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Knives and Forks

Some people celebrate national running day with running (which we did, 2×2 miles during bricks off the bike trainer).

Some people celebrate national running day with margaritas afterwards (I deserved one after said 4 miles in the 90+ degree heat)

Some people take advantage of national running day race discount (owww, my poor amex blue, it’s now black and blue)

This gal did all 3.  And somehow 20$ off, in a way that nothing else thus far has, got me to actually sign up for my first marathon.  Rock n roll San Antonio, November 11, here we come!

Let’s see if this 3rd time is the charm.  This is the right race for me – it’s flat, the weather should be just about right for me (60s), it’s 6 weeks after my half iron, which means I’m banking on all the endurance I’ve built up in preparation for swimming 1.2, biking 56, and running 13.1, and shifting it into pure run miles.  It worked well for me before at the Olympic Tri->Half Marathon distance, I just have to, um, double it all.  No big D, right? (eep)

What this will mean is a more run focused summer.  I’m going to start doing more runs on back to back days (ez short miles) and look at other ways to otherwise ramp up the mileage beyond the 10-ish max these legs are used to right now.

I’ve also consulted with my chiropractor on my “tightness” issue in my hammies and glutes after running 13+ and she thinks it may be a form issue, and that I should get analyzed by someone to fix that.  Any suggestions on where to seek that type of thing out?  I’m not really ready or wanting a full on COACH because I like setting up my own training program and I enjoy doing the research and experimentation, but I wouldn’t mind someone to consult with.  Are there people like that out there?

Here’s what I did last week:

Monday: 1600yd swim in 30 mins, 30 mins weights at gym after work
Tuesday: 7.1 mile run before work (1:17)
Wednesday: morning weights (30 mins), bricks after work (5 mile bike, 2 mile run, 5 mile bike, 2 mile run, 5 mile bike) (~85 mins)
Thursday: off
Friday: 1500yd-ish open water swim (missed my planned weights session – although I swam casually in the lake for about 2-3 hours beyond this…)
Saturday: off
Sunday: 40 mile trainer ride (2:13)

And here’s the plan for this week (mini-taper for Lake Pf triathlon, that is, not increasing the distances or volume)

Monday: 1600yd swim, 30 mins weights at gym after work
Tuesday: long treadmill run after work (bad sleep and major tummy unhappy last night)
Wednesday: morning weights, triple bricks
Thursday: off
Friday: swim + weights
Saturday: off
Sunday: Pflugerville Tri!!!

Week after, I’m going to change it up a little.

This weekend was pretty relaxing.  Thursday, we had Dungeons and Dragons night, which is always a blast.  Friday, we crammed a stressful day into a stressful morning, but then had our annual company boat trip fun day, so we spent the afternoon on the Ark and the Large Marge (our company has gotten so big we need two boats now!), eating bbq, drinking (wine in my case), and doing crazy flips and floating in the lake.  Rough day at the office.  Although, I took care of serious business as soon as we docked and got in just under a mile (estimated due to time and strokes) of open water swim goodness before said fun.  I definitely burned a bunch more calories too diving off the second story of the boat, and wrestling the stupid inflatable shark and splashing around with coworkers.

After, we came home, had a few people over to turn the boat party into a patio party and friends brought over chinese takeout for dinner (with the best wonton soup EVAR), but after sun and fun for many hours, I found my bed fairly early.  One of the best parts about this weekend was the fact that it was a NO ALARM weekend.  I woke up Saturday morning around 10:15 and DAMN it was nice.  We did almost nothing and it was glorious.  Sunday, it was like we had an extra weekend day, it was so productive.  It was another no alarm day, and I slept about 10.5 hours and got up around the same time.  We cleaned up the house, did many loads of dishes, did many loads of laundry, cleaned out the fridge (oy, did it need that – we are horrible, slobby people), watched a bunch of movies, and even did a 40 mile trainer ride! (note to self – MORE OF THOSE)

Eats were not the best, though I paid attention to portions.  One plate of bbq on the boat for lunch, shared a big bowl of wonton soup for dinner on Friday, Saturday, my food pretty much consisted of Dominos pizza, breadsticks, and chicken strips.  Realizing that I had made a pig of myself at lunch, I didn’t eat much dinner (veggies, fruit, a little soup).  Sunday, I had a sbh sammich (sunbutter + honey) on sprouted grain bread for breakfast, and made a freaking awesome buffalo chicken casserole I ate on all day.  Sounds decadent, but it was pretty healthy.  I used a crap ton of veggies which made up most of the casserole (celery, carrots, onion, broccoli, and green beans), two servings of quinoa pasta, two servings of natural shredded chicken breast, and made a sauce from about 2 cups of skim milk + corn starch, and added franks red hot and some blue cheese.  Definitely quelled the craving for mac and cheese.  Will make this again.

We watched a bunch of movies this weekend, lots of Indie comedies, some terrible (Fubar – Balls to the Wall – watch this if you ever want to feel good about your life because you’re not THESE DUDES) and some pretty awesome (10 Inch Hero – very reminiscent of Empire Records) and some in between.  However, one thing I watched while Zliten was sleeping was Knives Over Forks.  I’m not entirely sure I fully agree with the whole “no meat no milk” thing, especially when said animal product is organic, but I know that while I do like meat, I am not inherently a “give me big chunks of meat” person.  So since I’m on my own for lunches for the next few weeks as Zliten is on overtime, I think I’m going to try plant and grain based food (for the most part – I’m not ready to give up the small smattering of dairy and oils I use) for breakfast and lunch during the week and see how I feel.  It may be a huge fail but it will be a fun little experiment!

So far I have done two days of it and guess what – I don’t really miss meat.  I had my normal yogurt/apple/pb for breakfast and black bean veggie tacos w/cheese, sour cream, guac, salsa, olives, and sprouts for lunch, and a mess of pistachios and sunflower seeds and veggies and hummus for snacks on Monday.  Tuesday, I actually (accidentally) skipped my breakfast today and ate a mess of cherries instead, and had a greek wrap + salad for lunch (lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, feta, hummus, olives, lite caesar dressing).  My breakfast will probably be my snack – sprouted grain english muffin, no-dairy cream cheese (trying it out), and a black bean veggie patty for a breakfast sandwich.

We’ll see – I’m giving it the three weeks to see if it does any good (unless I just feel AWFUL) so I’ll keep you all in the loop.

For reference, my first weight I’ve taken this week is 179, so we’re hanging out about that same as it ever was.  I’m going to be tracking food as I have been and aiming to try to keep the calories, most days, around 1600 (unless I am particularly active and/or ravenously hungry).

Question(s) of the week: what is the best advice you have for a newbie marathoner?  What style of eating suits you the best? Know of any place that does running form analysis and helps you correct it?


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  1. Aren’t you too exhausted to do weights after all that swimming? 🙂

    • Quix

      I do the weights first. It makes it a little hard to get going at first in the pool if I waste my arms first, but I make do.

  2. My gym has an awesome pool that I’ve never been in. I wonder how I’d fare at attempting yardage. Errr… I don’t have a very good image of the outcome.

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