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Anyone ever feel like they’re bloated?  Like, a lot?  Not just that time of the month, or after eating a bunch of beans, but way more often?  I’ve been feeling that a lot lately.  I’m not sure if it’s something I’m eating, or if my body is out of whack, or what, but it’s pretty damned uncomfortable!  While it’s true I’ve gained a little weight, 15 lbs (and honestly SOME of it has to be muscle) shouldn’t be taking me up 2 pants sizes, and it’s not affecting me other places (I have LESS fat on my legs I think and the gals, they haven’t grown).  I definitely feel like this coat made me look like!!!

I spent some time looking at both ways to cure bloating and cleanses.  Now, I’m not in any condition or have any desire to fast or just drink lemonade all day, but what piqued my interest is the fruit and veggie cleanses out there.  Some are very detailed (time and servings), and some just give you lists (eat as much as you want of fruits and veggies, eat a few servings of whole non-wheat grains, eat one serving of fish, etc), but it sorta sounds like it might be a good idea.  My insides are feeling BLEH even without eating (much – I had a well deserved treat on Sunday) sugar.  I’m thinking start on a Sunday and carry it through Wednesday initially?  Maybe 1-2 days a week or every other week after that?

The one thing they agree upon is to do light exercise each day (walking, yoga, etc), so I probably need to forgo my silly tri prep workouts and lifting, but it’s only for a few days.

Also, if I feel great after that cleanse, I probably have some sort of food allergy or something that doesn’t agree with me.  Coffee made me bloated, so I gave it up (even decaf).  I definitely feel the same way I did before I gave up coffee.  The only significant daily change I’ve made is Go Lean w/almond mile every morning for breakfast – so I’m also going to give that up next week to see if it helps (of course, right after I found the right kind of almond milk at Costco on the cheap… and bought a case… ).

I also read up that my bacteria might be out of whack, and am going to try to get some probiotic supplements and worst case, try a colon cleanse.  I know people who have felt GREAT after them.

I’ve been really frustrated with both my weight, but more so with my freaking tummy (honestly, if I could have a flat stomach at this weight, I don’t think I’d see any reason to lose more), so I gotta try something.  Also, I’m sure if my body is out of whack in other ways, that might be making life hard in the weight loss dept.  I for sure need to get this in check before the race season.

Anyone have any experience with either cleanses or detox?  While it sounds a little extreme to me to maintain for a long time, you can get 1200+ calories in with these cleanses, it’s just all SUPER HEALTHY stuff.  I couldn’t eat that way forever, but it doesn’t trigger RED FLAGS like the other ones do.

Snow Day!

Last week, we had SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011!  Here in Austin we actually got SNOW.  That stuck on the ground.  Some of it ALL DAY.  Since we in Central Texas freak out about this, and the schools closed and the roads were way slippy, work was cancelled so we got to stay home and play in it.

I know we’re wimps, but it ended up being a fun day.  We watched TV, made snowmen, ate Panera for the first time (yummy mediteranean sammich, chicken noodle soup, and an apple – talk about healthy options), shopped around a bit (on a weekday… so decadent…).

The pictures on this post were some of our snow day pics.

Costco was even not a miserable experience!!  We had a nice bike ride (inside – and by nice, I mean I left a puddle of sweat on the console…)  and then settled on game night and pork noodle stir fry – we played Farkle and Life.  There may have been some rules involved with taking shots if the spinner landed on a certain number… but whatevs 😉

Boat Boat Boat!!!

So, we’re getting close to our cruise.  I am FREAKING out, I’m so excited.  7 days away from winter?  Yes PLEASE.  I also have made a list of everything I need to pack (still deciding on dresses for 2 of the nights), and I think I’ve pared down to 7 pairs of shoes I need.  I could easily bring about 10-12.  I know, I’m ridiculous.

I’m really looking forward to DOING this cruise.  Zliten has made it clear he’s very content to sit by the pool with a book, and that’s fine.  I am going to make use of the rock climbing wall, ice skating, in line skating, jogging track, pools, and ship activities.  Also, instead of just getting off the boat and wandering around like normal which is exciting to me for all of, oh 15 mins before we either find a bar or something, we’re doing shore excursions. I think I linked them both earlier, but one is a zip line and snorkling all day adventure, and the other is a jungle tubing excursion taking you through ruins.  I’ve done the lay about all day, drink all night thing, and I think I’m over it.  Not that there won’t be those days, but not ALL of them.

Also, I’m bringing my running shoes, because I want to run in another country.  I’m thinking Honduras.  It’s the one where we don’t have a shore excursion planned, and supposed to be the most temperate.  The logistics should be interesting though – where will I run?  How long?  I figure it will probably just be a mile in a touristy area so I’m safe, but we’ll see.  My first out-of-country run!  Woohoo!

I’m also REALLY excited because when we get back, my birthday is soon, then Zliten’s, and then it’s spring and my MOST FAVORITEST TIME in the ATX.

So yeah… how’s your week going?  Looking forward to anything?  Have any un-bloaty tips?  Cleanse stories?  I’m dying to hear them!


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  1. I think your cleanse sounds really reasonable and like a good idea! Some of them are nutso but your plan seems like it would really do some good. As for the bloating, I always get that for the 2 weeks before my TOM – I just started using some progesterone cream. I’ll let you know if it helps anything!

  2. Oh, my god. Those snowmen are AWESOME.

    Yes, I always feel bloated. Running helps, clears the pipes. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you are doing it very sensibly! Those snowmen are so cute.

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