Hello everyone!  Is this thing still on?

I have promised myself a big to do list today which doesn’t involve a long and detailed blog post, but here’s the quick recap.


I finished work for the year on December 7th.  I also got to hang out with the Back to the Future Delorean car on the way out of work.  Super cool!

The next day, we hopped a plane to Florida, the land of oceans and Publix subs.


We spent 8 glorious days there, being and eating fish.  Some days I ate fish for every meal, and some days I spent 4 hours in the ocean.  I lost all contact with reality and read something like 5 books while I was there.  It was everything I needed.

Now, I’m back, and enjoying the next segment of my break – the Get Shit Done period.  Zliten is still at work, so I’m attempting to do all the stuff that is less fun and more prone to distractions when he’s not home, like my triathlon coach certification class.  And cleaning out drawers and stuff.  I am going on bike adventures whenever I can, so there’s that.


I did have a more normal-type weekend in which we rode bikes all afternoon Saturday (5 hours, 70 miles on the Walnut Creek Trail), and then hung in our PJs the rest of the time trying to stay warm because there was a 60 degree difference between our high in Key Largo earlier in the week and the temperatures right now.  Sigh.  Get it together, Austin!

However, in the spirit of Get Shit Done, and in a twist of normal events, I have posted (and captioned!!!) all my vacation pics already.  If you’re interested in a preview, check ‘er out here.

And on that note, off to stop procrastinating! Chapter 3 awaits…