81.  I wore shorts and sandals, went for an awesome swim Saturday, enjoyed being out in the sun, went for an amazing sunset walk Sunday.  It was like a wee taste of Spring.

-Then the smackdown came.  Tuesday, it was in the 20s, and hasn’t let up, and we may even get SNOW in the next day or 2.

-Also this morning, Austin got hit with rolling blackouts because the ground was too cold to get the reserve power flowing.  This makes last night’s 2 hour 30 min oven preheating debauchle make sense (serious, got home at 8:15, started oven then, meatloaf was done at 11.  I gave up at 10 and ate soup).

-Due to said rolling blackouts, the iguana came to work with me today (the house was in the 50s at best and we didn’t know how long she would have to go without heat).  It was nice to have an extra production assistant to help with scheduling.  Not sure why it all revolved around baths and trees and playing, but we’ll go with it…

-Eatingwise, I did pretty well.  Appetite is definitely decreased.  Shifts are occuring.  Had one day around 2000, but the rest of the days were the norm 1300-1600.  No longer trying to push protein is also working, I’m still getting enough per sparkpeople.  I’m definitely not TRYING to limit, but I don’t automatically think “I should have protein” when I eat, it’s “what do I feel like”.  Sometimes, that’s not meat, and that’s not gonna kill me.

-Workouts have been pretty good.  Friday I took off instead of working out and did my swim Saturday morning instead.  It was really nice!  We took an hour walk on Sunday, not a huge calorie burn, but good for the soul.  Monday, I attempted a timed mile (one mile warmup, one mile all out, one mile cooldown).  I set it to break my record and get under 7 minute miles, and I just couldn’t take it after half a mile.  I went back down to 9-10 min miles, rested up, and tried again and made it another quarter, and then again.  I did my 6:59 mile, but just with some rests in between.  I’ll need to work on it, my legs are not built for speed like that right now and I’m still sore!  After that, we did the crunchtime class (it’s a 30 min core class and AWESOME – it’s always tiny and it’s like getting free personal training).  Tuesday, I did a swim workout – jumpouts.  Every 50m or so I jumped out of the pool and did 10 of a different exercise – pushups, situps, and squats.  People looked at me like I was craaaaazy but it was a pretty damn good workout.

-I was all prepared to bitch about my weight but today it finally came down.  167.2.  That’s 1.2 less than last week.  I’m fighting for every ounce and it’s bouncing all over, but I’ll keep the faith.  I still can’t believe how slooooooow it’s going.  But as long as it goes in the right direction, I can’t complain.

-The way I’ve kept sane this week with all the cold and ucky?  Surfing cruise excursions and races.  I think on our vacation we’re doing this zipline/snorkle/beach excursion and the jungle float excursion.  I can’t wait!  I’m also continuing to update my race page HERE with potential ideas for 2011.

So, last week by the numbers?

Calories in: 1551 + 100 for adjustment errors = 1651

Calories out: 2800 total (approx), so 400 per day

Net calories in per day: 1251

Deficit per day: 591, or about 1.25 lbs lost.

Weight: 167.2, or about 1.2 lbs lost.

Hmmm, some weeks, it makes sense.

Next week of workouts planned/in progress:

Monday: mile time trial (30 mins), crunch time (30 mins)
Tuesday: 60 mins swimming workout (jumpouts)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: group power
Friday: bike workout (TBD), 60 mins
Weekend: one cardio workout, TBD
Weekend Day 2: off

Not sure what I will do over the weekend, I suppose it will depend on the weather.  Brick workout outside?  A class at the gym?  Another swim?  A time trial of some sort?  Only time will tell.  Hope everyone is staying warm out there.  We’re getting blasted by teens and 20’s this week (coldest in 20 years or something, apparently), but we should be back in the mid 60’s by the weekend.  SPRING PLZ!!!


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