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Race Withdrawls

It feels as if I haven’t raced in forever.  It’s been two weekends.  I think I may have a little problem. *twitch, twitch, twitch*  June’s races actually are really squished together – one in two weeks from today (Sunday), and one two days later (Tuesday).

However,  I may not be racing, but we have gotten out there and trained.  Lake Pflugerville has become our BFF.  If I didn’t hate driving so much, I’d consider getting a house out there so I could train at the lake more.

Ah….my happy place.

I’ll get back to that in a moment, but for now, let me tell you my exciting news: WE ACTUALLY REGISTERED FOR THE HALF IRONMAN!!!  Shit’s getting real.  I mean, it was always the goal, and the intention, but so was the marathon, and we all know how that went.   I feel really good about where we’re at with our training and think we can do it.  I have a few trouble spots to conquer (lots of bike miles indoor and out, running more than 10k off the bike), but I’ll get through it.  Less than four months to go!

This last week was extremely hectic due to being out of town all weekend, but at least it was a short week to cram all of it into.  There was that.  Besides a lot of work stuff, here was the training schedule.  Needs more run miles and I skipped weights on Friday due to time constraints, but pretty happy with it.

Monday: leisurely swim + 35 mins weights
Tuesday: 1 hour bike trainer (approx 17 miles)
Wednesday: weights, bike/run bricks (7 miles, 1.75 miles, 7 miles, 1 mile – both bikes around 20mph, both runs around 9:15s)
Thursday: off
Friday: 1600 yd swim – 30 mins (skipped weights. bad Quix!)
Saturday: 1100 m lake swim (~25 mins), 10 mile bike (39:45), 6.2 run (1:12)
Sunday: off

Heat training sucks (I prefer it to cold, but I also prefer my nice comfort range between about 55-79 degrees, thanks).  It didn’t mess with me that bad on Wednesday night, but running for an hour in the 86 degree sun on Saturday really did us in.  I had wanted to do at least 3 laps around the lake but we just couldn’t keep going after the second one.  I just have to accept that the paces for running outside will suck this month but start to get better as I get acclimated.

Getting more comfortable on the bike in aero (especially going up the hills), and dealing with clips.  Also, 10 miles on the bike feels very short.  Also, also, the hills felt a lot easier than last time for some reason.  Yay!

I could tell we’re two weeks out from the tri at that lake, there were a LOT of people swimming, biking, and running the area.  It was also kids fishing day, so there were a lot of people out there fishing and hanging it.  Looked like fun!

Swimming drills are starting to work, my form is improving, which means that I’m a little faster, but a LOT less tired getting out of the water.  I keep feeling like I could easily tack another mile onto my swim, and I plan to test that soon.

We had a small neighborhood type BBQ and had about 10 of our friends that lived close by over for tacos and blendy drinks on the patio and doggy play time.  Lots of fun.

I’ve also been tracking food again and surprise, surprise, I’m eating more calories than I should to lose.  Go figure!  Working on that more this week.  However, I’ve been weighing in the 178-179 range this week, which is at least consistent.  Maybe if I can get a good week under my belt maybe I’ll see the 177s again. I redid my measurements today. Hips and waist have not changed, but I’ve lost an inch in my calves, almost an inch in my hamstrings, and gained a little in my bicep (.5 – I think it’s muscle) and .25 in my neck.  My neck and my calf are almost exactly the same size.  Also, I have bigger biceps than Zliten ;).

I also got a link to a sale on all my race pics by a certain photography studio and it was interesting to see them.  I may not have lost any weight since tri season last year, but I have less jigglies.  Also, saw some old, old ones and thought a) dang, I’d like to be that weight again and b) my legs look weirdly deformed in some of them, like they shouldn’t even work for running.  I definitely have more leg muscle now even if I also have more leg fat.

Example – Kerrville last year in Oct (ughughugh)

Rookie in May – same tri-suit, just about the same angles

And my triumphant race to the finish!

Subtle, but a little less squish.  Just for fun, here are the pictures from my second race, the Texas Round Up 10k.  While I do miss the definition of my legs from the second picture, the first one makes my leg look deformed.  WTF?

Workout goals for the week: more run miles on the weekdays, less calories (around 1500-1600 per day), 3 solid weights sessions, and a good, solid week.  Friday is the company boat party, Saturday is a friend’s birthday, so the majority of training this week will be MTWTh.

Life goals for the week: put away laundry tonight, play at least 3 hours of the game I work on (I’m falling behind in levels…), and clean out the fridge.  It’s getting scary in there.

What’s your goal for the week?


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  1. Miz

    see? as always there is NEVER A HAPPY MEDIUM.
    I could never race and not care 🙂

    • Quix

      You’re still 1st place in my book, lady 🙂

  2. Nobody rocks a running skirt like you do! And I love those race pics – I agree, you do look stronger! Although I gotta say I think heat training is worse than cold training. Gah. I can’t imagine doing a tri in Texas…

    • Quix

      I complain, but it is MUCH easier for me to get outside in the summer than the winter. I hate the cold!

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